On the Fly

Profiling the operations of Southwest Airlines, the show features how the passengers act and behave in the airport. Airports shown on the series are New Orleans, Baltimore-Washington and several others. There is more drama than imagined going on every day at our nation's airports.

Thursday 9:00 PM et/pt on TLC
1 Season, 13 Episodes
May 24, 2012
Family, Travel
On the Fly

On the Fly Full Episode Guide

  • It's St Patrick's Day and a Chicago supervisor has to deal with an intoxicated reveler who will go to any lengths to board a flight. Also, an abandoned portable oxygen machine is found on a plane.

  • A passenger misses his flight because he was sleeping, a couple on their way to Albany has a misconnection and a giant sombrero is in question.

  • During a flight a passenger is caught smoking, a lawyer who didn't board in time is upset because her set was given away to a standby passenger.

  • A supervisor has to intervene when a husband and wife are fighting on a plane about to take off, and a first-time flier is nervous about a plane's mechanical issues.

  • A bridesmaid needs to get to Las Vegas but is stranded by a snowstorm in Denver, a barking dog's fitness is assessed by a supervisor.

  • As a plane begins to board an older man is missing, a passenger won't remove an offensive sticker and a woman hopes to rekindle a high-school romance.

  • A passenger waiting for a ticket in Fort Lauderdale gets CPR from a supervisor, a Mardi Gras reveler tests the judgment of a supervisor in New Orleans.

  • A plane going to Florida is delayed in Baltimore and a passenger tests a supervisor's mettle, a mandolin player is stuck in Denver and might miss a gig but tries an impromptu performance to improve his chances of getting there.

  • A man going to Las Vegas and his bachelor party go to extremes to get out of a Chicago snowstorm, a customer service agent challenges passengers to a dance competition in Florida and a couple miss their flight in Baltimore.

  • A plane returns to the gate with a passenger who refuses to turn off his cellphone. A flight is delayed from Orlando and leaves passengers with missed connections.

  • A woman misses her connecting flight because her previous one was late and her anger out on a supervisor, passengers complain when their flight is delayed by weather for the second time and a college student and his pet fish.

  • A woman in a wheelchair is upset about missing her flight, a surprise proposal for a passenger's flight attendant girlfriend and a man who appears to have had too much to drink at an airport bar.

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