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My Knight and Me revolves around loyal, street-smart Jimmy the Squire (Jules de Jongh); his best friend, the fun and daring Cat the Princess (Kaycie Chase); and his father Henri of Orange (David Gasman), a charmingly inept but passionately chivalrous knight who might not be the most efficient protector of the realm, but he sure is the funniest. Together, they set out to make the Dark Ages a little brighter and a whole lot more fun.

My Knight and Me is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (51 episodes). The series first aired on January 2, 2017.

My Knight and Me is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch My Knight and Me on demand atHulu online.

Monday - Friday 4:00 PM et/pt on Cartoon Network
1 Season, 51 Episodes
January 2, 2017
Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family, Comedy
Cast: Harriet Carmichael, Kaycie Chase, Jules de Jongh, David Gasman
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My Knight and Me Full Episode Guide

  • When Jimmy wakes up in his dream, and finds everyone else there, he discovers a couple has been made on Epic. Now, from the dream world they need to find out who

  • When Cat has a school essay

  • Jimmy, Cat and Bjorn set out to make Henri and Bad Jack become friends, so the kids can play Angry Knights without fear of being discovered by their enemy fathers.

  • When an old cousin visits the Queen, Cat, Jimmy and Henri are certain she

  • When Cat

  • Lady Fontaine leaves Princess High, to dedicate herself to horse dance. The thing is, she

  • When Cat insists the Queen let her babysit for her cousin Louis, she discovers the 5-year-old is more of a rascal than she ever imagined.

  • When Lance beats Jimmy by cheating in a gym class competition, Jimmy vows to get revenge by using invisible ink to erase Lance

  • When the first live-action Angry knights game is announced, Henri tells Jimmy games aren

  • When Cat wants to enter a tournament to prove she

  • To wheedle out of guard duty, Jimmy convinces Henri to instead repair a leak in Lady Fontaine's classroom. Henri ends up being appointed as the castle's Maintenance Official.

  • When Cynthia takes advantage of a misunderstanding to make everybody believe she's the legendary Swan, Cat and Jimmy must find a way to make her confess the truth before she (and Epic) gets into real danger.

  • While Bad Jack gets some long awaited sleep, he leaves Bjorn to guard his treasure.

  • Jimmy is afraid that being a

  • When Jimmy accidentally spills the beans to the Red Knight

  • Jimmy wants to make a squire out of the school

  • When Cat and Cynthia bicker in class, Lady Fontaine assigns them as partners who have to make a gown together for the upcoming fashion show. But when the girls enlist Jimmy to model their gown, Bad Jack mistakes him for a princess and kidnaps him!

  • When Jimmy loses Torpedo in a bet with Lance, Lance trades Henri

  • When Jimmy squires for the Red Knight, his insistence on showing Red he

  • Jimmy, Cat and Henri have to organize a fake kidnapping of Lance by Bjorn, in order to retrieve Lance

  • When Jimmy complains that Henri treats him like a baby, Henri lets him do

  • When our trio lets success get to their heads, they boast about their unstoppable team and inadvertently inspire the Cursed Forest Witch and Bad Jack to create their own deadly duo. To save Epic, Jimmy, Henri and Cat must stand united.

  • When Colbert catches Jimmy and the knights trading their assignments to get the mission worth the most victory points, Colbert is outraged and assigns the knights to go back to Squire School to relearn the spirit of

  • Henri is convinced that he wins his fights because he

  • Jimmy encourages Cat and Bjorn to spend the day with their parents, but the Queen and Bad Jack's plans interfere.

  • When Jimmy and Cat use science to win the sorcery faire, their classmates believe they are masters of the Dark Arts.

  • The Queen calls a truce during battles in order to give her nights a break, and the two sides enjoy a minstrel concert.

  • To impress the other squires, Jimmy pretends that Bjorn is his pet and Bad Jack threatens to burn Epic to the ground.

  • Jimmy convinces Ronny Flash to interview a rock monster, and then must accompany him into the Dark Lands.

  • The Queen begins to shrink after eating a lollipop, and Jimmy and Henri must capture a witch to get the antidote.

  • When the Queen is kidnapped by a witch, Wilfried becomes regent, and arrests Henri for breaking his new laws.

  • After Bad Jack is banished from the kingdom, and replaced with his brother, Jimmy joins forces with Jack to oust Jeff.

  • Henri offers to help Jimmy win the talent show, but a witch has disguised herself as a judge.

  • Cat's feeling down about her prospects of becoming a knight, and Henri tries to save her with a song, which sends her on a solo quest.

  • When thew bad Witch stays with Henri and Jimmy, Jimmy and Cat believe it is part of a plot to kidnap the Queen.

  • Henri and Bad Jack race to find an extremely rare treasure; Jimmy lies to Bjorn, and must try to fix their friendship.

  • Jimmy and Cat scheme to stop Jack so he can't ruin the Harvest Festival because the Queen refused to do anything to stop him.

  • When Jimmy and Cat find a witch’s broom, they can’t resist taking it for a spin, but the fun quickly ends, as they inflame the rage of every witch.

  • When Jimmy pushes his dad into ‘good-deed overdrive’ to be First Knight, Henri goes too far and gets busted down to ‘Horse traffic duty.

  • When the Black Rats are attacking all convoys supplying the kingdom, Henri is sent with a supercarriage to defeat them.

  • Cat hides from her mom after missing school to help rescue the Queen from thieves.

  • After a foolhardy challenge causes Jimmy and Lance to be captured by Bad Jack, Henri and Wilfried must team up to save their squires.

  • Jimmy learns he is too small to complete a squire competition in gym class, and drinks a growing potion to fix the problem.

  • Jimmy receives a helmet that will transform him into a fearless super-warrior (and impress his dad), but it turns out to be a cursed "baddie magnet."

  • White knight sells tons of BWK merchandise that get the whole kingdom hooked on, only to leave them vulnerable to the witch's cyclops' attack.

  • Jimmy and Lance have to take the ballroom dancing class after almost taking out Henri rather than the invading dragon.

  • Jimmy accidentally drops his dad's mandolin off a cliff, so he and Cat visit the witch to get a new one, only to learn it was cursed so the witch can take over the kingdom.

  • All the knights in the kingdom save Henri are turned into frogs by the evil witch, leaving Jimmy, Henri and Cat to trick the witch and rescue all the frog-knights.

  • Jimmy and Henri and kidnapped by a dragon for a end of the dragon year sacrifice; Cat and her mother the queen team up to rescue them.

  • Bad Jack kidnaps Cat while Jimmy is working out.