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Prince Valiant is an adventure-filled animated series produced by Hearst Entertainment, based on the comic strip of the same name by Hal Foster. It was released by FilmRise between 1991 and 1994, with a total of 65 episodes. The series follows the adventures of Prince Valiant, a young prince from Thule, as he travels to Camelot to become a knight of the Round Table. Along the way, he meets a diverse array of characters, both friends and foes, including his loyal squire Arn, the beautiful Princess Aleta, and the wicked sorceress Morgan Le Fay.

Prince Valiant is voiced by Robby Benson, who brings a youthful and energetic spirit to the character. He is joined by Michael Horton as Arn, Valiant's faithful squire, and Noelle North as Princess Aleta, who exudes a kind and noble demeanor.

The animation style of the series is a unique blend of traditional hand-drawn animation and computer-generated imagery, which was state-of-the-art for the time. The backgrounds are richly detailed, and the character designs are both distinctive and expressive.

One of the standout aspects of the show is its attention to historical accuracy. The series takes place during the medieval era, and the costumes, architecture, and weaponry all reflect this time period. This lends an extra layer of authenticity to the world-building and helps to immerse the viewer in the story.

Another standout aspect of the series is its strong focus on character development. Each character has their own unique motivations and backstories, which are gradually revealed over the course of the series. This adds depth and complexity to the narrative and makes the characters feel more relatable and well-rounded.

The show also features plenty of action and adventure. Prince Valiant and his companions engage in sword fights and other battles against a variety of enemies, including rival knights, barbarian hordes, and supernatural creatures. There are also moments of romance, intrigue, and mystery that keep the plot engaging and unpredictable.

Overall, Prince Valiant is a well-crafted animated series that offers something for viewers of all ages. It is a classic tale of bravery and heroism set in a rich and fascinating world that is both historical and fantastical. If you're a fan of adventure, medieval lore, or just great animation, then this is a show that you won't want to miss.

Prince Valiant is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (65 episodes). The series first aired on April 24, 2017.

