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This makeover series follows the trials and tribulations of a group of people who have lost lots of weight and now are faced with the problem of excess skin. The series walks them through high-tech surgical procedures that will, hopefully, help their skin fit their new bodies.

Skin Tight is a Reality series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (33 episodes). The series first aired on January 7, 2016. It has moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 6.8.

Skin Tight is available for streaming on the TLC website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Skin Tight on demand at Pluto TV Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, TLC, Google Play, iTunes, Pluto TV online.

Wednesday 10:00 PM et/pt on TLC
3 Seasons, 33 Episodes
January 7, 2016
Cast: Camille Cash, Tim Bauer, Lauana Paradine
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Skin Tight Full Episode Guide

  • Season 1 skin removal patients try to cope with life one year after undergoing near total body transformations. Have they embraced their new figures or have they struggled to maintain their newly sculpted bodies?

  • Featuring some formerly obese individuals that have undergone agonizing surgeries to remove their excess skin, as they weather the highs and lows of their prominent body transformations.

  • Carlynda needs two full knee replacements but doctors won't perform surgery until the skin is gone; after extreme weight loss and marrying the love of her life, Karen is ready start a family, but her excess skin is in the way.

  • Rafael lost more than 500 pounds through diet and exercise, but his excess skin is a huge hindrance on his life and progress; and Anna lost 330 pounds, but her low self-esteem is holding her back from being the mother she wants to be.

  • Marranda found solace in food and her weight ballooned; and Jannet's excess skin is keeping her from meeting a life partner.

  • Tamika found a partner she's happy with, but feels uncomfortable due to her excess skin; and Emily blames herself for her son's weight gain.

  • Ronnie and Michael Robinette are thriving to live the life they've work so hard for, but their extra skin is in their way; and at 64, Renee's excess skin inhibits her from enjoying her relationship and expressing her true self in public.

  • Autumn's excess skin from her major weight loss holds her back from quality time with her son. Cody always pretended to be happy when he was 500 lbs, but after losing the weight, he is covered in skin and is sick of pretending.

  • Rebecca lost her weight to be more active with her young son, but the plan backfired because she's now trapped in her excess skin. After his dad died, Sal dropped a ton of weight, but with all the excess skin, he fears he will never become a dad.

  • Mikki became a fitness fanatic, but the weight loss left her with a lot of sagging skin. Denise's sagging skin still hinders her from fitting in with her outgoing family.

  • Shantel needs to get rid of her excess skin to gain the confidence she needs to set a positive example for her daughter. Hope, once over 300 pounds, has an obsession with weight loss that could make her too unhealthy to have skin removal surgery.

  • Linda is hoping skin-removal surgery will give her the self-esteem she needs to be an amazing role model to her daughters; Angel hates her extra skin because it's turning her into an introvert around her family, but hopes surgery will boost her confidence.

  • Antonia lost 190 lbs and Natasha lost almost 300 lbs, but their excess skin proves to be a struggle for them both.

  • In the Season 3 premiere, Stephanie and her mom, Darcy, lost a combined weight of 320 pounds and hope to both be approved for life-changing skin-removal surgery; and BJ overcame drug and food addiction to lose a staggering 350 pounds only to be left with his body covered in loose excess skin.

  • Part 1 check-in with some of our Season 2 formerly obese individuals that have undergone agonizing surgeries to remove over 100-lbs of excess skin. Now they must weather the highs and lows of their inspiring, and often unpredictable body transformations.

  • Sisters, Jessica & Melissa are left with massive excess hanging skin after growing up morbidly obese. Matt lost everything he cherished from being over 625-lbs, but after losing a lot of the weight, his excess skin is keeping him from returning to life.

  • Mary hopes skin removal surgery will rid her of the painful memories of her obese life; after a car accident, Lora goes through recovery, obesity and gastric bypass surgery, but gets left with stretched skin and terrible scars.

  • Annette, who was once 650-lbs, lost over half of her body weight, but her excess skin is a painful reminder of years of an overeating addiction. Callisto lost 250-lbs and became a model but the shame of her loose skin put her passion and marriage on hold.

  • Sarah found comfort in food during her troubling childhood, but her 220-lb weight loss left her with painful sagging skin. At 500-lbs, Roger overcame a challenging life to raise his children but his 300-lb weight loss gave him restricting excess skin.

  • Kylie, who reached 321-lbs by age 18, had a weight loss surgery leaving her with a life-threatening infection. Now she's 21 and 150-lbs lighter, but she's covered in excess skin. Anna lost 250-lbs, but fears her extra skin makes her look unprofessional.

  • After her husband suddenly passes away, Jenae reaches 512 pounds, but her excess skin hides her weight loss; Julie's excess skin provides a constant reminder of her obesity and how it damaged her marriage.

  • Brenda lost 260-lbs, but her excess skin is forcing her to lose her marriage. Mellisa's past relationship with food landed her at 307-lbs, but her 180-lb weight loss left her with loose skin which is affecting her relationship with her daughters.

  • Holly lost 200lbs after a life of abuse, but now skin floods from her waistline and keeps her from the wedding of her dreams. With diet and exercise alone, Mark lost 254lbs in 2 years, but a health scare could affect his upcoming skin removal surgery.

  • Megan lost 245-lbs after being bullied in high school, but is still constantly tormented when she sees her dramatic loose skin in the mirror. Ashley, who was once a 400-lb college student, lost 220-lbs but gained excess skin that leaves her in pain.

  • Julie lost 178-lbs, but now her globs of excess skin, cause her to recoil from even the touch of her children. Andrew shed 300-lbs spending every spare moment in the gym and is now engulfed in empty skin that's killing his dream of body-building.