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Mudcats is a reality competition series that has several of the best mudcats competing with one another. Mudcatters are people who fish with their hands and it is a centuries long tradition in some parts of the country. Mudcats focuses on five men in Oklahoma who have grown up mudcatting. Each of the men believes that he is the best.

The men are focused on fishing for a particular species of fish, the flat headed catfish. The flat headed catfish is considered to be the optimal fish to catch with your hands, according to the men. The men are very competitive with one another and are constantly trying to find better fishing holes and spots. Sometimes they sneak onto private property. Katt Daddy, a mudcatter, sneaks onto someone's land and the owner threatens him with a rifle. Katt Daddy is undeterred and decides to come back and fish at night so the man can't see him. He also fishes in an area with a lot of sharp debris in the water and does his best not to get hurt.

Marion is one the best mudcatters in Oklahoma and his skills result in him becoming rather paranoid. He is desperate to ensure that his secret fishing spot remains secret. Scooter used to be the top mudcatter and he is determined to make his way back to the top. He faces challenges when his boat breaks down during a tournament. Thomas is a mudcatter who suffers a broken rib. He doesn't want to let that stop him and he tries to keep fishing, even with the extremely hot and uncomfortable weather conditions.

Thursdays 10:00 PM et on History
2 Seasons, 15 Episodes
February 9, 2012
Cast: Eric Ladin, Scott Mason, Winston Walters
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Mudcats Full Episode Guide

  • In the final week of competition, the five grabbling teams must dive into the murky waters to catch the biggest and meanest catfish that Oklahoma has ever seen.

  • Marion ventures to the treacherous Dead Man's Cove in an effort to stay in the lead. Elsewhere, the Young Guns split up; Katt Daddy tries to beat the heat; and Scooter deals with an out-of-commission boat trailer.

  • Katt Daddy fishes in the middle of the night after a frightening encounter with a gun; Scooter works in a territory that has been in the family for generations; and Lee is short a worker after his partner leaves to deal with an ill child.

  • With 30 hours left to go in the Okie Hand Fishing Invitational, Lee McFarlin resorts to his own fishing tactics. Elsewhere, Scooter's secret area is compromised, forcing him go fishing in the middle of the night.

  • Katt Daddy fish in a dangerous area littered with sharp hooks. Meanwhile, Scooter Bivins has mechanical problems while traveling across a sandbar to a dependable fishing spot; and Teddy Good chases after an elusive catfish.

  • Five teams attempt to catch the heaviest fish, but trouble is just around the corner for one pair in a deep lake.

  • In the second season premiere, it's the first round of the Okie Hand Fishing Invitational, where "Katt Daddy" Brewer wrestles with a giant fish.

  • Tension mounts for the hand-fishing teams as two tournaments remain.

  • With only two tournaments remaining in the Invitational, the pressure is high for the remaining teams. The crown is still in reach for the top three teams and while some can take the heat, others just burn.

  • Week 6 brings the catfish catchers some trials as Thomas heals his broken rib and Scooter faces night fishing.

  • After winning the last 4 tournaments, Catfish King Marion is feeling confident. However, the other teams are determined to take it all in week 5. With the 100 degree plus heat to contend with, the mudcatters have their work cut out for them.

  • The catfish-catching crew competes for claims on fishing territory against hundreds of amateur contestants.

  • A battle royal unfolds when Katt Daddy takes on rival Marion for catfish-catching glory.

  • After coming out on top in week 1, Catfish King Marion enters week 2 nervous that this secret fishing hole has been found out. In order to stay on top he'll go to any length to protect his territory. Now dethroned Scooter plans to make a comeback with this weigh-in and has to face a dangerous hot spot to land the biggest fish.

  • In America's Heartland, six of Oklahoma's most respected hand fishing teams hit the water, braving hundred-degree plus heat and severe drought conditions - all in the hopes of bagging colossal flathead catfish. It's the first week of the eight-part Okie Invitational Tournament, and the mudcatters know that it'll all come down to strategy, experience and sheer guts.

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