Reunited: The Real World

Reunited: The Real World is a television show that takes you on the road to the lives of different men and women as they live different lifestyles all throughout Las Vegas. Reunited: The Real World takes you on the journey of several people who want to live exciting lives. These are one of the few people in the world who want to be on television showcasing their stories.

This show takes on fun people to live their life in Las Vegas. You will see the cast members fall in love, find men and women, gamble, drink cocktails, and experience a night life like no other all throughout several weeks. They just party and party all night long until the morning hours come. The cast members of this show are Arissa Hill, Bryan Smith, Alton Williams, Steven Hill, Irulan Wilson, Trishelle Cannatella, and Frank Roessler. All of these people in their late twenties and try to discover different weird experiences as they live a crazy lifestyle all throughout Las Vegas.

Discover how they party, where they party, and how they can easily get people to sleep with them right whenever they want. Love stories are built as different cast members find love with other cast members. Hearts are broken as different guys find other girls to be with.

The Real World is a reality show that takes you on the ride of several people in their twenties who try to party as often as they possibly can. It is an exciting adventure, but they know that life isn't going to be this way all the time. They grab the opportunity to ride across their lives as they do the unthinkable and live wildly with their friends. Reunited: The Real World is an adult themed show meant for only adults to watch when it airs.

1 Season, 7 Episodes
May 30, 2007
Cast: Trishelle Cannatella, Arissa Hill, Steven Hill, Frank Roessler
Reunited: The Real World

Reunited: The Real World Full Episode Guide

  • A gambling challenge is held; a racist remark carries consequences.

  • Trishelle sets Frank up on three blind dates. Later, the roomies party in the $40,000-a-night Playboy suite.

  • The roommates celebrate the release of a feature film starring Trishelle, Frank tries to make amends for his misbehavior, and Arissa and Irulan think about leaving the suite.

  • Trishelle throws a bachelorette party for Brynn, and the guys throw a bachelor party for Austin.

  • Arissa and Alton continue their five-year tiff, and the roomies are given a free day at the spa and salon. Later, Steven's drunken stunt at the pool may have consequences.

  • The Vegas roommates are reunited, and there's already drama between Alton, Arissa and Irulan.

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