One Car Too Far

One Car Too Far is Discovery Channel's latest man vs. nature show. This show stars Bill Wu and Gary Humphrey who bring their unique talents and skills to this fast paced and exciting show.Gary Humphrey is an Former British Special Forces agent and Bill Wu is an American car fanatic. The television show premiered on August 19,2012 on the Discovery channel and is Executive Produced by David Pritikin and Sarah T. Davies. The show takes place in Chile which is an country known for its diverse regions. The regions of Chile can range from cold and rainy to arid and humid. In each of the five episodes of One Car too Far, the men are faced with the challenge of finding a car(in the middle of nowhere) and getting it into civilization.

Through these episodes the men must use their unique talents and skills to battle the harsh and unforgiving climates. Luckily though, Bill Wu is an expert car enthusiasts and knows the in's and out's of cars. Gary on the other hand(being a solider) is a more hands on type of man with knowledge on how to battle the elements and make the best out of every situation. Once the car is found the journey is only half over, they must use only the car as well as their environment to make it to civilization.

The two mens characteristics are just as different as their expertise. Gary is more of an head strong man of the wilderness(that can crack a smile once in a while). Bill on the other hand is more of an intellectual, depending more on facts and figures than pure instinct. Bill also seems to whine a lot at every obstacle thrown in their path, which gets on Gary's nervous most of the time. The two must set aside their differences in beliefs and abilities in order to survive some of the most harsh and unforgiving elements. During some of the episodes there bond is really tested(especially during an ugly escape from a frozen volcano).

Though the two men work together to survive, Gary is usually depicted as the leader and often times will be the hard working muscle to Bill brain.

Sunday 9:00 PM et/pt on Discovery Channel
1 Season, 5 Episodes
August 19, 2012
Documentary & Biography
Cast: Gary Humphrey, William Wu

One Car Too Far Full Episode Guide

  • A behind-the-scenes look at the series. Included: interviews; never-before-seen footage; tips for off-road driving.

  • Helicoptered into the world's driest desert, Bill and Gary scale 10-story high sand dunes and 50-degree slopped sand bowls. Gary, must explore unique techniques to stay hydrated, while Bill struggles to keep their car and challenge alive.

  • Stranded in an unforgiving mountain range, Bill and Gary must navigate their way through boulders while landslides threaten their safety. Forced to repel off a 60-degree cliff they must now overcome a 600ft drop where one slip could be their last.

  • Dropped onto the peak of a frozen volcano, Bill and Gary make their way over deadly crevasses, fatal ice fields, and through razor sharp lava slopes - while trying to protect themselves and the car from extreme temperatures.

  • Bill and Gary are dropped deep into a hostile rainforest and have to use their teamwork and survival skills.

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