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Raising Asia is a reality show on the TLC network that shows how a young girl named Asia with hopes of becoming the next biggest superstar is being raised by her former bodybuilder father Shawn and her mother Kristi along with her younger sister Bella. It is also premiering on the LIFE network.

Asia is an 8 year old former dancing winner who broke out from there to get her own reality show. She is ready to take the world by a storm in dancing, singing, and acting. She believes she can do it all and excel at it.

She plays and dances with her younger sister and is always shown making side comments about how her mother thinks she's in charge while she is actually the one running the show. She dresses up in fancy clothes and a lot of make-up for her dance routines and she also uses props like the whip for her dance routines.

She is managed by famous dancer Billy Hufsey, she shows a lot of confidence in her self on the show with her mannerisms. She says her mother is too controlling. The father on the other hand is not always available to support her because of his own busy schedule.

Raising Asia is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (13 episodes). The series first aired on July 29, 2014.

Raising Asia is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Raising Asia on demand atAmazon Prime, Philo, Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, Google Play, iTunes, Pluto TV online.

Tuesday 10:00 PM et/pt on Lifetime
1 Season, 13 Episodes
July 29, 2014
Cast: Asia Monet Ray, Bill Hufsey
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Raising Asia Full Episode Guide

  • Asia has to deal with technical difficulties during one of her performances.

  • Asia loses control right before a TV appearance. Kristie is disappointed with the crew.

  • Billy books a performance for Asia at El DeBarge's birthday celebration. After Shawn puts Anthony in charge of Asia's performance, Anthony reaches his breaking point.

  • Choreographer Ricky Palomino offers Asia the lead role in his theatrical performance; Shawn decides to assume control of Asia's career for a week while Kristie takes on Bella's responsibilities.

  • Anthony wants to have full creative control over Asia's performance at the Long Beach Pride Festival and clashes with Shawn.

  • Billy has to prove he is the person to be able to take Asia to the next level.

  • Asia is off to Sin City for her singing and dancing debut; Anthony and Billy battle for control over Asia's career; Billy must redeem himself in Shawn's opinion.

  • Asia gets to be the opening act for a pop star and prepares for it in the parking lot; Anthony blames Billy for all the issues, causing a rift between Shawn and Kristie.

  • It's Bella's birthday and Kristie is determined to focus on her. Meanwhile, Asia is overwhelmed by the sacrifices she's forced to make for her career.

  • Asia intensifies her training as an actress, singer and dancer but choreographer Anthony is unsure if manager Billy is the right person to help Asia conquer her quests.

  • Asia's training is thrown into high gear, and with Shawn absent, Kristie is overwhelmed--until a special visitor arrives to help out. But while Kristie may welcome a helping hand, she is annoyed by some unsolicited advice--and an attempted intervention.

  • Shawn takes on Asia's manager. Meanwhile, Kirstie is disappointed by the staging on a show Asia has been booked on.

  • In the series premiere, Kristie is determined to make things happen for her daughter, no matter the consequences.