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  • TV-PG
  • 2017
  • 2 Seasons
  • 7.9  (554)

Spy in the Wild is a groundbreaking nature documentary television series that aired on BBC One in 2017. Narrated by David Tennant, the show takes viewers on a thrilling journey into the secret lives of wild animals. The series revolves around the use of specially designed animatronic spy cameras, designed to look like real animals, to infiltrate animal communities and capture intimate footage of their lives. This allows viewers to see animals in a way that has never been possible before - up close and personal. The cameras are designed to blend in with the environment seamlessly and mimic the behavior of real animals, allowing them to blend in perfectly with the communities they are observing.

The first episode of the series takes us deep into the heart of the jungle in Borneo where we get to observe the behavior of the majestic Orangutan. The series introduces the world-renowned primatologist Birute Galdikas as she sets out to uncover the secret lives of Orangutans. To achieve this, she enlists the help of the spy cameras to infiltrate the community and blend in with the animals.

The cameras are disguised as baby orangutans, and it takes some time for them to be accepted into the community. But once they are, the footage captured is truly remarkable. The viewer gets to observe these incredible animals in their natural habitat, as they climb and swing through the trees, eat and sleep, and interact with one another. The footage captured by the spy cameras is truly breathtaking and gives us an insight into the amazing world of these primates.

Throughout the series, the animatronic spy cameras are used to infiltrate a wide range of animal communities, including lions in the savannah, meerkats in the desert, and dolphins in the sea. Each episode provides a fascinating insight into the world of these animals, and the use of the spy cameras allows us to see them as we never have before.

One of the most impressive things about Spy in the Wild is the technology behind the animatronic spy cameras. The team behind the series spent months designing and building the cameras, which are so realistic that they are able to fool even the most experienced members of the animal communities they are observing. The cameras are designed to be robust enough to withstand the rough and tumble of life in the wild, and to be able to capture high-quality footage in a range of different conditions.

But the cameras are not just there to provide entertainment for viewers. They also provide invaluable insights into the lives of these animals, helping researchers to better understand their behavior and to protect them from threats such as habitat loss and poaching. The footage captured by the cameras has helped researchers to discover new information about the way that animals communicate, socialize, and interact with one another.

The series also highlights the threats that many of these animals face in the wild. Throughout each episode, viewers are reminded of the importance of habitat conservation and the need to protect these incredible animals from extinction. By shining a light on the lives of animals that are often overlooked or misunderstood, Spy in the Wild helps to raise awareness about the importance of protecting our planet's wildlife.

In conclusion, Spy in the Wild is a fascinating and educational series that provides a unique insight into the lives of some of the world's most incredible animals. With David Tennant's captivating narration, stunning footage, and groundbreaking technology, the series is a must-watch for nature lovers everywhere.

Spy in the Wild is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (12 episodes). The series first aired on February 1, 2017.

Spy in the Wild
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The Poles
4. The Poles
February 19, 2020
The Spy Creatures travel to the lands of ice and snow beyond the Arctic and Antarctic circles. From penguin chicks to elephant seals, wolf cubs to polar bears, this episode showcases the hardiest and most charismatic animals in the polar world.
The Islands
3. The Islands
February 12, 2020
The Spy Creatures explore the islands of the Southern Seas. In these isolated places, far from the mainland, some of the most unique animals on earth have evolved. On the Galapagos Islands, Spy Iguana joins marine iguanas as they bask on ancient lava, before cliff-diving into the sea below. Lavacam films battling females as they fight over the best nesting spots and Spy Iguana joins them as they comically spray snot, a technique that removes sea salt from their bodies. On Christmas Island, red crabs emerge from their burrows following the monsoon rains. Spy Crab walks with them as they unite as an army and march to the sea. On the way, they tackle barriers that in the past they would never have encountered: high metal fences and busy roads. When they finally arrive, they perform a victory dance that shakes their thousands of eggs into the ocean. On Kangaroo Island, Spy Koala films some of the most extraordinary koala behavior ever recorded, capturing the action-packed breeding behavior of these normally slow-moving animals. It even captures males fighting in the treetops - a surprisingly noisy and aggressive affair! Off the tip of South Africa lies Seal island, home to 60,000 cape fur seals who come ashore to raise their pups. Spy Seal Pup is right in their midst as they quarrel for space before leaping into the sea to play. Rottnest Island, off the south west coast of Australia, is home to one of the most photogenic creatures in the world - the quokka. These small furry marsupials are relatives of kangaroos and wallabies, and Spy Quokka is here to investigate how these cute animals raise their young. The infamous Komodo Island is the setting for one of the most dramatic Spy scenes yet. It's the breeding season for the massive Komodo dragons and the three-meter-long males are on the hunt for females. In scenes reminiscent of Jurassic Park, males fight over this female until one of the huge reptiles is pinned to the ground. All the while, Spy Pig has been filming.
The North
2. The North
January 29, 2020
The Spy Creatures travel to the temperate lands north of the tropics where life is governed by the rhythm of the seasons. In the spectacular snow-covered mountains of Japan, Spy Macaque records how snow monkeys bathe and socialize at steaming hot thermal pools. In the cool mountains of Mexico, Spy Hummingbird takes us into the heart of what must be the world's most beautiful natural gathering as billions of spectacular monarch butterflies overwinter.
The Tropics
1. The Tropics
January 22, 2020
Our Spy Creatures investigate the extraordinary wildlife that thrives in the tropics and the events and gatherings that happen across the year. For the first time, our Spy Creatures record how gorillas sing when they are enjoying their meals, and in a comical moment they experience the noisy after-effects of their vegetarian diet. In Brazil, Spy Jaguar Cub explores a beautiful gathering of water birds, capybara and caiman and joins Spy Caiman to film a feeding frenzy as its wild counterparts go fishing. In Costa Rica, Spy Turtle and Spy Vulture gain an insider's view of the spectacular turtle arribada as thousands jostle for a place on the beach to lay their eggs. In Zambia, Spy Hippo takes us into the heart of a hippo pod, and is too close for comfort as it films a dramatic fight. Spy Dolphin and a host of other Spy Creatures, such as Spy Monkey, Spy Sloth and Spy Macaw, take us into the mysterious world of the Amazon's flooded forest, and in northern Australia, Spy Bat becomes immersed in a nursery of little red flying foxes and joins them on the wing as they risk getting snapped up by hungry fresh water crocodiles. Spy Orangutan returns to Borneo to investigate the extraordinary bulbous-nosed proboscis monkey and some curious orangutans. In incredible scenes, Spy Baby Elephant uncovers the secret world of pygmy forest elephants, and in a thrilling finale, Spy Penguin and Spy Seal join Humboldt penguins as they bravely navigate thousands of angry sea lions as they try to return to their hungry chicks.
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Spy in the Wild is available for streaming on the BBC One website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Spy in the Wild on demand at Amazon, Vudu, Google Play and Apple TV.
  • Premiere Date
    February 1, 2017
  • IMDB Rating
    7.9  (554)