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  • 1949
  • 6 Seasons
  • 7.5  (347)

Suspense was a popular radio drama show that was broadcasted on CBS from 1942 to 1962. It was one of the longest-running shows on the radio during its time, and later in 1949, it made its first television appearance. The television series of Suspense starred popular actors like Rex Marshall, Robert Emhardt, and Robert H. Harris, who were known for their exceptional performances on screen.

Suspense was a thriller and suspense series that kept audiences on edge with its plot twists, turns, and unexpected endings. Each episode was based on a different story, ranging from murder mysteries, espionage, horror, and science fiction. The show's signature style was to keep the viewers guessing until the very end, building up tension with its carefully crafted plot and well-designed scenes.

The lead host of the show was Rex Marshall, who played a critical role in keeping the audience engaged. His voice was soothing and confident, and he would introduce each episode with an air of mystery and intrigue. He was often seen delivering a monologue to the viewers, setting the scene for the upcoming story. He would describe the characters and their background in such a way that it would transport the audience into the story's world, making it feel like they were a part of it.

The show was famous for its visual and sound effects, which added to the suspense of the episodes. The scenes were often shot in dimly lit areas, using a combination of camera angles and lighting to create a tense atmosphere. The sound effects were used cleverly to create eerie and haunting sounds, which would add to the drama and heighten the tension of the scene.

One of the highlights of the show was the exceptional performances of the actors. Each episode featured top-notch actors who were carefully selected for their particular roles. Robert Emhardt and Robert H. Harris gave some of the most memorable performances, playing sinister and devious characters with perfect professionalism.

The show became an instant hit with the public, and its popularity continued to grow over time. Its unique style of storytelling and expert direction helped it stand out from other similar shows. The producers of the show often took older radio scripts and adapted them for television, breathing new life into old stories.

Suspense continued to air on CBS till 1954, and during this time, it produced over 260 episodes. The show's popularity began to wane in the mid-1950s, and it was eventually replaced by other programs. However, it remains a cult favorite among fans who enjoy the thrill of a well-crafted suspense story.

In conclusion, Suspense was a landmark show that set the standard for suspense and thriller series on television. Its expert combination of visual and sound effects, clever direction, and excellent acting performances made it a memorable show that captured the audience's imagination. To this day, it remains a classic example of superior story-telling that continues to inspire new generations of show-makers.

Suspense is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (261 episodes). The series first aired on April 26, 1949.

