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The O'Reilly Factor is a news commentary show featuring host Bill O'Reilly. It presents a conservative perspective on many of today's hot button topics, including politics, world news, events, and entertainment. Bill O'Reilly uses wit and sarcastic humor to appeal to his audience and often features guests that add differing viewpoints to his own commentary. His show features such segments as Watters' World, in which producer and interviewer Jesse Watters does street interviews with common folks, usually consisting of a few simple questions regarding recent news. Another featured segment of the show is Pinheads and Patriots, in which O'Reilly praises a person he feels has done something good for society (a "Patriot") and then criticizes one he feels has done harm (a "Pinhead"). Other segments include Talking Points, Top Story, and Tip of the Day.

The O'Reilly Factor also addresses the opinions of its readers with their online poll ("The No Spin Poll") and "Factor Mail" segment of the show. During this segment, Bill O'Reilly often will read two opposing viewpoints from two e-mails regarding the same news story or subject.

The O'Reilly Factor pieces together news, opinion, humor, and stories to create a varied commentary on our world.

Weekdays 8 PM & 11 PM on FOX News
23 Seasons, 1577 Episodes
October 7, 1996
News, Talk & Interview
Cast: Vince Vaughn
The O'Reilly Factor

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