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HGTV's "Rate My Space" is the American Idol of home decor. The site's users upload photos of their home decorating and landscaping projects for others to rate and comment on. There are images of bathrooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, kitchens, boys' and girls' rooms, living rooms, nurseries, gardens and yards. You can look at the most recently uploaded images, the most viewed and the top rated rooms.

Sunday 10:00 PM et/pt on HGTV
3 Seasons, 38 Episodes
June 15, 2008
Reality, Home & Garden
Cast: Jared Dostie, Angelo Surmelis
Rate My Space

Rate My Space Full Episode Guide

  • This couple loves the retro style of diners and drive-ins, and wanna remove the old and clutter from their 50's home to make it represent their style. They hope with help they can make their home include a five star retro style kitchen.

  • A pair of Texans bought a ranch style home which has some great bones, but is short on style. They need ideas for their living room, hoping for a Southwestern motif and remember that they are still a growing family.

  • A newlywed couple have decided to buy the bride's childhood home, but she has a problem accepting any changes being made inside. But since then they have made significant changes from the outside in, but their den still feels like it's decorated in that fresh-out-of-college style. The team helps spruce up the den.

  • An Air Force couple living in an old 1950s military model home, feel they have grown tired of the decor and would like a more modern style starting in the bedroom.

  • A homeowner would like a larger kitchen for entertaining her many friends. She pulled out an ugly blue carpet and Indian tiles herself but now is stuck. She hopes Angelo can build her a 5 star dinning room.

  • A couple have remained true to the 1920s French-style cottage's bones, while adding a touch of their own style. They like their black and white style chairs but don't know where to go from there. That's where Angelo and the team jump right in and rework the living room.

  • A couple added a wet bar and glass cabinet to their den in order to make an entertainment and lounge area, but it looks more like it is a mish-mash of pieces that don't match. They also want to leave their college decor behind by adding a cool, sexy lounge that better fits their personalities.

  • A man is in love with his Spanish bungalow. His girlfriend has helped drastically improve the home. However, the dining room still needs an update. But they have no idea how to where to begin in decorating or furnishing the room, but have found inspiration from the Rate My Space website.

  • Angelo incorporates a variety of natural elements that add warmth into a couple's bedroom, which they feel is space is too stark and empty.

  • A couple who work with environmental causes would like their home to reflect their eco-friendly lifestyle. There living room has a great start but are off-course when it comes to a 5-star design.

  • A family has worked on making their home comfortable, but the area in which they spend the most time with the kids, the family room, needs some help. The team takes the family room to a whole new level.

  • A couple from New Orleans have tried keeping an island feel for their cozy California home. A Mother's Day gift had a romantic cabana added to the outdoor space. The Rate My Space crew see more potential and add to the cabana with some tropical style.

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