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Namaste Yoga brings the advantages of working with a yoga instructor without having to leave your home. Each half hour episode follows several yoga students going through a sequence of poses set to original music in beautiful outdoor or studio spaces. A voiceover narrator calmly instructs the home viewer on how to move into and out of each pose. The series is perfect for both beginner and advanced students.

Omnifilm Releasing Ltd.
2 Seasons, 26 Episodes
April 4, 2005
Health & Fitness
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Namaste Full Episode Guide

  • Dancing Shiva Series -An advanced practice which strenghtens all the joints.

  • Dove Sequence -The Dove Sequence takes a bit of practice. Have some fun!

  • Spring Wind Series -Learn the Spring Wind Series for calm energy boost.

  • Heart-Mind Sequence -Leave your self judgment behind, and give it a try.

  • Third Eye Sequence -to build your courage and confidence.

  • Swan Sequence -A graceful and elegant sequence for all to try.

  • Coming Home Sequence -Master this sequence of earthy poses flowing into standing balances, and you will know you are home.

  • Seated Twist Sequence -A slower paced, yet challenging flow sequence.

  • Sun Wind Sequence -Try Sun Wind Sequence to lift your spirits.

  • Warrior Series -The Warrior Series encourages a graceful strength, and grounded energy.

  • Triangle Sequence -a classic standing sequence.

  • Heart Opening Sequence -The Heart Opening Sequence stimulates flow of energy from the heart centre.

  • Sunbird Sequence -Learn the Sunbird Sequence to wake up the spine, and energize the limbs.

  • Riding the Wind Sequence is a dynamic series full of flight that will leave you with a sense of lightness.

  • Crane Series is one of the most challenging Namaste sequences -have fun with it, while reminding yourself there is no need to be perfect!

  • Head to Knee Sequence encourages strength and flexibility of the spine, hips and legs.

  • Revolved Triangle Sequence is a challenging sequence of poses woven together with breath.

  • Water Light Sequence is both calming and energizing. A wonderful pick-me-up.

  • Lotus Link Sequence. Feel your energy blossoming in this graceful flow of movement.

  • Earth Series is a flow that stays close to the earth using calming, gentle poses.

  • The Half Moon Sequence is a challenging sequence with a combination of Warrior poses and Half Moon Balancing.

  • Learn a yoga flow called Dancing Sun Sequence to stimulate energy flow in the body.

  • Gate Opening Sequence is a graceful flow, using both strength and balance.

  • Learn the Firebird Sequence -a dynamic, yet gentle flow.

  • The Sun-Moon Sequence is designed to balance the energy of the right and left sides of the body.

  • In this episode you will learn Exalted Warrior Sequence -a dynamic flow series of standing poses.

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