Pawn Stars: Pumped Up

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Pawn Stars: Pumped Up is a series that airs extended enhanced episodes with extra information, deleted scenes and bonus unseen footage from the show Pawn Stars that also airs on the History Channel.

Monday 10:30 PM et/pt on History
2 Seasons, 29 Episodes
October 17, 2016
Pawn Stars: Pumped Up

Pawn Stars: Pumped Up Full Episode Guide

  • Rick travels to an art gallery to see illustrations from the book "Where the Wild Things Are"; a collection of rare Beatles records; an antique hot dog bun warmer; an electric hot dog cooker; a Princess Leia action figure signed by Carrie Fisher.

  • A pair of sneakers signed by NBA legend Robert Parish; two signed David Carradine replica swords from "Kill Bill"; a signed shower curtain by Anthony Perkins from the psychological thriller, "Psycho."

  • A 1969 Triumph motorcycle gets Rick's engine roaring; Corey shifts gears and checks out a motorcycle that was owned by actor Dennis Hopper; a seller brings in an antique high wheel bike.

  • An autographed card of President Abraham Lincoln; a golf driver shaft designed for President Bill Clinton; a personal check signed by President James Madison; a patent model for an American flag press.

  • After test-driving the infamous O.J. Simpson Bronco, Rick must decide whether to purchase this million-dollar item; a rare silverware set; a 1978 "Star Wars'' comic; enhanced.

  • Singer Madonna's 1988 day planner; a WWII-era Linemar Space Explorer Toy; two rare G.I. Joe play sets; a shower curtain signed by actor Anthony Perkins ("Psycho''); an 1850s calendar clock; three "Charlie's Angels'' figurines.

  • Rick heads to Los Angles for a shopping spree; he views props from the movie, "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory'' and a painting by actor Leonardo DiCaprio; Chumlee considers a helicopter owned by Las Vegas magician Dirk Arthur; enhanced

  • A 1969 Triumph motorcycle gets Rick's engine roaring; an 1800s Parker Brothers shotgun; an 1800s Colt revolver; a rare Nock Volley gun used by the Royal Navy; an 1871 British Martini-Henry short lever rifle; enhanced.

  • The Pawn Stars are presented with a 1969 Triumph Motorcycle and the first ever issue of Mad comics comes into the shop.

  • Two original lithographs by graphic talent M.C. Escher; a censored recording made on a Soviet X-ray; a Wells Fargo model stagecoach; a 1950s toy lie detector.

  • Rick and the team are off to the gun range to look into a rare Nock Volley gun used by the Royal Navy; an etching by Spanish artist Joan Miró; the oldest American pasta machine.

  • Drink and be merry with the Pawn Stars when a Pre-Revolutionary American pewter tankard clanks into the shop. Will Rick cheers to an offer or will he put a lid on the deal?

  • Featuring an autographed Led Zeppelin album; an antique whistle collection; a Doonesbury cartoon; a self-winding clock.

  • Featuring replica swords autographed by "Kill Bill" actor David Carradine; a first-edition of T.S. Eliot's "Four Quartets;" a 1965 Battle of the Bulge board game; a 1920s radium crock.

  • An enhanced episode

  • An enhanced episode.

  • Limited-edition Batman and Joker Bolin guitars; a bronze sculpture by M.L. Snowden; a couple of signed Betty Crocker letters; a WWII-era Adolf Hitler pincushion.

  • A one-horse open sleigh from the 1800s; a J.H. Rector gun; never-published Christmas art from MAD Magazine; a World War I Christmas tin.

  • A first edition of The Adventures of Bob Hope comic; an ancient Egyptian mummy mask; a 1950s Disney fire extinguisher.

  • A 1950s Chrysler Town & Country Newport; a cubist artwork by New Zealand artist Louise Henderson; artifact railroad locks from the late 1800s; an early-1900s self-heating gasoline iron.

  • Featuring: eighteenth-century engravings of the Spanish Armada; wax recordings from the 1890s; a Coca-Cola robot from the 1980s; a 1900s Teddy Roosevelt Bears pitcher.

  • A 1769 set of playing cards with hidden political message finds its way into the store. Also, Corey examines a set of Charlie's Angels figurines. Rick lights up when an antique stained glass lamp illuminates the store.

  • A cast-signed helmet from the TV show "Lost in Space"; a pair of sneakers autographed by retired NBA player Robert Parish; a strange object that makes Rick and Corey scratch their heads.

  • A 1944 steel cent; an 1850s calendar clock arrives; a H.R Giger lithograph from the movie "Alien 3"; a Smokey the Bear puppet.

  • Two rare G.I. Joe play sets; a 1950s Chinese military motorcycle; a photograph and a letter signed by poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow; an antique Black and Decker drill.

  • A custom Fender quad guitar; a Wheaties box featuring skater Tonya Harding; steelyard scales from the 1700s.