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This anthology series, which was adapted from a radio program of the same name, presented stories in the genres of mystery, thriller and horror. Each episode featured a different story, and they were performed live in a studio in New York City. The series was broadcast on CBS from 1949 to 1954.

Suspense is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (261 episodes). The series first aired on April 26, 1949.

Where do I stream Suspense online? Suspense is available for streaming on CBS, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Suspense on demand at Amazon Prime online.

6 Seasons, 261 Episodes
April 26, 1949
Classic, Crime, Mystery
Cast: Rex Marshall
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Suspense Full Episode Guide

  • Dramatization of the true story of Alfonse Bertillon, who was chief of the Identification Bureau during the early 20th century in Paris. His inventions and techniques changed the way police gathered evidence in criminal investigations.

  • In 1948 Shanghai, an accused spy is jailed at an American Marine station. Sure that his fiance is the reason for his arrest, the prisoner plans to escape, murder her, and then return to his cell.

  • Amusement park worker takes a young couple hostage.

  • Man seeks divorce but wife will keep savings.

  • Soviet athlete during cold war escapes while at Olympics.

  • Two army officers fight bizarre duel over young woman.

  • Trader in Polynesia marries a cursed princess. Murder them both to break curse?

  • Rich dowager seemingly dies of heart attack at estate of her nephew.

  • After shopping for her own casket and picking one for her future use, a woman returns home to her naive younger sister. The young woman refuses to believe her older sister's proclamations that she's mentally unbalanced. The truth is, the elder sister is jealous of her engagement.

  • Lonely widower followed home by two tough thugs.

  • Comic strip writer who owns her character is murdered.

  • Two men after same woman receive lethal candy.

  • Man plots for his wife to be a test dummy at A-Bomb blast site.

  • Engineer accompanies shipment of lathes to Vienna.

  • A serial killer is on the loose in 1946 London with five victims so far. Elderly Mrs. Thompson rents a room to a secretive young Tim Matthews and is convinced he's the murderer. She calls police after discovering a knife in his room. Meanwhile, Tim has taken a young woman he's obsessed with on a picnic in the country. Having been discharged from the Royal Air Force for physical reasons, he's insanely jealous of her former boyfriend, a strapping man who had served during the war.

  • Private detective pursues clue to missing person he was once engaged to.

  • A man who was wrongly convicted the first time is committing a real crime. He holds up a tax office and takes the money and gives it to his girlfriend and sends her off to Florida.

  • Mutiny on rusty steamer to get valuable diamond.

  • Woman spies in pre-WW2 Berlin and falls in love with Nazi.

  • A man arriving at an airport is abducted by two thugs and taken to a boarding house. There, he is forced to put his fingerprints on several items and is knocked unconscious. The kidnappers then leave him there with the gas stove turned on.

  • Police investigate an arsonist for money.

  • In 1850s, police detective wonders about wealth of retired commissioner of police.

  • In 1880s London, Mr. Markheim stabs to death a pawnbroker whose wealth he has long envied. Markheim says he intends take some of the businessman's riches, marry, and become a saintly man. An otherworldly visitor who knows Markheim intimately informs him that he will never change his evil ways and therefore should kill again.

  • Detective hired to guard valuable painting � that is stolen.

  • Ex-con pulled back into crime by girlfriend.

  • A killer hides out with his wartime buddy, unaware that his buddy is now a cop.