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Robotex is an action adventure animation about the fatal encounter between human children and the Metal Organism 'Robotex' from outer space. Robotex and the children fight to defend and save the earth from the evil force. Robotex is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (25 episodes). The series first aired on September 1, 2015.

Where do I stream Robotex online? Robotex is available for streaming on Janson Media, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Robotex on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon online.

Janson Media
1 Season, 25 Episodes
September 1, 2015
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Robotex Full Episode Guide

  • Infected by the virus, Volcan synchronizes with the spaceship and all the commanders and heads to Earth. Kai and the other Robotex approach the spaceship but the Volcan synchronized commanders stop them. Taff fakes out the commanders by reconstituting Omicron in front of Volcan. The commanders think Omicron is Volcan and get trapped inside the spaceship.

  • Winning the battle, Kai, Taff, and Iota prepare to leave Earth. Knowing that Kai and the Robotex will soon leave, Doctor Franken sneaks into their hiding place and steals one of their equipment. Meanwhile, Volcan starts malfunctioning. In order to stop Volcan, the Main Frame shuts down the power but Volcan survives with the help of the master virus.

  • The first corps commander Volcan participates in the battle and sends the first Pandalum as a trap. Disappointed but also stronger than before, Stony, Reina and Brandon face the battle. On the other hand, Volcan brings the minions and attacks the three. Hearing the situation, Doctor Choi synchronizes with Omicron to help Stony and his friends.

  • Volcan appears at the battle stadium and Pandalum 2 claims to have a fair game. Volcan agrees and imprisons Pandalum 1. Having no metallic organism to synchronize with, Marcia requests Volcan to synchronize and battle. Tempted by Marcia's suggestion, Volcan seeks a stronger human being to synchronize with.

  • Pandalum 2 is touched by the boxing game on Earth, where the winner and loser embrace each other. Catching Pandalum 2's thoughts, Pandalum 1 drives Pandalum 2 to be stronger. Feeling confused, Pandalum 2 looks for Kai and Stony. Stony tells Pandalum 2 that even twins can have different thoughts.

  • Scoring even, both sides prepare for the last battle. However, Kai is too injured. Stony decides to fight synchronized with Omicron together with Brandon synchronized with Taff. Suspecting that Kai and the Robotex have stolen the Main Frame's figure, Pandalum sets the 'Pandaler Maze'. At the same time, Cyclo gets stronger by using the Lam and starts defeating Taff and Omicron.

  • Stony and Doctor Choi head to the Moon station to meet Kai and the Robotex. Doctor Choi finds out that the ruins of the ancient Main Frame is under the abandoned mine. He decides to investigate with Omicron. Meanwhile, the last battle between Pandalum and Iota begins. Pandalum is startled by Iota's new combat skill called Nova Gears Shield, which she developed with Reina.

  • Assasin Marcia attacks Doctor Franken's place, and Doctor Franken flees to Omicron for help. But Omicron rejects Doctor Franken's urgent request. Pandalum keeps an eye on Marcia. Meanwhile, the battle between Anarchy and Taff begins at the stadium.

  • Deceived by Pandalum's trick, Iota and Taff follow the spaceship attacking Earth and on the Moon, alone by himself, Kai fights with Omicron, Pandalum and Cyclo. To make things worse, Kai is almost defeated by Anarchy, who is synchronized with Dunken, using the newly developed skill called Retroplex.

  • Analyzing Kai and the other Robotex new skills, Volcan decides to send the 3rd corps commander Pandalum to Earth. Pandalum divides the attack into two. The minions and the spaceship at Earth. Cyclo, Anarky and Pandalum to the Moon, where the abandoned spaceship is.

  • Stealing books from the library using Pet, Omiclon surrenders to Kai and Iota after being fascinated by the theatrical plays on Earth. To find out his true mind, Kai puts Omicoln outside of the spaceship. Iota, Stony and his friends head back to Earth to return the books. Meanwhile, Omiclon fights against the first corps to prove his trust to Kai.

