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Set in the Silver Dollar Pawn & Jewelry Center in Alexandria, Louisiana, the show isn't related to "Pawn Stars" but it has a very similar feel. The pawn shop is run by the DeRamus family, including husband Jimmie "Big Daddy" DeRamus, outspoken wife Peggy, little brother Johnnie and the still-learning younger daughter Tammie. The episodes often include some of the other shop employees such as Tina Journet and Walt Piper, although there seem to be some employees that remain off-camera. Many episodes also include the shop's gun expert Gary Ermatinger.

As is the case with "Pawn Stars," each episode of "Cajun Pawn Stars" follows a familiar format. Someone brings in an unusual item looking to pawn or perhaps sell it outright. There is a discussion about its history and if it's an unusual item Jimmie might bring in an "expert" to help determine its true value. There is often a question about whether the item is exactly as billed by the seller. Often it's an item given as a gift or inherited that is thought to be a valuable antique. But instead it's a knock-off or has been previously damaged and repaired.

Since the show has "Cajun" in the title, it's not a surprise that many of the items on the show revolve around the loca culture. So there are plenty of unusual guns, traps and other items used in a rural setting. Viewers also see a lot of unusual guns and rare items dating back to the Civil War.

But there are also a number of more unusual items that are brought into the shop. Some of the more unusual items include a Greyhound bus that the owner claims belongs to TV star and country music icon Barbara Mandrell, a very rare pygmy goat, a gold-plated bathtub claimed to have once been owned by Andrew Jackson and a one-of-a-kind Scooby and Shaggy talking figurine.

History Channel
4 Seasons, 52 Episodes
January 8, 2012
Cast: Johnnie DeRamus, Jimmie DeRamus
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Cajun Pawn Stars Full Episode Guide

  • Get all shook up with the Cajun Pawn Stars when the shop gets an opportunity to buy a very unique piece of Elvis--his tooth. Johnnie inspects a vintage Batman marionette. And, Jimmie proves a pawnbroker never takes a break when he sets his eyes on a 1966 Cadillac Fleetwood limousine while he's out to lunch with his wife and Tammie. Will Big Daddy ride home in style or will his wheeling and dealing make him miss lunch and cause family friction?

  • Blast off with the Cajun Pawn Stars when a 1950s Space Commander Ride toy lands in the shop and takes Jimmie on a nostalgic trip back to his childhood days. The famous chair that former Louisiana Senator Huey Long used for all his interviews finds its way to the shop. And, Jimmie puts his staff to the test when he challenges them to get to work on time--last one to arrive will be forced to take care of all four of the shop s dogs for an entire day.

  • The items include a beautifully restored 1929 Ford fire engine, a vintage Easy-Bake oven toy from the early 1970s that still works, and 170 rooms of hotel furniture that Jimmie visits at Alexandria s famous Bentley hotel. In addition, Bruce Mitchell from Swamp People stops in looking to purchase a new gun for gator season.

  • lace your bets with the Cajun Pawn Stars as they check out an antique, but beat-up, 1930s horse race gambling machine. Jimmie fiddles with the idea of buying a rare Martin Guitar even though his music expert is out of town. And, it's father vs. daughter when Tammie bets her dad she can make a profit on a unique bar-on-wheels. Will Jimmie end up triumphant in all his dealings or will this turn out to be a bad day for Big Daddy?

  • The Cajun Pawn Stars are presented with historic Civil War projectiles, an antique toy horse, and a very rare weapon--a 1913 pistol sword.

  • The Cajun Pawn Stars are presented with an infamous cannon used in the Colfax Massacre of 1873, an old family gumbo recipe, and a Native American bison jacket.

  • The Cajun Pawn Stars are presented with a rare 1932 Game 3 World Series program--that features Babe Ruth's infamous called shot, a 1903 Remington rifle, and a personal check signed by screen legend Judy Garland.

  • The Cajun Pawn Stars are presented with a "certified" lock of Bigfoot's hair, a commemorative gun of World War I hero Alvin York, and a unique snow cone concession stand.

  • The Cajun Pawn Stars are presented with a rare Lone Ranger collection. Shop regular Gerard tries to take Johnnie to the cleaners for a deal on an antique washing machine. And, Jimmie and Tammie bargain for a bronze bust of General George Custer.

  • Hold onto your hips, as the Cajun Pawn Stars try to make a deal on a priceless timepiece once owned by the King himself, Elvis Presley. A famous Cajun boat sails into Johnnie's sights. And shop regular Joker tries to hunt down a deal when he brings in a furry friend.

  • The Cajun Pawn Stars meet the woman at the epicenter of the 1950s Jerry Lee Lewis child bride scandal. Later, the guys check out a 1930s Rail Bus and Tammie checks out a camel.

  • The Cajun Pawn Stars are presented with a corn grading machine, a signed Jackie Robinson baseball, and a customized Harley Road King.

  • The Cajun Pawn Stars are presented with a motorized Coca Cola mini car and a very rare collection of WWII Japanese tank items. Later, Jimmie faces seeing one of his favorite movie prop items from Dances with Wolves fly out of his hands.

  • The Cajun Pawn Stars are presented with a 1960s voting machine, a collection of 1970s Mego super hero action figures, and an old Mississippi prison ball and chain.

  • The Cajun Pawn Stars are presented with a rare James Bond-type Aston Martin, a land grant signed by President James Madison and a famous-designer rhinestone stage suit.

  • The Cajun Pawn Stars go bowling, Southern style, with a shotgun. Later, they are presented with a custom LSU-themed chopper signed by former head coach Nick Saban.

  • The staff competes in a scary Halloween costume contest and the winner will get a day off. Meanwhile, the Cajun Pawn Stars are presented with a 1967 Cadillac Fleetwood hearse and a Sleepy Hollow movie collectible with a Johnny Depp autograph.

  • The Cajun Pawn Stars are presented with a massive 40 foot BBQ pit on wheels and a miniature horse. Later, a customer looks to buy a prop gun from the movie classic Gone with the Wind.

  • The Cajun Pawn Stars are presented with an old hunting rifle believed to have belonged to George Washington, a twelve-foot Native American-styled totem pole, and a chair made out of cattle horns.

  • The Cajun Pawn Stars are presented with a drummer's pad signed by legendary music artist Louis Armstrong, three full, unopened Prohibition-era whiskey bottles, and a WWII Inglis pistol.

  • The Cajun Pawn Stars are presented with a baseball bat allegedly signed by Ted Williams, a mourning armband that was worn during Abraham Lincoln's funeral, and a gold-plated M16 rifle commemorating the capture of Saddam Hussein.

  • The Cajun Pawn Stars are presented with a series of letters signed by Richard Nixon, a customized ATV, and a pair of British Tower rifles.

  • The Cajun Pawn Stars are presented with a rare medieval Saxon helmet believed to be from 1100 A.D., one of the very first X-Men comic books, and a crossbow from a shop regular.

  • The Cajun Pawn Stars are presented with a rare medieval Saxon helmet believed to be from 1100 A.D. and original X-Men comic books. Later, a shop regular hopes to hunt down some cash for his crossbow.

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