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  • 2014
  • 2 Seasons
  • 7.3  (135)

The Furchester Hotel is a spin off of the successful Elmo series of shows, in this series Elmo and Cookie Monster make regular appearances at the hotel owned by the Furchester Fuzz family of monsters. Each episode sees a different guest appearing at the hotel who is in need of some help to solve a problem they have and try to hide from the monsters working at the hotel.

The Furchester Hotel
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A Pumpkin's Halloween
51. A Pumpkin's Halloween
October 28, 2017
It's Halloween and the Hotel Pumpkin is there to greet the trick-or-treaters, but when Elmo and Phoebe discover that he's never been trick or treating, they decide to take him with them. But they discover that it is easier said than done!
Music Mayhem
50. Music Mayhem
August 3, 2017
Funella has double booked some instruments to play to the guests during mealtimes, but the instruments don't get along and when they play together, they make such terrible music that it causes the diners to leave.
Claudia the Crab
49. Claudia the Crab
August 2, 2017
Claudia the Crab checks into the hotel and keeps accidentally pinching people. The Furchesters need to find a way to put her pinching to good use!
Hide and Seek
48. Hide and Seek
August 1, 2017
It's the World Hide and Seek Championships at the Furchester Hotel. Elmo practices hiding for the competition but keeps getting caught! Will the tips from his friends help him win?
The Fish in the Cape
47. The Fish in the Cape
July 31, 2017
A fish wearing a cape checks into the hotel, but his cape causes lots of accidents. The guests realize that if he takes it off it'll reveal that he is a shark!
The Woof Woof Games
46. The Woof Woof Games
July 28, 2017
At the annual Woof Woof Games, one of the dogs sprains his paw and his son takes his place. Can Elmo and Phoebe train the enthusiastic young pup to win the games?
Saved by a Bell
45. Saved by a Bell
July 27, 2017
Furgus is very excited with a new bell he bought which has the latest technology. The problem is that he can't find anywhere to put it!
The Wedding Cake Caper
44. The Wedding Cake Caper
July 26, 2017
There's a wedding at the Furchester Hotel and Gonger has made a large and beautiful cake. Can Phoebe and Furgus safely carry the cake to the garden?
The Munching Moths
43. The Munching Moths
July 25, 2017
A moth called Mr. Munch and his baby larvae check into the hotel and immediately holes start appearing in everyone's clothes at the hotel! The Furchesters need to find a way to stop the babies from eating all the fabric in the hotel and fast!
The Fairy Tale Festival
42. The Fairy Tale Festival
July 24, 2017
It's the Fairytale Festival at the Furchester Hotel and all the fairy-tale characters arrive to attend the Grand Ball, but when the Big Bad Wolf shows up everyone is scared that he will blow down the hotel!
The Leaky Room
41. The Leaky Room
April 14, 2017
A leak in the Aquarium Suite turns Harvey P Dull's room into a swimming pool! The Furchesters try to find ways to get the water out of his room and back in to the Aquarium Suite.
Gonger Goes
40. Gonger Goes
April 13, 2017
Gonger isn't happy because he doesn't feel appreciated for all his hard work, so he decides he's had enough and quits! The Furchesters try to figure out what's wrong and persuade him to stay.
The Fabulous Feathers
39. The Fabulous Feathers
April 12, 2017
It's Games Day at the Furchesters and a peacock wants to play, but every game they play almost ruffles his feathers, so he keeps changing the rules. Elmo and Phoebe put their furry heads together and find of a solution that'll make everyone happy.
Carla Chameleon
38. Carla Chameleon
April 11, 2017
Carla Chameleon checks into the hotel, but because she has a quiet voice and keeps blending into her surroundings, no-one knows where she is!
The 1,000th Guest
37. The 1,000th Guest
April 10, 2017
The Furchesters plan to give 1,000 cookies to their 1,000th guest. But two guests arrive at the same time! To determine a winner, they compete in increasingly ridiculous competitions.
The Furchester Fashion Show
36. The Furchester Fashion Show
April 7, 2017
There's a fashion show happening at the Furchester Hotel and the stars of the show are a pair of clean matching socks, but when the socks show up covered in mud, it becomes a catwalk catastrophe!
Monster Pox
35. Monster Pox
April 6, 2017
All the monsters at the Furchester Hotel come down with Monster Pox except Harvey P Dull who must manage the hotel by himself as well as help cure them.
Monkey Business
34. Monkey Business
April 5, 2017
The Furchesters turn the hotel into a jungle for their very demanding monkey guest, Mr. Ook Eek.
Great Grandmama
33. Great Grandmama
April 4, 2017
The guests are upset when Funella's dear Grandmama, the founder of the Furchester, starts making changes.
Give a Dog a Bone
32. Give a Dog a Bone
April 3, 2017
When Digby the dog loses his favourite squeaky toy bone, Phoebe and Elmo come up with creative ways to find it.
Ant Checks In / The Woolly Sisters
31. Ant Checks In / The Woolly Sisters
March 1, 2017
Furchesters try to find a room that's the right size for their ant guest, Mr. Antoine.
Changing Rooms
30. Changing Rooms
February 23, 2017
When Harvey P Dull complains about the wallpaper peeling off in his room, the Furchesters decide that it's time to give his room a full makeover, but Harvey likes his room the way that it is.
The Very Snowy Suite
29. The Very Snowy Suite
February 22, 2017
When a family of Snowballs checks in, the Furchesters must find a way keep them cold, while keeping the other guests warm.