  • Losing the spaceship to Kai and Iota, Cyclo and Anarchy are punished by Volcan. Volcan sends Omiclon to reclaim the spaceship. Meanwhile, Stony suspects Doctor Franken as the book thief. Doctor Franken decides to find the thief for himself. While fixing the spaceship, Kai and Iota are attacked by the first corps. Suddenly being attacked, Kai and Iota bring out Stony and Doctor Franken.

  • Kai and Iota head to Cyclo's spaceship on the moon with Stony and his friends. After being attacked by Kai and Iota, Taff surrenders to Cyclo. Lam doubts Taff but Cyclo accepts Taff and orders Anarchy to lookout for him. After assigning Lam as commander, Cyclo heads to battle with Kai and Iota.

  • To capture Kai and the other 'Robotex', Cyclo and Anarchy attack Iota and Taff. During the battle, unlike the normal combat skills, Kai attacks Cyclo and Anarchy from behind. Taff restrains Kai and they begin to fight against each other.

  • Ordered by Volcan, Omiclon is on search for the strongest organism in 7939 6 sector B planet. On the other hand, Cyclo is on his way to collect the remains of ancient 'Robotex' and 'Main Frame' below the abandoned mine. Kai and the other 'Robotex' go on a search for the resources to fix their spaceship at the mine at the same time.

  • Stony, Reina, and Brandon become closer than ever. At the same time, Cyclo and Anarchy analyze Kai and the other 'Robotex' combat skills and decide to attack Earth once again. Kai and the other 'Robotex' also prepare for the next combat and ask for the help of Stony and his friends.

  • Defeated by Kai and the other 'Robotex', Volcan decides to find out the source of their strength. He decides to send Anarchy to meet Stony and find out what has happened to Kai and the other 'Robotex'. Meanwhile, Taff keeps his eyes on Brandon and accidentally helps Brandon from getting in trouble.

  • Seeing Cyclo failing to capture Kai and the other Robotex, Volcan sends the 2nd corps commander, Anarchy. Together with Anarchy, Cyclo attacks Earth. Having troubles fighting back, Kai and the other Robotex accidentally encounter Brandon and receive his help.

  • Stronger than any other girl, Reina has always been ashamed of her strength. With Stony's consolation and Iota's help, Reina becomes confident about her power. Communicating through the guntlet, Iota and Reina become closer to each other. To communicate with Reina, Iota shuts down the communication with Kai and Taff but gets attacked by Cyclo. In order to save Iota, Reina has to fight alone.

  • Stony, Reina and Brandon gets closer by sharing the secrets of knowing the existence of the 'Robotex'. On the other hand, Kai and the other 'Robotex' finds themselves slowly getting away from the Main Frame's control. Wanting to find the answers of their change, Cyclo appears in front of Stony and threats for the truth. To rescue Stony, Kai confronts Cyclo.

  • Kai, Iota, Taff and Stony explore the Proton waves below the abandoned mine and discover the form of 'Main Frame' and ancient minions protecting it for thousands of years. When Iota tries to operate the 'Main Frame', an alert starts and the ancient minions wake up and start attacking them. Kai and the Robotex escape safely from the mine using a lot of energy. But waiting for them is Cyclo.

  • Doctor Franken decides to kidnap Stony but together with Reina, they run away from him. Fortunately, Kai helps them from being kidnapped. But at that moment, the first corps commander Cyclo appears and in order to protect Stony and Reina, Kai fights with Cyclo. Kai informs Stony that the combat between 'Robotex' is to compare their output but for Stony, their combat skill seems too simple.

  • The battle between the first corps minions and Kai begins and Stony gets involved in the fight. Despite the opposition of Taff and Iota, Kai puts Stony inside him to protect him. Because of Stony, Kai falls behind the attack of the minions. In order to help Kai, Stony synchronizes with Kai.