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Double Divas is a reality based television show. It premiered in 2013 on the Lifetime network. It's fun and colorful format appeals to women. This 30 minute show is lively, in-your-face, and brings light hearted humor to a typically taboo subject: women's lingerie. The adventures of two boutique owners and their customers are shown in each episode.

The show centers around two best friends, Molly and Cynthia. This diva duo owns a custom lingerie boutique near Atlanta, Georgia. Livi Rae Lingerie Boutique carries bras and under-garments in all sizes and styles. Molly is seen as the "brains" behind the business, in charge of marketing and managing. Cynthia is the creative force behind Livi Rae. Cynthia likes to create out-of-the-box designs that will benefit all kinds of people, from a male running bra to a revolutionary nursing bra.

Molly and Cynthia take great pride in their ability to find the perfect bra for every woman. They started Live Rae to give women of every shape and size a way to get functional and beautiful lingerie. Cynthia likes to say she believes she is the best bra-fitter in the world; and it is clear the two definitely know what they are talking about.

It is obvious to the viewers that the two divas want to do more than just sell underwear. They truly believe that they are building women's confidence. They enjoy seeing the look on a woman's face when they find something that makes her feel beautiful. They know a woman who feels sexy, confident, and beautiful will portray that beauty to the world. They love helping women of all shapes and sizes. Molly and Cynthia really feel that they help change women's lives every day.

Every episode brings different customers with different stories, wants, and needs. Molly and Cynthia get so excited when they help a woman feel her absolute best. They are not afraid to let loose and jump and scream for joy. Based on their customer base, there is a clear need for a boutique like theirs, a boutique that embraces women of every size. The audience meets every type of woman--from housewives to socialites to choir members and everything in between.

Double Divas is a Reality series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (27 episodes). The series first aired on January 1, 2013. It has moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 6.2.

Double Divas is available for streaming on the Lifetime website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Double Divas on demand at Pluto TV Amazon, Vudu, iTunes, Pluto TV online.

Thursday 10:30 PM et/pt on Lifetime
2 Seasons, 27 Episodes
January 1, 2013
Cast: Cynthia Richards, Molly Hopkins, Loren Schaffer
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Double Divas Full Episode Guide

  • Cynthia works on custom corsets for the servers to wear at a restaurant's grand re-opening; a little person seeks a bra that will fit her unique figure.

  • Cynthia and Molly redesign uniforms for an all-female pro football team and invent an athletic cup for breasts.

  • The ladies style rapper Princess for a video shoot. Meanwhile, a man, who was born a woman, wants his breasts to appear flatter, despite being pregnant.

  • When members of a sorority stepping team come into Livi Rae, Molly and Cynthia are eager to help them find good fitting bras.

  • Molly and Cynthia fit a friend who had a mastectomy and hold an auction to raise proceeds for her medical bills.

  • Molly and Cynthia take their daughters on a relaxing vacation to Florida's Weeki Wachee Springs. But at the classic mermaid show, the Divas decides it's time for a "mer-makeover." Meanwhile, Loren helps a female wrestler prevent future bra malfunctions.

  • A Civil War reenactor brings his lady to LiviRae to get a period costume so she can join the historical fun. Plus the Divas hold a bra burning rally to rid the world of bad brassieres.

  • Cynthia and Molly attempt to break into the local motorcycle team when working with some biker chicks. The even learn how to ride motorcycles.

  • Molly and Cynthia plan a new commercial for their business; and the ladies consider opening a shop in the upscale Buckhead area of Atlanta.

  • The divas take a trip to a nude resort.

  • For a contest Cynthia makes a wedding dress out of toilet paper.

  • When a real-life bounty hunter comes into LiviRae packing heat on her hip, she asks for a way to hide her gun in her bra instead. Cynthia sets out to make a holster bra, but she needs Molly to give it an action-packed test run in the field.

  • Cynthia and Molly invite themselves along on Cynthia's husband Drew's turkey hunting trip. But the real reason they want to go is to test out Cynthia's newest creation in hunting gear -- a bulletproof corset.

  • The duo help a female rodeo rider. Elsewhere, Molly prepares to dance for charity.

  • In the second season premiere, Abby Lee Miller ("Dance Moms") arrives in Atlanta and receives bra-fitting pointers from the divas. Meanwhile, Abby offers dance tips.

  • To reduce returns, Cynthia and Molly throw a party for their ignorant male clients to educate them about bra sizes.

  • Molly and Cynthia take Loren on a road trip to educate her in mobile bra fitting.

  • Molly and Cynthia host a lingerie party for a recent divorcee.

  • On her way to Cynthia s wedding, Molly gets distracted by some bad boobies and almost loses a very important bra.

  • Molly s plan to help bra fit an entire women s shelter pushes bride-to-be Cynthia to the breaking point.

  • Molly and Cynthia design a mobile bra shop.

  • Molly is inspired to do a photo shoot, while Cynthia is inspired to create a seasonal bra.

  • Cynthia creates a flattering nursing bra.

  • A major lingerie show is three days away and Cynthia has to design nine outfits, with the help of Loren, who can be a little spacey. Will this be the opportunity of a lifetime for their business or the death of Molly and Cynthia's friendship?

  • Double Divas Molly and Cynthia are on a quest to create a custom fit bra for the woman with the world's largest bust, in just one day.

  • Molly and Cynthia give the singers of a local choir new bras so they can perform without shaking up the congregation.