Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs

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  • Not Rated
  • 1987
  • 2 Seasons
  • 8.4  (2,574)

Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs is a classic 1980s animated action-adventure series that follows the exploits of a group of law enforcement officers known as the Star Sheriffs. The show is set in the distant future, where humans have begun to colonize other planets in the galaxy. However, with new frontiers come new dangers, and the Star Sheriffs are tasked with protecting the peaceful inhabitants of the galaxy from a powerful group of villains known as the Outriders.

The show's protagonist is Saber Rider, a talented and resourceful young man who serves as the leader of the Star Sheriffs. Saber is a skilled pilot and warrior who is always ready to stand up to the Outriders and defend his friends and allies. He's joined on his adventures by a colorful cast of characters, including his trusty robotic horse, Steed, the fast-talking Doc, the sharpshooting Fireball, and the tough-as-nails Colt.

Together, the Star Sheriffs travel across the galaxy, battling the Outriders and uncovering their sinister plans. One of the most dangerous of the Outriders is the menacing Nemesis, a fierce warrior who will stop at nothing to achieve his goals. The Star Sheriffs also encounter a number of other colorful characters along the way, including the wise and powerful mentor, Commander Eagle, and the beautiful Princess April, who serves as a love interest for Saber.

The animation in Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs is bright and colorful, with an attractive retro-futuristic aesthetic that's reminiscent of classic sci-fi movies and TV shows. The action scenes are fast-paced and exciting, with plenty of explosions, laser fights, and dramatic showdowns between heroes and villains. The show's characters are also well-developed and memorable, each with their own distinct personalities and strengths that help them work together as a team.

In addition to its action and adventure, Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs also has a strong emphasis on positive values and morality. The Star Sheriffs are always portrayed as virtuous and heroic, standing up for justice and protecting the innocent. They also treat each other with respect and loyalty, and use their skills and abilities for good rather than personal gain. These positive messages helped to make Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs a popular and enduring show among younger viewers.

Overall, Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs is a fun and entertaining sci-fi adventure series that's sure to appeal to fans of classic cartoons and action-packed storytelling. With its likable characters, exciting action, and positive messages, it remains a beloved cult classic of 1980s animation.

Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs
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Happy Trails (9)
12. Happy Trails (9)
September 2, 1988
Nemisi lives on the Nth Degree. Jesse continues to threaten the Star Sheriffs with the Cobalt Blue Blaster.
Who Is Nemesis? (8)
11. Who Is Nemesis? (8)
September 1, 1988
The Star Sheriffs plant explosives on the Outrider planet. Nemisis, who turns out to be a synthetic Cybog, is trapped on Planet Yuma.
The Nth Degree (7)
10. The Nth Degree (7)
August 31, 1988
Jesse gives the Cavalry Command 24 hours to surrender. Eagle and his staff refuse.
Alamo Moon (6)
9. Alamo Moon (6)
August 30, 1988
With Ramrod destroyed, the Outriders break the peace treaty, take over their settlement on Planet Alamo, and raid the New Frontier.
Cease Fire (5)
8. Cease Fire (5)
August 29, 1988
A peace treaty is signed between the Outriders and Cavalry Command.
Eagle Has Landed (4)
7. Eagle Has Landed (4)
August 26, 1988
After Commander Eagle's rescue, he fulfills his promise to the monk and seeks peace with the Outriders.
The Rescue (3)
6. The Rescue (3)
August 25, 1988
The Star Sheriffs manage to rescue Commander Eagle from the Outrider's ship. Little do they know Jesse Blue's plans have just begun.
Legend of the Lost World (2)
5. Legend of the Lost World (2)
August 24, 1988
As Cavalry Command prepares to send a rescue mission for Commander Eagle, an Outrider agent infiltrates their base and takes the place of a Cavalry Commander named Ghoul. He tries to distract the Star Sheriffs' attention, and has his own plans. Meanwhile, Commander Eagle learns from the old monk that our race and the Outriders' aren't that different after all.
Born to Run (1)
4. Born to Run (1)
August 23, 1988
Mandarin, a female pilot, is sent along with the Star Sheriffs to investigate the Outriders, who have rematerialized in the human dimension.
Lend Me Your Ears
3. Lend Me Your Ears
August 22, 1988
The Outriders attempt to take over the Rainbow Planet by secretly planting devices in the ears of its citizens.
I Forgot!
2. I Forgot!
August 19, 1988
Commander Eagle arranges a summit conference between King Jared and the leaders of three other planets to form an alliance against the Outriders.
The Amazing Lazardo
1. The Amazing Lazardo
August 18, 1988
While on a visit to the big city, April and Fireball are enlisted to help save the townspeople from a traveling magician called the Amazing Lazardo.
  • Premiere Date
    September 14, 1987
  • IMDB Rating
    8.4  (2,574)