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Primetime is a television show on ESPN that shows NFL highlights of the current week. The show's original host was Chris Berman whose effects and accurate highlight descriptions garnered much praise among fans of the show. The show is very informative as well and gives useful knowledge and facts on your favorite NFL football team. The hosts Chris Berman and Tom Jackson were a unique duo who fed off of each other during highlight specials and made great chemistry as sports anchor men for the show on ESPN. Chris Berman and Tom Jackson later moved on to another NFL highlight segment of ESPN and still continue their great chemistry, but the show Primetime changed into an hour long show on ESPN that comes on five times a week with new hosts and new co-hosts that generally incorporate NFL football players as analysts themselves.

The show's title itself originated from a former football player by the name of Deion Sanders who famously called himself primetime, among other notable nicknames. Deion Sanders became a widely known hall-a-famer who revolutionized the sport of football. The nickname and phrase became so catchy that it became a television show on ESPN. Even though Deion Sanders doesn't take credit for this show and ESPN doesn't publicly give credit to Deion for the show, the fans of the show know where that particular phrase originated from. It wasn't the word itself, primetime; it is the way the show is pronounced that makes the similarities undeniable. The show is still a hit show on ESPN and is centered on the remarkable plays in the NFL. The show also captures behind the scenes news stories that develop from the locker rooms.

The show gathers thoughts and opinions around the league from players and fans about certain teams in the upcoming football week ahead. Primetime gives people a show to watch during the week before the big game on Sunday.

Primetime is a series that is currently running and has 24 seasons (173 episodes). The series first aired on September 1, 2010.

Primetime is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Primetime on demand atVudu, Google Play online.

24 Seasons, 173 Episodes
September 1, 2010
Cast: Andy Rooney, Mike Wallace, Ed Bradley
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  • How would you handle a situation you knew was wrong?

  • How would you handle a situation you knew was wrong?

  • How would you handle a situation you knew was wrong?

  • How would you handle a situation you knew was wrong?

  • Testing human psychology concepts in real-world scenarios

  • Demonstrating change blindness, the foot-in-the-door theory and the Forer effect.