Prince Valiant
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The Hinge of Fate
65. The Hinge of Fate
January 23, 1994
The battle against Mordred for Camelot begins, and Valiant leads the army, uncertain of whether they will succeed without King Arthur.
The Gathering Storm
64. The Gathering Storm
January 16, 1994
Mordred's army is only two days from the castle and outnumbers Camelot's forces three to one. This leaves Valiant with the dual tasks of fortifying his soldiers for a bloody battle and convincing the fleeing populace that all hope is not lost with Arthur's death.
The Death of Arthur
63. The Death of Arthur
January 9, 1994
Denys convinces Valiant to return to Camelot. Valient, Arn, Rowanne and Guinevere accompany Arthur on his annual pilgrimage to the site where he pulled Excalibur from its stone. Arthur fears the trip will be a treacherous one, for Maldon and Mordred are fomenting unrest among the people, and may trigger a full-scale war within Camelot.
A New Dawn
62. A New Dawn
January 2, 1994
Tensions mount between Arthur and
The Ghost
61. The Ghost
December 26, 1993
Merlin holds a convocation of the world's greatest scholars in Camelot. The wizard's pleasure at the wonderful turnout evaporates when he spots a face from the past that he has long kept hidden from
The Light in the Dark
60. The Light in the Dark
December 19, 1993
Valiant is advised against returning to Camelot by way of a dangerous route through the Great Swamp. But the Prince is far too curious about the "great evil" that lives there to pass up the chance to investigate.
The Ring of Truth
59. The Ring of Truth
January 1, 1993
War is brewing between Northland and Grafton, both of whom have signed treaties with Camelot and expect the kingdom to send its armies to help. King Arthur refuses to choose between his allies until he knows the cause of the
The Song of Valor
58. The Song of Valor
January 1, 1993
Arn and Val perform a daring rescue upon encountering two monks being robbed by a band of brigands. Arn deserves the credit, but, as usual, makes light of his heroics out of low self-esteem.
The Sage
57. The Sage
January 1, 1970
Summary is not available.
The Burning Bridge
56. The Burning Bridge
January 1, 1993
King Arthur is determined to make the journey to Northland and attend Michael's coronation despite the danger along the way. He assigns Valiant the dual tasks of preparing the security measures for the journey and delivering a personal message to
The Aurora
55. The Aurora
January 1, 1993
King Arthur, Guinevere, Merlin, Valiant, Rowanne and Arn set up camp near Greenglade Cathedral to celebrate a treaty signing with the kingdom of Northland. They are cautious, however, for a spy is feared to be in the area.
The Spirit of Valor
54. The Spirit of Valor
April 9, 1993
King Arthur and Guinevere's goddaughter, Celeste, is to be married, and Valiant, Arn and Rowanne join the royal party to attend the wedding.
The Eyes of the Serpent
53. The Eyes of the Serpent
January 1, 1993
A recurring nightmare involving a golden serpent has Valiant worried about his future and the safety of Camelot. Merlin tries to reassure him that some dreams are just dreams, and sends him on a mission to see Om, a spritely old alchemist who resides at a seaside village.
The Shadows of Destiny
52. The Shadows of Destiny
January 1, 1993
Rowanne and Valiant sneak into Merlin's secret chamber and discover a book he wrote that describes past events that happened and, more importantly, future events that will happen.
The Vision
51. The Vision
January 1, 1993
All Valiant, Arn, Rowanne, Dennis and Merlin want to do is attend the nearby Spring Festival in peace, but one disaster after another befalls them on what should be a simple journey.
The Hero
50. The Hero
January 1, 1993
Valiant, Arn, Rowanne and Denys go to Longport, a harbor town, to collect palm trees for Merlin.
The Blackest Poison
49. The Blackest Poison
January 1, 1993
Arthur, Guinevere, Valiant, Arn, Sir Gawain and Sir Bryant travel to a powerful kingdom east of Camelot to negotiate a treaty with its ruler, King Edward.
The Treaty
48. The Treaty
January 1, 1993
North of Camelot, Vikings are continuously attacking the local people. Arthur dispatches Valiant, Sir Gawain and other knights to Norway to stop the conflict.
The Jubilee
47. The Jubilee
January 1, 1993
For the silver jubilee of a queen, Queen Guinevere, Val, Arn and Rowanne travel to Arcadia, bearing a gift from Merlin.
The Walls of Tyranny
46. The Walls of Tyranny
January 1, 1993
While in combat with a rival clan, King Ian is slain on the battlefield. His nephew refuses the throne and Duncan Draconarius is named King.
The Rival
45. The Rival
January 1, 1993
Three lucky youths will be chosen from those competing in the Queen's Festival Competition to train for knighthood in Camelot. Before the festival begins, Rowanne meets a young woman named Fiona who idolizes her and wants to be a
Empty Justice
44. Empty Justice
January 1, 1993
Rowanne, Val and Arn are sent to a destroyed village where Harold, the imposter knight, lives with his family.
Peace on Earth
43. Peace on Earth
January 1, 1993
While Camelot celebrates the Christmas season, Valiant, Arn and Rowanne are dispatched to help end the conflict between warring tribespeople.
The Parting
42. The Parting
January 1, 1993
Mordred and King Hugo return to the Misty Isles, and Aleta is left alone in Camelot to settle her relationship with Prince Valiant. All is not well in the kingdom, however, for there is an insurrection being mounted by some of the King's knights, who espouse Mordred's philosophy of the "New Dawn."
