My Secret Hotel

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The luxurious hotel Secret is full of mystery over several murders taking place there. The patrons and, employees in association with the hotel have their own secrets. The managing director is searching for clues that will reveal his father

1 Season, 16 Episodes
August 18, 2014
Cast: In-Na Yoo, Yi Han Jin, Min Namkoong, Jung-woo Choi
My Secret Hotel

My Secret Hotel Full Episode Guide

  • The intricate web of people involved with the Secret Hotel murders becomes clear. Will Nam Sang Hyo finally discover her true heart?

  • An arrest is made at the hotel, but is the real culprit behind the string of murders still living free?

  • When the press discovers Sang Hyo's relationship with the director, rumors about the hotel's three-month marriage curse spread like wildfire.

  • As Sang Hyo's week living with Hae Young continues, the divide between she and Sung Gyum grows, as does the confusion in her heart.

  • Hae Young devises a wild scheme to get some serious face time with Sang Hyo and to ultimately win her back.

  • In spite of her relationship with Sung Gyum, Hae Young makes continued attempts to win Sang Hyo back.

  • Sang Hyo and Hae Young go on their honeymoon--with very different expectations for how it will be.

  • Sang Hyo wakes up from what appears to be a dream. But did she really marry Hae Young? And was Young Mi really murdered?

  • The time has come for Hae Young and Soo Ah's wedding--for the second time. But will everything go off without a hitch?

  • Sang Hyo is forced to coordinate Hae Young's wedding--a second time. As she's dealing with that emotional strain, the hotel's director, Sung Gyum, asks her out.

  • Nam Sang Hyo's superiors force her to repair the hotel's reputation--by convincing Hae Young and Soo Ah to get married there again.

  • A journalist backs Nam Sang Hyo into a corner, threatening to reveal secrets from her past.

  • Nam Sang Hyo is fighting a rumor that all marriages performed at The Secret Hotel break up within three months. When a murder occurs during the latest ceremony, it doesn't help her case.

  • Nam Sang Hyo is the wedding planner at The Secret Hotel. Her world turns upside-down when the last person she imagined walks into her office as a potential client.

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