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Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom is an anime geared toward a mature audience with an interest in the mafia and assassins. The show focuses on a young man named Zwei who wakes up and finds himself in the hands of an organization known as Inferno. Having lost all memory thanks to a brainwashing scientist, the Scythe Master, Zwei is forced to kill or be killed in order to survive his new life.

At the mercy of a ruthless organization bent on gaining power, the protagonist must serve as a double for the most talented sniper of Inferno, Ein. His unique ability to disregard morals, obey any order he is given without a fuss, and absorb what he is taught quickly makes him the perfect candidate for the job. This action packed story shows how far one person will go in order to stay alive. One shot is all Zwei has got, and one shot is all it takes.

1 Season, 26 Episodes
April 2, 2009
Cast: Miyuki Sawashiro, Ayahi Takagaki, Aya Hisakawa, Isshin Chiba, Akeno Watanabe
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Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom Full Episode Guide

  • Zwei and Ein engage Scythe's squad of faceless assassins, but the first Phantom's true target is the man she called master. With a life of freedom on the line, Ein takes aim - and Eren squeezes the trigger.

  • As Ein battles Shiga's men outside the church, Zwei and Drei face each other in the darkness of the sanctuary. A chiming song from their past drifts through the air, and when it stops, one will die.

  • Three assassins - Zwei, Ein, and Drei - rush toward a final faceoff. Each knows bloodshed is inevitable, but none realize that their former master is sending a new batch of created killers to join the battle.

  • Zwei may be forced to give Drei the final showdown she craves when Mio's life is put on the line. With the clock ticking, both Ein and Inferno move to put an end to the Phantom's deadly game.

  • Drei could be the deadliest killer ever used by Inferno, but before she can truly take her place as Phantom, she must destroy Ein and Zwei. Fueled by hatred and pushed by Scythe, that's just what she intends to do.

  • Two years have passed since Ein and Zwei escaped their murderous masters, but it only takes one bullet to shatter the illusion of freedom. An old friend arrives with a reminder: nobody ever really gets away.

  • Ein is sent to kill Zwei, and she knows where to find him. With blades drawn, the Phantoms past and present prepare to die - but before the knife fight ends, each will find a reason to live.

  • Bodies stack up after Scythe reveals the deception perpetrated by Claudia and the Godo Family. Zwei's prepared for Inferno to come gunning for him - but he fears Cal's name is on the hit list too.

  • Claudia exposes Isaac's treachery to the Yakuza, but a bitter adversary from her past has orchestrated a plan to undo her gains. The deadly plot is in motion and Zwei could be the first to spring the trap.

  • Above the city, Zwei scours the skyline for Isaac's sniper. When the bullets start flying, the Phantom discovers there are more assassins at work than he suspected - and one of them is supposed to be dead.

  • Claudia suspects an Inferno insider is responsible for the slain Yakuza and sets a trap to prove it. When the traitor takes the bait, Zwei is ready - but the Phantom freezes when he sees a ghost.

  • In the aftermath of the botched drug deal, Isaac questions why Zwei is compelled to shelter the only witness. To keep Cal safe, the Phantom digs a hole that may prove difficult to escape.

  • Claudia's drug deal ends before it begins when the buyers turn up murdered. Zwei visits the scene to look for clues, but instead finds young Cal, a girl who claims to know the party responsible for the massacre.

  • Forced for so long to kill for others, Zwei takes aim at Scythe for personal reasons. He only needs one bullet to settle the score - but when the trigger is pulled, Zwei's hate gives way to horror and regret.

  • Zwei vows to give Ein a better future, but when the past catches up with them on the road, it's clear his promise can only be kept through more bloodshed.

  • Inferno splinters after an explosion of murderous betrayal, and Zwei must choose between escaping his new reality or protecting wounded Ein. Either way, the puppets are cutting their strings.

  • Inferno sends Ein and Zwei on an incredibly orchestrated assassination spree. If the bloodbath goes as planned, the balance of power in the West Coast criminal underground will shift dramatically.

  • Inferno's growing power leads to tension with a local mafia family. If an agreement over disputed turf can't be reached, Zwei has been ordered to hit the rival boss where it hurts most - at home.

  • After executing a public assassination at a busy shopping mall, Ein and Zwei face hard questions about what they've become in the hands of Inferno.

  • It's kill or be killed when Zwei's training is put the test. He must hunt and eliminate a Navy Seal who has drawn the ire of Inferno.

  • With his life on the line, Zwei accepts his fate and begins his assassin training under Ein and learns more about his new masters - Inferno.

  • A young man regains consciousness in an unfamiliar room with no idea how he got there and no memory of his identity. He must rely on his killer instinct when a masked assassin suddenly attacks!

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