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Six Degrees is a television series which focuses on the effect people have on others. Using the six degrees of separation rule it follows people and the decisions they make and how those actions affect others. There is a rule called the six degrees of separation. It declares that everyone is connected to all other people in the world by a chain of, at most, six people. This show takes that rule and turns it into an example of how it can be applied in life.

Six Degrees focuses on the effect a group of people has on others. It shows the interconnections between them.

1 Season, 13 Episodes
September 21, 2006
Cast: Jay Hernandez, Bridget Moynahan, Erika Christensen, Dorian Missick
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Six Degrees Full Episode Guide

  • Ray gets served by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

  • Steven and Laura take a step in the right direction, Carlos and Mae rekindle a lost flame, and Damian and Whitney continue to deal with the stress and pressures of their new boss, Ray.

  • Ray hires Laura and Caseman to decorate his new office space, and while working together, they figure out that they have chemistry. However, Ray learns that Caseman means more to Whitney than he originally thought. Meanwhile Damian goes to work for Ray and uses his boss' name to pull a favor for Carlos, who lands a new job, and Mae finds out about a woman who may be her mother while babysitting for Laura and Caseman.

  • Charismatic multi-millionaire Ray Jones, a pivotal figure in the lives of Whitney, Laura, Damian and Caseman, returns to town and turns their worlds upside-down -- starting with a nude proposal. Meanwhile Carlos interviews for a high-end law firm, and a traumatic event has Damian considering new job options.

  • Laura and Whitney find themselves working on opposite sides of a hot-button political issue. Whitney's dad, developer Henry Crane, tries to raze Sedgewick's, a local landmark with significance to Laura and her late husband. Meanwhile, Caseman confides in his sponsor, Jimmy McLean, that he can't stand being alone since his recent break-up -- then finds himself reconnecting with ex-wife, Christine -- and Damian is attracted to his client's girlfriend.

  • Whitney and Carlos are on the hunt for new apartments, and Carlos, Anya and Caseman's lives change when a friend from the past returns. Meanwhile Whitney has a rebound affair with Todd, which she struggles to keep casual, Laura meets a new man through the connecting power of the Internet, and Mae and Carlos have trouble defining their relationship -- and someone winds up getting hurt.

  • Laura gets her first date since her husband died. It begins well, but when she and Andrew visit a gallery opening, Laura is shocked to discover a photo that Caseman took of her weeping on her front stoop as part of the exhibit. Meanwhile, Whitney is horrified to learn that her ex-fiancĂ©, Roy, has acquired one of her clients, which forces her to work with the man who broke her heart, and Carlos learns Damian's secret about the shooting.

  • Damian proposes to Regina but still won't be honest about his criminal past as they look to the future. Caseman finally gets a chance to spend quality time with his son, Max, but Whitney offers him the job of a lifetime, which forces him to reassess his priorities. Meanwhile, Laura receives a promotion with some big strings attached.

  • Damian reveals to Carlos what he knows about Mae and her past, but in the meantime, she prepares to run away from the place she's called home. Laura supports Whitney through her transition by attending her big work party -- a masquerade called the Monster Ball. Caseman gets a chance to prove himself as a father to Max, but an unexpected situation leads to him failing.

  • While the city is beset by the Puncher, a rogue criminal who punches total strangers and runs, Whitney plans her wedding. Meanwhile Laura wonders whether her friendship with Whitney can survive telling her the truth about Roy; Carlos and Mae go on a double date to a karaoke bar with Damian and Regina, and Damian realizes Mae's connection to him; and Caseman meets with his son and ex-wife and learns that there are more complications to his new life than he originally thought.

  • Attorney Carlos Greene goes to meet his newest court-appointed client Mae, after her exhibition down Broadway.

  • A dangerous girl with a past she is hiding from has one of those moments where everything seems to real and so important that you just have to enjoy life. Hopping onto a garbage truck and taking off all her clothes screaming at the top of her lungs, happy to be alive, Mae starts a chain of events that will forever affect her and five strangers for the rest of their lives...

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