The Babysitting Service
28. The Babysitting Service
February 21, 2017
The Furchester's Babysitting Service is put to the test when they look after a baby monster named Adrianna.
27. Furball
February 20, 2017
As soon as Furball, a bouncing furry ball, comes to the Furchester Hotel everyone wants to play a game of Furball. But when he goes missing, trying to find and catch him is easier said than done!
The Lamb Stampers
26. The Lamb Stampers
When two-thirds of the Lamb Stampers dance troupe fall ill, it's up to Phoebe and Elmo to fill in and learn the steps in time for the show!
Hotel Inspector
25. Hotel Inspector
It's perfectly chaotic at the Furchester the day a hotel inspector comes to visit. How can they possibly pass inspection with so many problems?
Lobby Race
24. Lobby Race
On the day of the annual Furchester Lobby Obstacle Race, Elmo's the only one brave enough to compete against Charlton the Champion.
Phoebe's Monster Doll
23. Phoebe's Monster Doll
There's a terrible problem at the Furchester when Elmo accidentally gives Phoebe's favorite monster toy to a guest -- a sleeping tiger!
22. Eggsitting
The Furchesters agree to watch Mr. and Mrs. Birdie's unhatched egg. But it's hard to keep "Junior" safe when the ceiling starts falling down.
Buried Treasure
21. Buried Treasure
Elmo and Phoebe join pirate guest Captain Metimbers on a hotel treasure hunt, following cryptic clues they find in hidden scrolls.
Mr. Dull's Chair Repair
20. Mr. Dull's Chair Repair
When Harvey P. Dull's favorite chair breaks -- again -- it's up to the Furchesters to keep him happy while it's sent out for repairs.
Hotel Helper
19. Hotel Helper
An overeager bunny assistant proves helpful at first. But when he starts taking over the hotel, the Furchesters can't get him to stop.
Nobody Has a Hat Like That
18. Nobody Has a Hat Like That
It's "Nobody Has a Hat Like That Day" at the Furchester, but Elmo's having trouble finding headgear that no one else has.
Monster Glue
17. Monster Glue
Funella and Furgus find themselves in a sticky situation when they use a super-strong Monster Glue to fix Harvey P. Dull's favorite chair.
The Lost Jacket
16. The Lost Jacket
While Phoebe and Elmo help a lost jacket named "Jackie" find her owner, Furgus and the owner are looking for Jackie.
Walking the Dog
15. Walking the Dog
Furgus begins walking dogs for the Furchester's new dog-walking service. But Mr. Waggington's pooch would rather play fetch than go for a walk.
Ripe 'n' Shine
14. Ripe 'n' Shine
Funella shows fruit guests Mr. Orange, Miss Grapes and Mr. Pineapple to the Furchester's new Fruit-Ripening Lounge. But it's hard to keep them happy.
The Blooming
13. The Blooming
Eager guests have gathered at the Furchester to see Miss Flora's beautiful foliage. But there's just one problem: She can't seem to bloom.
Wake Up Call
12. Wake Up Call
When Beaky the Rooster takes the day off, Funella has to deliver a wake-up crow so that Harvey P. Dull gets up on time.
Dinosaur in Room 223
11. Dinosaur in Room 223
Elmo discovers a dinosaur staying in Room 223. But the humongous herbivore is nowhere to be found when Funella and Phoebe come up to meet him.
Problem Parrot
10. Problem Parrot
It's noisier than usual at the Furchester when Ms. Twitcher's parrot, Monty, starts mimicking every woof, meow and monster noise.
Stubborn as a Donkey
9. Stubborn as a Donkey
Furgus asks a donkey to help him haul bags when the luggage trolley breaks. But problems arise when the donkey refuses to budge.
Sit Still Elmo
8. Sit Still Elmo
It's important to sit still and stop moving when someone's trying to paint your picture. The only problem is ... Elmo can't.
Repetitive Welcome Injury
7. Repetitive Welcome Injury
After doling out daily hugs to welcome her guests, Funella's arms get stuck in an open position and she can't put them down.
The Woolly Sisters
6. The Woolly Sisters
When identical sheep sisters check into the Furchester, Furgus and Funella think there's only one Ms. Woolly and get awfully confused.
Ant Checks In
5. Ant Checks In
Phoebe and Elmo search the Furchester to find the perfect room for Mr. Antoine, a tiny ant who needs a safe place to sleep.
Noisy Night
4. Noisy Night
It's a long, noisy night at the Furchester when some wolves check into the hotel and keep the other guests up with their howling.
Mooga Monster Tale
3. Mooga Monster Tale
When famed "Mooga Monster" writer Taylor Penworth checks in to work on her latest story, she gets great ideas from the hotel's noisy guests.
Lift It, Shake It, Find It
2. Lift It, Shake It, Find It
When a cow guest's hair curler goes missing, the Furchesters recruit a pair of keen-eyed mice from the lifting company to look for it.
Skunks Welcome
1. Skunks Welcome
When a stinky new skunk guest named Mr. Smells-a-lot starts scaring the guests away, Elmo and Phoebe have to help him stay calm and stop spraying.

The Furchester Hotel is a spin off of the successful Elmo series of shows, in this series Elmo and Cookie Monster make regular appearances at the hotel owned by the Furchester Fuzz family of monsters. Each episode sees a different guest appearing at the hotel who is in need of some help to solve a problem they have and try to hide from the monsters working at the hotel.

The Furchester Hotel is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (83 episodes). The series first aired on November 14, 2014.

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The Furchester Hotel is available for streaming on the PBS website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Furchester Hotel on demand at Apple TV.

  • Premiere Date
    November 14, 2014
  • IMDB Rating
    7.3  (135)