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  • 2008
  • 9 Seasons
  • 6.7  (72)

Secrets of a Restaurant Chef is a cooking show that premiered on Food Network in 2008. Hosted by renowned chef Anne Burrell, the program features Burrell as she reveals the tips and tricks of her trade, which she has mastered over years of experience in some of the world's most famous kitchens.

The central premise of the show is that Burrell helps viewers learn to cook like a professional chef. She does this by demonstrating her techniques live on the show, providing step-by-step instructions and sharing her wisdom on cooking and recipe creation.

The main draw of the program is Burrell herself, who has built a reputation as one of the most talented and personable chefs working today. Her charisma and passion for food are infectious, and she has a knack for making even the most complicated dishes seem approachable.

The show features a mix of segments, including instructional segments in which Burrell demonstrates how to prepare a particular dish, as well as behind-the-scenes interviews with restaurant staff and other culinary experts.

One of the things that sets Secrets of a Restaurant Chef apart from other cooking shows is the way it focuses on the art of recipe creation. Burrell goes into great detail about how to translate a dish from a culinary concept into something that can be easily replicated in a home kitchen, without sacrificing any of the flavor or texture of the original.

Throughout the series, Burrell demonstrates how to create a wide range of dishes, from classic comfort foods to sophisticated gourmet fare. She covers everything from appetizers and sides to entrees and desserts, using a variety of cooking techniques and ingredients.

Another key element of the show is the way it showcases the importance of good kitchen organization and technique. Burrell breaks down each step of the cooking process, from slicing and dicing to seasoning and plating, and offers plenty of helpful tips along the way.

Overall, Secrets of a Restaurant Chef is a must-watch for any aspiring home cook who wants to improve their skills and learn how to create restaurant-quality dishes in their own kitchen. With its engaging host, insightful tips, and mouth-watering recipes, it's the perfect show for anyone who loves food and wants to take their cooking to the next level.

Secrets of a Restaurant Chef is a series that is currently running and has 9 seasons (119 episodes). The series first aired on June 29, 2008.

Secrets of a Restaurant Chef
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Secret to Coriander Chicken
13. Secret to Coriander Chicken
March 4, 2012
Chef Anne Burrell breathes new life into weeknight chicken with her Coriander Chicken recipe, served with Hammered Cauliflower. Last but not least, Ginger Ice Cream with Anne's Molasses Cookies is a match made in dessert heaven.
The Secret to Calzones
12. The Secret to Calzones
January 30, 2012
Chef Anne Burrell shows how easy it is to make this Italian classic with her Calzones Stuffed With Broccoli, Rabe and Sausage. Served with Roasted Garlic Asiago Dip and Homemade Crackers, it's perfect for game day.
Noodleless Butternut Squash
11. Noodleless Butternut Squash
February 27, 2012
Pasta-free lasagna? Chef Anne Burrell shows you how with her Noodleless Butternut Squash and Pork Lasagna. Make this hearty casserole into a superstar meal with Anne's simple Arugula Salad. Wine: Cabernet Sauvignon.
Secret to Salt-Crusted Fish
10. Secret to Salt-Crusted Fish
March 25, 2012
Chef Anne Burrell prepares a whole roasted fish using a tried and true technique usually only seen in restaurants. On the side, Grilled Broccoli Rabe and Herbed Bread Pudding make a satisfying meal that won't weigh you down.
Secret to Asian Pork
9. Secret to Asian Pork
March 11, 2012
Chef Anne Burrell brings her favorite Asian flavors to the table. Discover how to prepare Ahi Poke, and how easily Asian Braised Pork Shoulder becomes melt-in-your-mouth delicious. Drink Pairing: Beer
Secret to Grilled Skirt Steak
8. Secret to Grilled Skirt Steak
January 15, 2012
Chef Anne Burrell reveals how to prepare a chef favorite, skirt steak. Learn how to cook this cut perfectly on the grill, and how Herbed Breadcrumbs and Bagna Cauda sauce send the meat over the top.
The Secret to Pork Sausage
7. The Secret to Pork Sausage
February 19, 2012
Chef Anne Burrell shows how easy it is to make her Garlic Pork Sausage at home. Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Apples makes a simple side dish, while Horeseradish Parsley Mustard Dipper makes the ideal condiment. Drink Pairing: Beer
Blood Orange Glaze Seared Cod
6. Blood Orange Glaze Seared Cod
January 7, 2012
Chef Anne Burrell proves with a few tips and tricks, healthy meals can be delicious and satisfying. Her Seared Cod with Blood Orange Glaze is vibrant alonside fresh Blood Orange and Red Onion Salad.
The Secret to Lamb Burgers
5. The Secret to Lamb Burgers
April 1, 2012
Chef Anne Burrell raises the burger bar with her juicy Lamb Burgers, served slathered in homemade Pickled Feta Spread on Whole Wheat Pita.
Secret to Pork Porterhouse
4. Secret to Pork Porterhouse
March 18, 2012
Chef Anne Burrell shakes things up with a juicy Pork Porterhouse entree. Her Dried Fig Saba Sauce sends the flavors sky-high, while Spiced Carrot Puree keeps the dish earthy and comforting. Wine: Pinot Noir
The Secret to Arctic Char
3. The Secret to Arctic Char
February 12, 2012
Seared Arctic Char with Kumquat Compote impresses alongside Wilted Romaine Salad with Pears, Taleggio and Hazelnuts. Leave room for dessert: Cinnamon Orange Creme Brulee is a special twist on a classic.
Secret to Seared Duck Breasts
2. Secret to Seared Duck Breasts
February 5, 2012
Give your favorite chicken recipe a break; Chef Anne Burrell shows duck breasts can be just as cinchy, with just a few easy tips.
Crispy Stuffed Chicken Breasts
1. Crispy Stuffed Chicken Breasts
January 22, 2012
Chef Anne Burrell gives her secrets to making weeknight chicken restaurant-worthy. Her Crispy Chicken Breasts Stuffed with Mushrooms and Goat Cheese are literally packed with flavor, and are a breeze to put together.
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  • Premiere Date
    June 29, 2008
  • IMDB Rating
    6.7  (72)