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This series follows Toru and Noburo who are brothers. Toru has some blood from the Yin in his system making him a target for the yokai. His brother releases the fox diety monster to protect him. Now they have to work together to stay safe. Our Home's Fox Deity is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (24 episodes). The series first aired on April 6, 2008.

Where do I stream Our Home's Fox Deity online? Our Home's Fox Deity is available for streaming on New Video Group, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Our Home's Fox Deity on demand at Apple TV online.

New Video Group
1 Season, 24 Episodes
April 6, 2008
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Saori Hayami, Takahiro Mizushima, Yû Shimamura, Yukana
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Our Home's Fox Deity Full Episode Guide

  • With the year coming to an end, the family decides to get some spring cleaning done. Seeing Ku used as a pitiable servant, Gyokuyo seals Noboru and Toru in a cave. Realizing what happened, Ku heads over to save them.

  • During winter break, Misaki gets on the scale and finds, to her dismay, that she gained a few pounds. She decides to go on a diet to shed some fat. Meanwhile, Ku and Ko binge on pork buns, which causes Noboru to force them to restrict their eating habits.

  • On the day of Momiji's house party, a Miyabi family servant named Kimimaro approaches Noboru. He states that only Noboru will be able to save Momiji from her rampage.

  • A rumor about gray werewolves has been circulating in the town of Akagi. People keep hearing about more and more victims. Amidst that commotion, Noboru gets invited to a house party by Momiji Miyabe. Ku realizes something seems off about this invitation.

  • The town of Suzunose is holding a Halloween event. At the same time, the god of poverty enters the town's borders. Preparing for the worst, Ebisu gathers his parishioners to capture this troublesome intruder.

  • Toru and Shiro make it to Akagi High School where they are met by Enju and Tomine. Right as Tomine makes an attempt on Toru's life, he is stopped by Ku. Shiro continues to grow weaker until she is barely conscious.

  • Dodging the pursuing oni, Toru continues to flee with Shiro. Ku meets the "Overseers" along the way, who explain the dangers of having Shiro continue to stay with Toru. Who sent Shiro to Toru in the first place, and why?

  • A few days after Shiro left with the oni, they return again, this time snooping around Toru. Knowing that their actions have something to do with the "Byakki," Ku decides to interrogate them.

  • A box containing a girl wrapped in enchanted cloth winds up delivered to the Takagami household one day. Confused about what to do with her, the family decides to simply wait and see for the time being.

  • Toru visits Noboru's high school Culture Festival. As Ku spends her time with Noboru, Misaki gets the wrong idea about their relationship once again. While Toru is out getting some refreshments, he bumps into a woman dressed in a nun's habit...

  • Ku wins a prize at the local shopping arcade. The prize? An all-expense-paid trip to some hot springs. The Takagami family decides to take the vacation together, only to find the old woman and Tatsuhiko there.

  • Ko wants to assist with household chores, but ends up ruining some clothes and breaking a few windows. With the family budget falling even deeper into the red, she decides to get a part-time job to make up for it.

  • Fukuro's plan to lure Mubyo out resulted in failure. His mask cracks and his face is seemingly identical to Mubyo's. Later on, Mubyo takes Toru hostage and orders Ku to kill the "fake" Mubyo.

  • A suspicious man wearing a raccoon mask wants to meet the head of the Mizuchi family. He says that he needs to find someone called Mubyo and retrieve the stolen "Sakasaen."

  • Mubyo, the local deity of a neighboring town, comes to visit in search of a stolen treasure called the "Sakasaen." She asks for Toru's help in retrieving it. Ku is itching to go to the pool, but she reluctantly agrees to help look for the treasure.

  • A pair of foxes got chased from their home in the mountains. Ku offers to let them stay at the Takagami household for the time being. While Ko is on an errand, she is attacked by a mysterious enemy who seeks to devour Toru.

  • Summer is the season for love! Or so Misaki thinks. When she fantasizes about her feelings for Noboru, they always seem to go into a downward spiral. She imagines Noboru's dual relationship with Ku and Ko.

  • KKu recognizes Toru's birthmark as the exact same his late mother had. Knowing that he may want to see his mother one more time, Ku prepares an elaborate spell. Despite ample warnings from Ebisu, the local deity, Ku goes through with it anyway.

  • Noboru and Toru are back to school for the new term. After watching some TV and reminiscing about the brothers' mother, Ku starts to take an interest in "school."

  • Now that the fox, Kugen, has become the Takagami family's guardian deity, its first order of business is to follow them home. The Mamorime, Ko, also tags along.

  • Noboru Takagami and his brother Toru visit their mother's home, where an old woman they have known since their youth has fallen deathly ill...or so they were told.