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  • 2021
  • 1 Season
  • 7.6  (24)

"Table Wars" represents HGTV's thrilling venture into the captivating world of tablescaping—a three-dimensional art form that blends practicality and beauty on the dining table. Premiering in 2021, this reality television series plunges viewers into the anarchic fun of competitive tablescaping, where an eye for detail, creativity, and quick thinking are the essential qualities that secure victory.

Channeling the style and dynamism of HGTV's other popular competition shows, "Table Wars" provides a new, boundary-pushing format that captivates viewers with its spectacle of elegance and its showcase of craftsmanship. The exhilaration of heated competition is uniquely amalgamated with an aura of opulence and design sophistication that makes this show a standout in HGTV's programming lineup.

"Table Wars" is hosted by Martha Stewart, the icon of style, beauty, and the domestic arts, further lending credibility and elegance to the show. The inclusion of Stewart adds an exciting layer to the series as she brings not just her undeniably vast knowledge of style and aesthetics, but also her sense of humor and wit. Throughout the series, she offers her indispensable insights, critiques, and praises while guiding the competitors on their suspenseful journey.

The premise of the show is ingeniously simple: decorated tables for various event themes provided by HGTV. In each episode, a group of talented and competitive tablescape designers from across the country converge to contend for the title of the 'Ultimate Tablescaper.' These artists are pushed to their creative limits as they curate unique, imaginative, and breathtaking decorative displays encompassing everything – from centerpieces and table linens to flatware and glassware. The weekly challenges test not just their design acumen but also their capacity to think on their feet and adapt to unexpected twists.

The contestants' creations are scrutinized and evaluated by a team of renowned judges acclaimed for their design astuteness. The judging panel is a dazzling array of experienced professionals, ensuring that each decorated table undergoes a meticulous inspection to consider every minuscule detail. The competitors' offerings are evaluated based on their creativity, the use of the given theme, the practicality of the design, and its aesthetic allure.

"Table Wars" delivers a captivating interplay of creativity and competitiveness under the stringent time pressures. The thrill of competition is sharply punctuated with moments of raw emotion, camaraderie, and personal revelations that render an added layer of depth and relatability to the show. By divulging biographical sketches on each of its contestants, the series succeeds in creating a bond between the viewers and the contestants, causing the audience to invest in their journeys.

Moreover, on "Table Wars," the transformative journeys of the tables themselves serve as engaging narratives. Each episode gratifies the aesthetic senses by showcasing designs that are visually diverse and narratively compelling. Transitioning from bare tabletops to stunningly designed focal points, these courses of transformation provide inspiring eye-candy for viewers and design enthusiasts.

"Table Wars" keenly caters to HGTV's core audience of home design enthusiasts while extending an inviting hand to fans of competitive reality TV. It's a perfect amalgamation of entertainment and education for those who seek to recreate similar aesthetics within their dining areas or to gain inspiration for hosting events. The series is laden with tips, tricks, techniques, trends, and ideas that can be adapted by its viewers, making it an instructive guide on the art of tablescaping.

In conclusion, "Table Wars" manages to make a mark by offering a unique, innovative, and entertaining perspective on an often-underrated art form. It blends style, drama, and competition into a delightful viewing package. Furthermore, the essence of the show remains rooted in the belief that beauty can be created anywhere, even in the most ordinary spaces of our home, such as our dining table. The series is a celebration of creativity, aesthetics, and the joy of entertaining—an exquisite spectacle that draws viewers into a world that fuses artistry with practicality.

Table Wars is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (9 episodes). The series first aired on November 14, 2021.

Table Wars
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Fantasy Finale
6. Fantasy Finale
December 19, 2021
The three finalists create their most-epic tablescape yet: a fantasy-themed design that includes a special effect and unique party favors for 16 guests! Then, the judges decide who is worthy of the title Table Wars Champion and the $50,000 grand prize.
Party On the Move
5. Party On the Move
December 12, 2021
For the semi-finals, the competitors take a trip to the junkyard where they must use scraps to form a transportation-themed tablescape. Then, a surprise addition to the guest list forces all of the Table Warriors to go big or get sent home.
Nature Nuptials
4. Nature Nuptials
December 5, 2021
A nature-inspired wedding challenge has the remaining Table Warriors reaching deep into their bags of tricks. They aim to wow the judges with lush tablescapes and big risks, but one designer's unexpected interpretation leaves the judges skeptical.
3. Decades
November 28, 2021
The Table Warriors pair up for a "Quickscape" challenge where they must demonstrate finesse, precision and teamwork. Then, the designers create a tablescape inspired by a specific decade, but a surprise twist pits former partners against each other.
Winter Wonderland
2. Winter Wonderland
November 21, 2021
The competitors look for ways to stand out in their first individual main-event challenge as they create winter wonderland tablescapes. A last-minute curveball jeopardizes the designer's plans, and the party comes to an end for one of the Table Warriors.
Opposites Attract
1. Opposites Attract
November 14, 2021
Eight of the nation's top event designers must work in pairs to create an immersive dining experience that combines two opposite themes. Sparks fly as they try to reconcile their big ideas and even bigger personalities in order to avoid elimination.
The Dayside Table
101. The Dayside Table
November 18, 2021
Ursula Carmona focuses on bright, sunny colors and long-lasting florals for her take on this daytime-inspired tablescape.
Budget-Friendly Winter
102. Budget-Friendly Winter
November 21, 2021
Ursula Carmona demonstrates how to capture the magic (and sparkle!) of the winning design from HGTV's Table Wars, Winter Wonderland -- without breaking the budget.
Looks for Less: Art Deco
103. Looks for Less: Art Deco
November 28, 2021
Ursula Carmona demonstrates how to get the Gatsby glam without the Gatsby price tag.
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Table Wars is available for streaming on the HGTV website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Table Wars on demand at Apple TV.
  • Premiere Date
    November 14, 2021
  • IMDB Rating
    7.6  (24)