Murder Files

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Murder Files is a documentary series which takes a look at different murderers and their crimes.

Tuesday at 8:00PM et/pt on Five
1 Season, 4 Episodes
December 4, 2012
Documentary & Biography
Murder Files

Murder Files Full Episode Guide

  • A look at the case of Michael Ross, who was convicted of murdering a waiter when he was 15.

  • The series takes a look at the crimes of Neil Entwhistle, who as convicted of murdering his wife and infant child.

  • The series takes a look at the criminal career of John Sweeney who was described as handsome and charming. Hebutchered at least two women over a 20-year period and used his crimes for artistic inspiration.

  • Looking at the criminal career of double murderer Danilo Restivo, who stayed one step ahead of the law for almost 20 years. His crimes stretched from a seaside resort in England to a small town in Italy and sparked a huge international manhunt.Restivo's bizarre fetish for cutting women's hair and, on at least two occasions, then cutting their throats and mutilating their bodies, has earned him the chilling nickname The Haircut Killer.His conviction in June 2011 for the murder of Bournemouth mother-of-two Heather Barnett ended one of the longest manhunts in recent history.