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  • 2010
  • 3 Seasons

Rush Zone is an animated television show that originally aired on Nicktoons, and it is based on the life of a young boy named Brian, who is a dedicated American football fan. The show is geared towards young children, but can also be enjoyed by adults. Brian is a 10-year-old boy who lives in a town called Sullen Falls, which is home to the Midway Monsters, his favorite football team. The Monsters are a professional team that competes in a fictional American football league in the United States.

Brian's passion for the Monsters is so intense that he has made it his life's mission to defend the team from evil forces that seek to harm them. In each episode, Brian finds himself in a perilous situation that requires him to use his wits, bravery, and football knowledge to save the day.

Rush Zone is a unique show because it combines two of the most popular things amongst young boys: football and superheroes. The show has a strong emphasis on teamwork, sportsmanship, and positive values, but it also has a sense of humor that will have audiences laughing out loud.

One of the show's most significant strengths is its ability to blend positive values with football. While the show may be geared towards young boys, it is an excellent example of how sports can teach important life lessons such as teamwork, determination, and perseverance. These lessons are not only valuable for young children but can also be useful for adults.

Another strength of the show is that it features real NFL players who lend their voices to the characters. Some of the players who have made appearances on the show include Eli Manning of the New York Giants, Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints, and J.J. Watt of the Houston Texans. This gives the show an authentic feel that is appreciated by football fans of all ages.

The animation on the show is top-notch, and the character designs are unique and appealing. The colors are bright and vibrant, making it a visually stimulating show that will capture the attention of any child that stumbles upon it.

What's even more impressive about the show is that it has managed to keep children interested in the sport of football, even during periods of declining interest in the sport. The show has undoubtedly played a role in helping young children gain an interest in the sport and perhaps even fostering a love for it that will last a lifetime.

In conclusion, Rush Zone is a thrilling and entertaining animated television show that appeals to young boys and football fans of all ages. It is a perfect blend of sports and superheroes, and it teaches valuable lessons about teamwork, sportsmanship, and determination. The characters are appealing, the animation is top-notch, and the guest appearances by real NFL players lend an authentic feel to the show. Rush Zone is a perfect way to introduce young children to the sport of football while also providing wholesome entertainment that parents will enjoy as well.