The Rescue
41. The Rescue
January 1, 1993
Valiant is distraught over Aleta's departure for the Misty Isles, and asks King Arthur to send him on a mission that will take his mind off his broken heart.
Mordred's Return
40. Mordred's Return
January 1, 1993
King Arthur's spy, Will, is caught and killed on Mordred's ship, which is docked at the Camelot waterfront. In his dying words, he tells Valiant that Rowanne overheard the plotters aboard ship, and is in grave danger.
The Voyage
39. The Voyage
January 1, 1993
King Arthur assigns Val, Arn and Rowanne the mission of escorting King Hugo and Princess Aleta from the Misty Isles to Camelot.
The Princess Aleta
38. The Princess Aleta
January 1, 1993
After receiving a surprising call for help from King Hugo of the Misty Isles, King Arthur sends Valiant, Arn and Rowanne with an army to aid his old enemy. After a dangerous sea voyage, Valiant meets King Hugo's beautiful warrior daughter, Princess Aleta.
The Lesson Twice Learned
37. The Lesson Twice Learned
January 1, 1993
On a routine scout to a nearby village, Valiant meets his father's former advisor, Lorne. Even though Lorne is getting on in years, Valiant recommends him as a strategist to King Arthur.
The Crossbow
36. The Crossbow
January 1, 1993
Denys and his young friend, Wesley, pick up a fallen crossbow that Val has accidentally abandoned during an archery competition with Rowanne. Against Denys' protests, Wesley shoots the crossbow and hands it to Denys to do the same.
The Tree
35. The Tree
January 1, 1970
Summary is not available.
The Traitor
34. The Traitor
January 1, 1993
Gawain, Val, Arn and Rowanne are sent by King Arthur north of Hadrian's Wall to make a treaty with a tribe. Upon arriving, the tribespeople are unfriendly and avoid them.
The Color of Honor
33. The Color of Honor
January 1, 1993
Arthur names Valiant as sheriff of the nearby town of Hammerscape. Soon, Valiant spots Moorish pirates destroying a village up the coast. Valiant attacks the men and drives them back, but their captain escapes.
The Flute
32. The Flute
January 1, 1993
Valiant and Denys visit a neighboring court that harbors an unknown flutist who plays a soulful song, and whose king, Donovan, is famous for keeping peace. While there, however, they learn a dark secret.
The Cursed
31. The Cursed
January 1, 1993
Val, Arn and Rowanne visit the village of Serenity, where as a young girl Rowanne spent time with her family. Serenity is no longer as peaceful as Rowanne remembers it, for a feud has broken out between the town's long-time residents, and the "newcomers," the Lusitains.
The Deception
30. The Deception
January 1, 1993
Cynan and his elder son Dylan, exiled from Thule, plot against Camelot once more.
The Black Rose
29. The Black Rose
January 1, 1993
While Arthur is on a hunting expedition with King Lot, a lone assassin tries to kill Merlin in Camelot.
The Beggar
28. The Beggar
January 1, 1993
Prince Valiant receives an invitation to the wedding of an earl's daughter in a distant territory. In the forest near the earl's castle, a band of thieves, led by the giant Horack, ambush Val.
The Lost
27. The Lost
January 1, 1993
Valiant sets out with Arn, Rowanne and a group of Camelot soldiers to gather information about Mordred's army that is gathering in the south.
The Dream Come True
26. The Dream Come True
May 10, 1992
After the defeat of Cynan, Prince Valiant's father finally reclaims the throne of Thule. The victory celebration is a joyous occasion made even greater by the arrival of Valiant's mother, Queen Briana.
The Triumph
25. The Triumph
May 3, 1992
Val's ships finally arrive on the shores of Thule, only to be met by Cynan's son Dylan and his army.
The Choice
24. The Choice
April 26, 1992
Valiant is making his final preparations with his troops before he sets sail for Thule and the liberation of his father's kingdom. Just as the anchors are being raised, Valiant gets an unexpected and stunning surprise.
The Reunion
23. The Reunion
April 19, 1992
Valiant decides to return to Thule and fight Cynan, but before he can do so, he must return to the marsh and reconcile with his father, King Willem.
The Battle of Greystone
22. The Battle of Greystone
April 12, 1992
Cynan's eldest son, Dylan, invades the peaceful coastal kingdom of Greystone. To hold back the attackers, King Arthur gives Sir Gawain command of the army that includes Valient, Arn, Rowanne and Merlin.
The Guardian
21. The Guardian
April 5, 1992
Arthur sends Sir Gawain to check on a purported disturbance at the old Roman Wall. Gawain takes Valiant, Arn and a small Camelot army with him on a cold, windy, winter night.
The Waif
20. The Waif
March 29, 1992
On an errand for Merlin, Valiant stumbles across a traveling minstrel show under the direction of a ruthless fellow whom Val sees walloping a skinny, filthy urchin named Denys.
The Fist of Iron
19. The Fist of Iron
March 22, 1992
A young knight and friend of Valiant's, Sir Giles, has discovered a dark secret about Sir Gideon, one of Camelot's most revered members.
The Road Back
18. The Road Back
March 15, 1992
Valiant has been appointed to escort Baron Duncan Draconarius to King Ian to pay for the murder of Derek, Ian's loyal aide and mediator. Unknown to Val though, Ian has been under siege by rebels since his return from Camelot.
The Competitor
17. The Competitor
March 8, 1992
The charismatic Prince Edwin is a new favorite in Camelot and holds a special interest for Rowanne after he saves her life. Both he and Prince Valiant appear to be the most likely candidates to win a coveted commission that
