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This is an animated series. It is a parody of some of the popular anime series that are on television. The show focuses on a young boy who wants to find a way to have perfect hair because he is going bald at an early age.

Adult Swim
1 Season, 9 Episodes
November 6, 2005
Animation & Cartoon, Action & Adventure
Cast: Dave Willis, George Lowe, H. Jon Benjamin
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Perfect Hair Forever Full Episode Guide

  • "When a monster from space lands on earth to kill everyone only a Swedish muscle man covered in mud can stop him."

  • "When a monster from space lands on earth to kill everyone only a Swedish muscle man covered in mud can stop him."

  • In a change from our regularly scheduled insanity, we are presented with The Perfect Hair Forever Comedy Variety Hour Show - a series of Variety Show style sketches starring who else but the cast of Perfect Hair.

  • Gerald tries - and fails - to raise the morale of his companions, only to be confronted by his dread nemesis: Coiffio. They agree to partake in a Race to the Death and are soon going head-to-head on a racetrack created by Rod, the anime god.

  • Uncle Grandfather attempts to negotiate a cease-fire between the hot dog buns and cats, while the Young Man and his animal cohorts remain stuck in the hole.

  • The Inappropriate Comedy Tree (also known as Norman Douglas), who had been following Gerald and the Action Hotdog since the Convenience Store, joins them in their quest. Twisty, or Terry, also joins them after offering gifs of ice cream.Coiffio becomes worried by Gerald's newfound companions and sends the Astronomical Cat to deal with them. He then visits the lair of the Cat Man to inquire about the vasts somes of money he has given him.Rod, the Anime God, visits Uncle Grandfather searching for Brenda, who is reveiled as the only hope for the world. Brenda then unknowingly begins the Cat-Bun wars by attempting to contact Gerald through his former ear.

  • Gerald runs into the Action Hotdog, who joins him in his quest. He is later visited by Rod, the Anime God. Gerald is given information on Coiffio, the evil controller of Cats. He then sets off for Tuna Mountain.Meanwhile a Young Man, who claims to be King of all Animals, visits Uncle Grandfather and after battling with Brenda is asked to find and accompany Gerald in his quest.Coiffio contemplates why he uses Cat Man, who is currently working at his place of business, the Convenience Store...of Death!

  • A young boy named Gerald wishes to attain perfect hair forever. He seeks help from "Uncle Grandfather," an elderly pervert who loves eating and watching his young schoolgirl companion Brenda, who wears a short mini-skirt and thong. Gerald then sets off on an adventure where he meets Cat Man, an agent of the evil Coiffio, Space Ghost being mauled by a bear, and the Inappropriate Comedy Tree.

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