The Adam and Joe Show

The Adam and Joe Show is a sketch comedy show starring Adam Buxton and Joe Cornish.

In each episode, the comedians perform in a variety of skits including; Vinyl Justice and Toymovies. Viewers burst with laughter watching as the comedians perform their sketches.

Channel 4
4 Seasons, 23 Episodes
September 11, 1996
Cast: Adam Buxton, Joe Cornish, Nigel Buxton

The Adam and Joe Show Full Episode Guide

  • The final show in the series is a Top Ten TV Moments of All Time Special. It includes a toy version of Guy Ritchie's Snatch, BaaadDad goes on a TV presenter course, and People Place visits…

  • People Place descends on a leisure centre, Big Brother gets a Star Wars makeover, and Baaadad poses as a journalist at More magazine.

  • Shock TV Special includes a spoof of Eurotrash, The Urban Chaos Collective attempting black comedy in the style of Jam, and the toys doing Late Review.

  • People's Place comes from a service station, the 1980s house dabbles in moonwalking and gender-bending, and the toys show the fluffier side of Fight Club.

  • Featuring American Beautoy and spoof daytime show People Place. Meanwhile, Baaadad Undercover goes to London Fashion Week.

  • Baaadad delves into the murky world of youth culture - and meet the occupants of the 1980s house (a family living every detail of life as if it were the 80s).

  • The concluding part of the blockbuster Toytanic - will the stuffed toys meet a watery grave? Elsewhere, Adam and Joe pose as bogus chocolate marketeers, while the Vinyl Justice duo launch…

  • The stuffed toys star in their most ambitious production ever; Toytanic, the first of an epic two-parter. Meanwhile, the Vinyl Justice boys get ruthless with the weird and wonderful record…

  • The cuddly toy collection present their unique version of Stuffed Trek - The Toy Generation, while the Vinyl Justice Squad raid the record collection of Mark Morris from The Bluetones.

  • The Bard gets a stuffing in the toy movie of Shakespeare in Love and the Star Wars figures aim for talk-show domination in Jedi Springer. Meanwhile, the Vinyl Justice squad get ruthless…

  • Baaadad goes on a mission to the throbbing epicentre of youth culture, Ibiza, and the cuddly toys star in Ally McSqueel.

  • The Toy Movies return with Saving Private Lion, the war epic as you've never seen it before, and the Vinyl Justice Squad return to raid the record collection of The Fall's Mark E Smith.