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This animated series tells the story of the people who live in a different dimension in a World where dreams can become a reality. Overseen by The Dream Maker the lives of those on the good side of the planet are protected from the evil lord of nightmares by an army of flying beings who keep evil dreams at bay. Rufus, who struggles to keep his dreams out of his everyday life becomes The Dream Maker's assistant and embarks on a series of adventures that pit him against the Lord of Nightmares followers.

4 Seasons, 51 Episodes
September 25, 1990
Animation & Cartoons, Children
Cast: Jacqueline Clarke, Melvyn Hayes, Nancy Hendry, Gary Martin
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The Dreamstone Full Episode Guide

  • In order to freshen up the troops, Blob orders them to swim in the Sea of Destruction, but this soon puts them into direct contact with the Urpjaws, a new, mechanical shark created by UrpgorMeanhwile, a meteor shower hits Planet Dreamstone, cracking it's energy supply cover, in order to repair the damage, The Dreammaker sends Rufus and Amberly into the Sea of Destruction to recover a special sand, but the Urpjaws lies in wait...

  • Urpgor has created a ship capable of transporting the entire Uprney army to the Land of Dreams, but a rare mineral is needed to power it, Zordrack sends Urpgor,Blob and his men to the nest of the mystical Jolly Bird, where the mineral is locatedHowever, Rufus, Amberly and Spildit are on thier way to the Jolly Bird's lair, hoping that a tickle from the Bird's feathers will cheer a saddened Spildit up, and soon a confrontation ensues which puts the Jolly Bird's eggs in terrible jeapordy..

  • Urpgor's niece, Urpip has arrived, and is immediatly used by her uncle in a devious scheme to enter the Land of Dreams using a new Noop suit he has designed.But Urpip wants to take the Dreamstone for herself and flees using one of Urpgor's submarines, disguised as a Noop, she begins causing trouble that even the real Noops find diffucult to deal with.

  • When one of Zordrack's earliest creations, Neemod, is unleashed again, determined to find The Dreamstone to use for his own purposes, Zordrack and The Dreamaker team up to stop him

  • Urpgor decides to retreive the Dreamstone himself rather than deploy Sgt. Blob and his bungling Uprneys, but even the scientest finds retreiving the Stone..."difficult"

  • When the Dreammaker's sunshine-collecting Mirror becomes drained, Rufus and Amberley take it to Mirror Lake to be restored, but they soon come across danger

  • The Urpneys attack the Bottle Tree Roots, home of the ferocious Wottles

  • Urpgor askes his Auntie for Time Crystals found on her homeworld of Tempus Fugit to use in an experiment to send The Urpneys back in time to snatch The Dreamstone when it is left unguarded.Blob, Frizz and Nug journey to the planet to collect the crystals, but they are followed into space by a curious Rufus and Amberly...

  • Urpgor sends The Urpneys into the Dreambeams being sent to every child on Earth, so that they can wrek havok within children's dreams

  • Zarag needs servants, to accomplish this, she creates obiediance drops to put every Noop they infect under her control

  • The Moon of Doom, a source of great evil, has returend to orbit, and should Zordrack get his hands on it, he will be able to spread even more terrifying and unstoppable nightmares into the world.

  • When Urpgor creates a tractor beam to use in an attempt to capture the Dreamstone, he realises he needs more electric eggs to power the device.The only mammal to produce such Eggs is the Battery Fish, so Blob and his men are deployed to capture it, Albert and Spildit come to the rescue, and the Battery Fish develops strong feelings for Albert during thier battle....

  • Zordrack and the Urpneys become trapped on the Nightmare Planet following the destruction of Viltheed in "Return of the Nightmare Stone", now they must find a way to return and rebuild thier palaceRufus and Amberly meanwhile are looking after Amberly's cousin, with disastrous consequences

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