Noble, My Love

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Noble, My Love is an enchanting and humorous new Korean TV series about a handsome yet bored Marketing CEO that truly desires more meaning for his life despite having seemingly everything he does not have love. And, she is an adorably funny and free spirited young Veterinarian that is trying to build her very unsuccessful practice. This television series chronicles this duo being brought together by a witty dog that intervenes through serendipitous circumstances and sets the main characters' destinies into motion.

Noble, My love tells a brand new story of how a boring modern day Prince Charming

1 Season, 20 Episodes
August 23, 2015
Comedy, International, Romance
Cast: Sung Hoon, Jae-kyung Kim
Noble, My Love

Noble, My Love Full Episode Guide

  • After everything that has happened, will Kang Hoon and Yoon Seo have a happy ending?

  • Kang-hoon's mother isn't happy about his feelings for Yoon-seo. Just when the couple seems the closest, a new contract proposal could ruin everything.

  • Kang Hoon struggles when Kang Joon's presence interferes with his relationship with Yoon Seo.

  • Old sibling rivalries cause even more tension between Kang-hoon and Kang-joon. A dog bite and a mysterious photograph make Yoon-seo begin to wonder.

  • Kang Hoon gets frustrated when Yoon Seo is too busy at work to see him.

  • Yoon Seo and Kang Hoon write a list of house rules for living together.

  • Yoon Seo moves into Kang Hoon's house after an embarrassing incident.

  • Yoon Seo mulls over Kang Hoon's living proposal and treats an ageing dog.

  • Yoon Seo is contractually obligated to deal with her accidental and less-than-perfect first kiss.

  • Ra Mi pays a visit to Yoon Seo's visit and things get nasty.

  • Ra Mi, the original woman after Kang Hoon's heart, shows up and meets Yoon Seo.

  • As business fails to boom, Yoon Seo agrees to an odd arrangement with Kang Hoon.

  • At an extremely fancy lunch, Yoon Seo struggles to keep up with her mean friends, but is bailed out by an unexpected acquaintance.

  • Yoon Seo is given some start-up capital to get her new office up and running in a fancy neighborhood.

  • After a tense dinner with a so-called friend, Yoon Seo's big mouth gets her in trouble.

  • Kang Hoon tracks Yoon Seo down at her place of work and makes her an offer she can't refuse.

  • Kang Hoon waits impatiently for Yoon Seo to call him looking for compensation.

  • After Kang-hoon fights his way out of a kidnapping, Yoon-seo finds him and reluctantly treats him at her clinic when he won't go to the hospital.

  • Yoon Seo runs a small animal hospital in the countryside, and is reluctant to attend her college reunion.