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P. King Duckling is a Chinese/American animated television series created by Josh Selig. The series debuted on Disney Junior in the United States on November 7, 2016. P. King Duckling is about the title character, a young duck, who has adventures in the town of Hilly Hole with his two best friends, Chumpkins and Wombat.

Weekday 5:00 PM et/pt on Disney Junior
1 Season, 26 Episodes
November 7, 2016
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Benjie Randall, Courtney Shaw, Marc Thompson, Darren Dunstan
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P. King Duckling Full Episode Guide

  • P. King and his friends decide to take Walrus on an underseaadventure to visit his family in Seaweed City! P. King's cousin Dolph arrives in town, and at first, it seems to P. Kingthat everyone loves him!

  • Mildred is feeling lonely, and she wants to make a new friend. It's Arma Dillo's birthday, but he doesn't have any friends tocelebrate with!

  • P. King, Wombat, and Chumpkins go to the Hilly HoleRenaissance Festival. Using Chumpkins' time machine, P. King and his friends travel backin time and find a real T. Rex!

  • P. King, Wombat, and Chumpkins agree to feed Mildred's dog ather spooky summer house. It's a snowy day, and Wombat, P. King, and Chumpkins decide to gosledding.

  • P. King becomes a farmer and is fooled into attempting to grow cookies.

  • P. King finds out he is really good at tetherball.

  • P. King, Wombat and Chumpkins visit their favorite amusement park, Hills N' Thrills. Chumpkins and Wombat plan a huge Pig Day celebration.

  • Wombat begins to wonder if she's too short. P. King learns the phrase “safety first!”

  • Wombat tries to show P. King and Chumpkins the peace and quiet of nature. Hilly Hole and Bumpy Bluffs fight over what to do with a field between the two towns.

  • P. King, Wombat and Chumpkins decide to get makeovers. When someone steals turnips from Chumpkins' garden, the trio works together to catch the culprit.

  • P. King learns to do laundry the "old-fashioned way" and ends up doing the whole town's laundry; Chumpkins' computer gets a virus that P. King accidentally spreads.

  • Wombat teaches Chumpkins how to play soccer; P. King's Uncle Popiah the Clown comes to visit Hilly Hole.

  • P. King tries to make desserts but none seem to taste right! A family of Angora Snow Bunnies move to town and P. King tries to show the townsfolk how cool they are.

  • P. King sees other ducks flying and decides that he wants to fly,too! Wombat gets fleas from an itchy puppy, so Doctor Flamingo has toshave her fur!

  • When P. King discovers he doesn't have money for high fashion, he decides to make his own outfits out of garbage! P. King invites a popular panda to Hilly Hole.

  • P. King and Chumpkins want to start a boy band, but they say thatWombat can't join because she's a girl! P. King wants to discover a new world, just like Hilbert Hole, thefounder of Hilly Hole!

  • Wombat wins a trip to Australia, where she hopes to meetsome other wombats! P. King enlists Wombat and Chumpkins to be part of his superherofantasy, but his attempts to save people always go wrong!

  • Wombat and Chumpkins both have great mentors, so P. Kingdecides he wants one! Chumpkins discovers that his old friend is now a famous inventor.

  • Chumpkins auditions to star in a big musical called “BarnyardBallyhoo!” P. King and his friends get stuck babysitting a mischievous babylemur.

  • P. King tries his hand at making delicious desserts. A new family of furry Angora Snow Bunnies moves to town, and P. Kingis amazed by how cool they are!

  • P. King is discouraged to find that he doesn't have the moneyfor a high-fashion wardrobe. P. King invites a popular panda to Hilly Hole, hoping that he canmake a new friend!

  • P. King gets a new pet – a rare Siberian Dogfish! P. King wants to find a new place to jog, so Chumpkins andWombat take him to The Great Wall of China!

  • Greg the Goose challenges P. King to race in the Hillyapolis Grand Prix. P. King builds an ice castle once a heat wave hits Hilly Hole.

  • After seeing the movie Stink Bug, Come Home, P. King makes a movie. The phone lines are ruined by a storm, so P. King starts his own system.

  • P. King orders a robot to do his chores but he won't follow the assembly instructions; P. King travels to Paris to learn about art.

  • P. King and Chumpkins try to plan a surprise party for Wombat's birthday. After experiencing a grand view at the top of a hill, P. King tries to move his house there.

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