Rush Zone
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Episode 23
23. Episode 23
November 18, 2015
Summary not available
Episode 22
22. Episode 22
November 11, 2015
Summary not available
Episode 21
21. Episode 21
November 4, 2015
Summary not available
The Final Betrayal
20. The Final Betrayal
October 22, 2014
Ryan settles into his new job alongside ex-cons. Alvey meets with his parole officer. Nate starts physical therapy.
Never Underestimate the Wild Card
19. Never Underestimate the Wild Card
October 15, 2014
It's the big day for Linda and Charles but Sudden Death has some big plans of his own, targeting a very special Super Bowl Ring display. With so much at stake, Ash realizes she can't keep her secret any longer, and finally tells Linda she's a Guardian, leaving her future stepmom very confused. Despite the heroic efforts of James Laurinaitis, Linebacker for the Rams, and Marques Colston, Wide Receiver for the Saints, the Guardians struggle to stop Sudden Death, until a very unlikely ally helps them out: Wild Card. Featured Teams: St. Louis Rams, New Orleans Saints
Anticorians Outplayed
18. Anticorians Outplayed
October 8, 2014
With Sudden Death in possession of multiple Megacores, the Core Accelerator weapon is ready to launch. Total destruction of the Hall of Knowledge seems imminent, until Wild Card takes it upon himself to derail the plot by slipping some secret information to the Guardians, then blaming the betrayal on the Anticorians. Marty's non-Guardian life also takes an unexpected turn when he learns he must change schools. He worries about how he'll fit in, and if he'll still be able handle his Guardian responsibilities. But thanks to Brent Celek, Tight End for the Philadelphia Eagles, and Arizona Cardinals Wide Receiver Larry Fitzgerald, Marty and Ish both get a lesson in facing the unknown.
Rumors Run Wild
17. Rumors Run Wild
October 1, 2014
Drop Kick captures Buffalo Bills' C.J. Spiller and makes an evil clone from his DNA; the Guardians struggle to get past a rumor and turn to Tennessee Titans' Kendall Wright for help.
Anticorian Unrest
16. Anticorian Unrest
September 24, 2014
Ash's dad Charles finally pops the question to Linda, and this means big changes ahead. Linda witnesses Guardians in action first hand when the Anticorians attack the Panthers during Family Day. While Andrew Luck, Quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts, helps the Guardians protect the Megacores, Ash finds a new appreciation for Linda who, together with Greg Olsen, Tight End for the Carolina Panthers, demonstrates she has some pretty impressive moves of her own. Featured Teams: Indianapolis Colts, Carolina Panthers.
Chip Off the Old Blocker
15. Chip Off the Old Blocker
September 17, 2014
Howie Long gives Ish some advice about expectations; RZ6.0 must confront the unexpected when he discovers that his son Wild Card has returned.
Troy's Comeback
14. Troy's Comeback
September 10, 2014
Minnesota Vikings' Adrian Peterson teaches Troy how to safely come back from an injury; Jared Allen helps the Guardians recover the Vikings' stolen megacore.
The Return of Drop Kick
13. The Return of Drop Kick
September 3, 2014
It's summer time, and the kids are looking forward to a week away at football camp! Tua is especially excited. Since he started wearing his lucky socks, everything has been going his way, until Tua is captured by the Anticorians and discovers that Drop Kick is back! He's been revived by Sudden Death to help defeat the Guardians. MATT RYAN, Quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons, and DANNY AMENDOLA, Wide Receiver for the New England Patriots help the rest of the Guardians track down Tua and remind him that good luck is less about a pair of socks and more about skill and preparation meeting opportunity. Featured Teams: Atlanta Falcons, New England Patriots
Knights of the Sky, Part 2
12. Knights of the Sky, Part 2
May 7, 2014
Summary is not available.
Knights of the Sky, Part 1
11. Knights of the Sky, Part 1
May 7, 2014
The Guardians are on patrol at the NFL Draft in New York City; they get some sage advice from Jets veteran Center NICK MANGOLD and Chiefs rookie Offensive Lineman ERIC FISHER. But the day takes an unexpected turn when the mysterious PRINCE BELIN arrives, claiming to be an Anticorian rebel who's come to Earth seeking the Guardians' help. He tells them they are the KNIGHTS OF THE SKY, and it is their destiny to save his planet. Reluctant at first, the Guardians soon discover Belin is telling the truth when powerful alien BLITZ BORGS attack New York and capture all 32 RUSHERZ. The Guardians must embark on an exciting space adventure to the distant planet of ANTICORIA to rescue the Rusherz and free Belin's people from the tyranny of brutal ruler LORD XACTU.
Sudden Death Showdown
10. Sudden Death Showdown
February 1, 2014
Summary is not available.
All-Star Deception
9. All-Star Deception
January 22, 2014
Summary is not available.
Rivals Revisited
8. Rivals Revisited
January 15, 2014
Summary is not available.
Web of Deceit
7. Web of Deceit
January 8, 2014
Summary is not available.
White Hot
6. White Hot
January 1, 2014
Summary is not available.
Gone Viral
5. Gone Viral
December 18, 2013
Summary is not available.
Downstream Revenge
4. Downstream Revenge
December 11, 2013
Summary is not available.
Redzone Retaliation
3. Redzone Retaliation
December 4, 2013
Summary is not available.
Second and Wrong
2. Second and Wrong
November 27, 2013
Summary is not available.
The Return of Sudden Death
1. The Return of Sudden Death
November 20, 2013
Summary is not available.
  • Premiere Date
    September 6, 2010