The Turn of the Wheel
16. The Turn of the Wheel
March 1, 1992
A gala takes place at Camelot to honor Sir Gawain and Sir Bryant, the heroes of the Canonwolde siege. However, Valiant and Arn, ordered to polish the saddles and repair the carriages in the stables, won't be able to attend the festivities.
The Awakening
15. The Awakening
January 26, 1992
While King Arthur and Guinevere are away on official business, Merlin's life is put in danger. Morgana has convinced Lord Keller, who is feuding with Merlin, to slip him a highly potent sleeping potion. When Valiant learns of this, he hastily leaves Camelot with Rowanne and Arn to find the alchemist Om, the only one who might have the antidote for Merlin.
The Return
14. The Return
January 12, 1992
A powerful ruler from the north, King Ian, is at Camelot negotiating a treaty with Arthur. Ian, one of the last holdouts in the region, still believes that might makes right and gives Arthur one last chance to convince him that the new order can work.
The Trap
13. The Trap
January 5, 1992
A small group from Camelot is celebrating Arthur and Guinevere's anniversary at Canonwolde, the fortress where Arthur and Guinevere first lived when they were married.
The Visitor
12. The Visitor
December 15, 1991
A great tournament is taking place in Camelot. Knights from abroad have come to participate, including one, Sir Harold, that can out-boast even Sir Gawain. Born of peasant stock himself, Sir Harold soon befriends Arn and asks him to accompany him in the tournament.
The Dawn of Darkness
11. The Dawn of Darkness
December 8, 1991
Camelot must contend with a force the likes of which has never been seen-gunpowder. A scholar from Cathay, Chun Ling Su, has invented a mysterious black powder able to destroy whole forts in a single blow. And he has put it in the hands of Maldon, the son of one of Arthur's most bitter foes, who is now allied with an army of Vikings.
The Secret of Perilous Garde
10. The Secret of Perilous Garde
December 1, 1991
Sir Gawain, the confirmed bachelor, has surprised all of Camelot by sending a messenger bearing an announcement that he is getting married. Valiant, Rowanne and Arn are chosen to represent Camelot at Gawain's wedding to Queen Ilene of Perilous Garde.
The Trust Betrayed
9. The Trust Betrayed
October 27, 1991
Valiant, Arn and Rowanne have joined the rest of Camelot in celebrating the return of Mordred the Valorous, one of the original knights of Camelot. However, Val is perplexed at Mordred's unwillingness to consider a peace treaty with the Vikings.
The Singing Sword
8. The Singing Sword
October 20, 1991
Rowanne hastily leaves for Bridgesford one morning because of a terrible premonition that her family is in danger. Arn joins her, but Valiant refuses, reminding Arn that they are all wanted in Bridgesford by the Baron Duncan Draconarius. Later that evening, Valiant has second thoughts and rides off to catch up with them.
The Gift
7. The Gift
October 13, 1991
Rolf, King Willem's Lord of Arms, has arrived at Camelot bearing a letter and gift from Valiant's father. But Val refuses to accept either, still hurt that his father never gave him his blessing when he left the marsh for Camelot. Too busy with a rigorous training session that week, he inadvertently ignores Rolf.
The Finding of Camelot
6. The Finding of Camelot
October 6, 1991
Arn wakes up one morning to the sound of mighty hoofbeats approaching the castle keep. He quickly rouses Valiant and Rowanne to witness an incredible vision of a knight with the emblem of Camelot on his shield galloping past them. Assured that this is the way to King Arthur's castle, the trio follows the knight.
The Trust
5. The Trust
September 29, 1991
Behind a waterfall outside the castle keep, Val discovers the skeleton of a Viking warrior. When he pulls on an arrow wedged in the Viking's chest, it triggers a trap door and he plunges into a deep cavern. There he finds a half-crazed Viking warrior, the sole survivor of an ambushed peace mission sent to Camelot.
The Kidnapping
4. The Kidnapping
September 23, 1991
Rowanne, quietly practicing her archery in the woods one day, is suddenly abducted. Her kidnapper turns out to be John, a bumbling good-for-nothing acquaintance from her own village, who thinks he can return her to Bridgesford and collect the bounty the Baron has placed on her head.
The Blacksmith's Daughter
3. The Blacksmith's Daughter
September 16, 1991
In search of a blacksmith to repair a broken dagger, Valiant and Arn stumble into a fight in the village of Bridgesford. Robert, the newly appointed sheriff, is trying to claim the blacksmith's unwilling daughter, Rowanne, as his wife. Val and Arn rescue Rowanne, but their lives are endangered when the local baron, Duncan Draconarius, learns of their quest for Camelot.
The Journey
2. The Journey
September 9, 1991
Prince Valiant, on his quest for Camelot, must contend alone with all of nature's wonders and dangers until he meets a shy, yet savvy peasant named Arn.
The Dream
1. The Dream
April 24, 2017
King Willem of Thule, Prince Valiant's father, and his men are under attack by a ruthless tyrant named Cynan. Defeat forces King Willem, Queen Briana and Prince Valiant to abandon their castle and flee their rightful home. After a long, arduous journey across the sea they touch land.
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    April 24, 2017
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    7.4  (782)