Super Fetch

When it comes to this series, the title says it all. I'm sure you have heard of the dog whisperer, right? Well, this show isn't far off from that. Super Fetch is about a man who is able to show you how to properly train your dog so they can be well behaved and learn all different kinds of unique tricks. If you have a dog that misbehaves, or you just want to teach your dog a few new things, this is a series you definitely will want to watch.

Animal Planet
1 Season, 20 Episodes
October 3, 2009
Super Fetch

Super Fetch Full Episode Guide

  • Will teaches his dog Kaia to retrieve a golf ball from the water hazard and place it on the green/Karen teaches her dog to shepherd children into a minivan.

  • Marlen teaches her dog Louis to steal the boy of her choice's laundry at the laundromat/Mark teaches his dog how to pitch a tent and collect firewood.

  • Jim teaches his dog Roscoe to be his assistant soccer coach/Desi teaches her Bernese Mountain Dog to be the hostess with the "most-est."

  • Seanbaker teaches his Yellow Lab to fetch ice cream from the ice cream truck/Randy tries to teach his dog to clean up his bachelor pad.

  • Mitch teaches his Boxer to clear plates off the table/A handyman teaches his Staffordshire Bull Terrier to fetch him specific tools out of his toolbox.

  • Evan teaches his dog Rufus to fetch him a cold beer from the fridge/Craig teaches his dog Miles to retrieve tennis balls and help him practice.

  • Hilary teaches her dog to fetch her dry cleaning / Nicole teaches her dog to untie the lines and pull in the bumper on her boat.

  • Jen teaches her Puggle to find the remote whenever her husband misplaces it / Ed teaches his dog, Mable, to jump on his back to impress girls.

  • Cheron enlists the help of her dog, Bentley, to help her mother lose weight / Ryan teaches his Boston Terrier to scratch records and steal the show!

  • Amanda and Nelson teach their dog how to usher in the guests at their wedding/Andy teaches his dog Karma to fetch him a tamale at the beach.

  • Matt teaches his dog to deliver beer to women and steal their towels at the beach./Jeff teaches his dog Dexter to fetch an engagement ring when he pops the question to his girlfriend.

  • Seamus teaches his dog Logan a nearly impossible dance routine. Sam teaches her dog to ride a bicycle.

  • Lindsey teaches her dog to make breakfast for her husband. Casey teaches her Australian Cattle Dog to feed her horses.

  • Toby teaches his dog Sasha to fetch a diaper. / Jackie teaches her Weimaraner to pay the delivery guy and the fetch the pizza.

  • Dorothy teaches her Australian Shepherd Mix to make the bed / A newly married couple teaches their Border Collie a show-stopping trick.

  • A want-to-be Casanova teaches his dog to fetch him ladies' phone numbers/ Beth teaches her dog to help with the chores and take out the garbage

  • Joanne teaches her dog how to steal her husband's alarm clock so he doesn't hit the snooze button/A hairdresser teaches his French Bulldog to fetch aprons and magazines

  • Kim trains her cuddly Bernese Mountain Dog to put down the toilet seat and flush the toilet / Anne teaches her Cocker Spaniel, Oliver, to grab items out of her purse when her nails are wet.

  • Evan teaches his dog Brumby to bowl/James teaches his dog Steve to bartend and pull pints for all.

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