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Barn Burning
50. Barn Burning
August 17, 1954
A mentally incapacitated war hero seeks revenge against society.
The Iron Cop
49. The Iron Cop
August 10, 1954
A policeman's niece is murdered. He resolves to find the killer but has to pit his wits against an "electronic brain" to do so.
The Last Stand
48. The Last Stand
August 3, 1954
A would-be recluse's best friend discovers gold on his land. He realizes his only security is his friend's death, but he is thwarted in the effort of murder by some fast-traveling news.
Main Feature: Death
47. Main Feature: Death
July 27, 1954
A woman gets locked in movie theater by mistake and encounters a pair of killers who break in to rob the safe.
Once a Killer
46. Once a Killer
July 20, 1954
A woman's faith in a hoodlum is destroyed when the police prevail upon her to get him to surrender.
Conversation at an Inn
45. Conversation at an Inn
July 13, 1954
A bicyclist makes up fantastic tales of murder on "clues" she finds along her rides. When she finds a shoe and a lighter, she tells an elaborate tale that turns out to be very close to the truth.
The Girl in Car Thirty-Two
44. The Girl in Car Thirty-Two
July 6, 1954
An investigator puts his life in danger after he falls for the woman he is tailing.
The Hunted
43. The Hunted
June 29, 1954
An unethical hunter is caught shooting a tame animal on a wildlife preserve. The game warden delivers an unexpected punishment: three bullets and a ten minute head start.
42. String
June 22, 1954
Thirty men in a secret unit, started by President Roosevelt during World War II, are captured and tortured at the Belsen concentration camp before escaping.
The Pistol Shot
41. The Pistol Shot
June 15, 1954
An Army Captain wants revenge on a fellow officer in 19th century Russia. The young Captain has bested him in cards and love.
North Side
40. North Side
June 8, 1954
The true story of the workings of a New York homicide squad as it goes about the solution of a brutal murder.
Race Against Murder
39. Race Against Murder
June 1, 1954
A young doctor leaves his practice to find a cure for polio after watching his patients suffer.
38. Fingerprint
May 25, 1954
Dramatization of the true story of Alfonse Bertillon, who was chief of the Identification Bureau during the early 20th century in Paris. His inventions and techniques changed the way police gathered evidence in criminal investigations.
37. Breakout
May 18, 1954
A prison riot breaks out and a guard is taken hostage. The inmates want the keys to the main gate in exchange for the guard.
Operation: Nightmare
36. Operation: Nightmare
May 11, 1954
A dramatization of the heroics of nurse Ann Bernatitus during the Battle of Bataan.
35. Smoke
May 4, 1954
The two sons of a disgusting and destructive old man stand to benefit as a result of his violent death.
The Terror Begins
34. The Terror Begins
April 27, 1954
The story of how Stalin held a grip on the Russian people after assassinating S.M. Kirov.
The Return Journey
33. The Return Journey
April 20, 1954
A window washer is tempted by an unguarded amount of money and realizes the error in his judgment all too soon.
Operation: Barracuda
32. Operation: Barracuda
April 13, 1954
Operation:Barracuda is a 1954 TV episode or short film directed by Robert Mulligan. "The heartless captain of a German u-boat crashes his vessel along the Atlantic coast at the close of WWII. Only the captain and his lieutenant escape the sinking vessel containing the personal fortune of Nazi leader Herman Goering. After eight years, the captain returns to salvage the loot and tries to recruit his former shipmate in the effort." - Episode Summary from
31. Torment
March 30, 1954
Behind the Iron Curtain, a condemned prisoner's wife tries to save him by appealing to an old friend, the police chief.
The Tenth Reunion
30. The Tenth Reunion
March 23, 1954
A college reunion crowd discover that one of the gang has been missing since graduation. Those present have had reasons to do away with her.
The Fourth Degree
29. The Fourth Degree
March 16, 1954
A psychiatrist makes a weird experiment in a last ditch attempt to get a key witness in a homicide case to talk.
Before the Act
28. Before the Act
March 9, 1954
A young bank official is the intended scapegoat of a carefully designed plan to rob the vault of $100,000.
I Do Solemnly Swear
27. I Do Solemnly Swear
March 2, 1954
The story of the first woman juror in the United States, in 1870 in Laramie, Wyoming.
Death on the Screen
26. Death on the Screen
February 23, 1954
A frantic wife sits by her TV set, watching a public dinner where a deranged man is getting ready to kill her husband.
The Execution
25. The Execution
February 16, 1954
Her son's heroic death in battle unseals the lips of a mother about a 10-year-old tragedy involving her brutal husband.
The Moonstone
24. The Moonstone
February 9, 1954
A precious stone taken from India is coveted by many parties.
The Man Who Wouldn't Talk
23. The Man Who Wouldn't Talk
February 2, 1954
A drama based on the hoax of Canadian George DuPre, who claimed service in the French underground as a British intelligence officer during World War II.
An Affair With a Ghost
22. An Affair With a Ghost
January 26, 1954
A dead French underground leader returns to save a band of hostages when a Nazi collaborator goes back on his promise.
The Haunted
21. The Haunted
January 19, 1954
The second wife of a ski-lodge owner suspects her husband of the murder of his first wife.
The Scrap Iron Curtain
20. The Scrap Iron Curtain
January 12, 1954
The true story of Baclav Uhlik, a Czech machinist who built an armored car and last July transported his wife, two children and four friends 40 miles through the Bohemian forests to the town of Waldmeunchen in the western zone of Germany.
Diamonds in the Sky
19. Diamonds in the Sky
January 5, 1954
A gang of smugglers, diamonds and a beautiful woman add up to trouble for the pilot on a trans-Atlantic flight.
Mr. Nobody
18. Mr. Nobody
December 29, 1953
A wealthy, vicious woman turns a goodhearted but naive tramp into a pawn in her evil plans.
The Gift of Fear
17. The Gift of Fear
December 22, 1953
A little boy in a department store and a night watchman who likes toys better than people are featured in this odd Christmas tale.
Cagliostro and the Chess Player
16. Cagliostro and the Chess Player
December 15, 1953
A dramatization based on the life of the 18th Century Italian magician, Count Alessandro di Cagliostro. The cunning magician inveigles King Stanislaus into a chess game with his mechanical genius. That, in the end, becomes his downfall.
Day Never Came
15. Day Never Came
December 8, 1953
In 1948 Shanghai, an accused spy is jailed at an American Marine station. Sure that his fiance is the reason for his arrest, the prisoner plans to escape, murder her, and then return to his cell.
Laugh It Off
14. Laugh It Off
December 1, 1953
Amusement park worker takes a young couple hostage.
My Short Walk to Freedom
13. My Short Walk to Freedom
November 24, 1953
Man seeks divorce but wife will keep savings.
The Newcomer
12. The Newcomer
November 17, 1953
A story of a brash stranger in a small Western town who changes his ways when arrested for the murder of a local belle.
Needle in a Haystack
11. Needle in a Haystack
November 10, 1953
Soviet athlete during cold war escapes while at Olympics.
The Interruption
10. The Interruption
November 3, 1953
An English gentleman gloats over the murder of his wife only to learn that his evil housekeeper knows his secret.
The Others
9. The Others
October 27, 1953
Two army officers fight bizarre duel over young woman.
The Valley of the Kings
8. The Valley of the Kings
October 20, 1953
Trader in Polynesia marries a cursed princess. Murder them both to break curse?
The Accounting
7. The Accounting
October 13, 1953
The story of a corrupt supply captain, son of an illustrious military hero, and a fiercely loyal major who challenges him to a duel to preserve the family's honor.
Death at Skirkerud Pond
6. Death at Skirkerud Pond
October 6, 1953
Rich dowager seemingly dies of heart attack at estate of her nephew.
The Sisters
5. The Sisters
September 29, 1953
After shopping for her own casket and picking one for her future use, a woman returns home to her naive younger sister. The young woman refuses to believe her older sister's proclamations that she's mentally unbalanced. The truth is, the elder sister is jealous of her engagement.
The Riddle of Mayerling
4. The Riddle of Mayerling
September 22, 1953
Lonely widower followed home by two tough thugs.
The Darkest Night
3. The Darkest Night
September 15, 1953
Murder and blackmail ruin a bride-to-be's bridal shower.
Reign of Terror
2. Reign of Terror
September 8, 1953
Comic strip writer who owns her character is murdered.
Paradise Junction
1. Paradise Junction
September 1, 1953
Two men after same woman receive lethal candy.
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  • Premiere Date
    April 26, 1949
  • IMDB Rating
    7.5  (347)