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The Grill Dads are hitting the road on the ultimate dad food adventure, eating their way through some of the best food in America. As lifelong friends, Mark Anderson and Ryan Fey share a love for two things - being dads and grilling. Now, this duo is discovering dishes that are outrageous, over the top, and full of flavor throughout the season. They are tasting it all, from meals that kids would go crazy for, to unexpected twists on classics, and to global cuisine stateside.

Friday 9:30 PM et/pt on Food Network
1 Season, 11 Episodes
December 12, 2017
Food, Reality
Cast: Mark Anderson
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The Grill Dads Full Episode Guide

  • The Grill Dads prove that outrageous food is more fun when it's a mash up. First up, the Doughnut Lounge in Kansas City, Missouri for delectable, homemade donuts that are paired with savory, crispy burnt ends from their in-house smoked brisket for a sweet and savory dessert that's too unique to miss. Next up, Mark Anderson and Ryan Fey visit Albuquerque, New Mexico, to fry up a pastry called a Sopapilla that's stuffed with spicy beef and pork ribs. Finally, it's over to Denver, Colorado for chicken parmesan pizza, which has all the flavors and textures of a crispy, succulent chicken parmesan on top of a homemade pizza crust. Mash up more for The Grill Dads, please!

  • The Grill Dads continue their road trip on the hunt for outrageous food in surprising places. First up, the Basque Market in Boise, Idaho where they whip up a stunning and savory Spanish rice seafood paella. Next, they travel to Austin, Texas to one of the most unique Chinese dumpling houses in the country, Wu Chow, where Mark Anderson and Ryan Fey help make and devour adorable and delicious Chicken Bao buns. The last stop is in Seattle, Washington, for some original paprika-spiced chicken wings that literally tower over any other chicken wing out there. These Dads are hungry for Hungary!

  • The Grill Dads outrageous adventures in eating take them to Jackson, Wyo., to feast on a tender pork shank that's breaded and deep fried into crispy, juicy goodness. Then the Dads head to Austin, Texas, for a unique take on Pad Thai that's spiced with Thai flavors and served as tacos. Finally, the Dads discover a unique burrito made with Vietnamese beef noodle soup, the Phorrito, in Portland, Oregon.

  • The Grill Dads epic road trip continues as they visit The Swinery in Seattle, Wash., where they cure and fry up some house-made pork belly into a spectacular BLT sandwich. Then the Dads go to Minneapolis, Minn., for a breakfast pizza fully loaded with surprising toppings and baked up on a brioche crust. Finally, the Dads head to Denver, Colo., to try Chubby's Mexican Hamburger, a unique mash-up burrito stuffed with seared ground beef.

  • The Grill Dads travel to Minneapolis, Minn., where classic chicken pot pie is elevated into a 10,000 Lakes Pot Pie topped with a homemade, buttery puff pastry dough. Next, the Dads head to Austin, Texas, for a plate of homemade beef chili prepared at the Texas Chili Parlor and served underneath a decadent Mac and Cheese. Finally, the Dads travel to the heart of BBQ country, Kansas City, Mo., for a burnt end brisket bowl, smoked up for 15 hours and served on top of some of the best BBQ baked beans the Dads have ever witnessed.

  • Classic food with outrageous twists are on the menu as the Grill Dads continue their road trip adventure across America. First stop is Jackson, Wyo., where the Dads take on cheesy nachos by piling them high with tender elk meat braised to perfection and wash them down with an adult take on a classic root beer float made with stout beer. Next up, the Dads visit Kansas City, Mo., where the loaded baked potato is reimagined as bite-sized gnocchi. Finally, the Dads head to Portland, Ore., where Tilt takes the classic hamburger on vacation to Hawaii with their teriyaki Island Trucker burger. The Dads finish it off by baking a decadent peanut butter pie and turning it into a creamy milkshake.

  • The Grill Dads are on the hunt for over-the-top, incredible breakfast creations. The first stop is La Waffleria in Albuquerque, N.M., where the Dads take on a ranchero waffle made from scratch with blue corn, spiced up with local chilies and covered with smoky sauce. Next up, the Grill Dads bring the carnival to breakfast when they visit Straw in San Francisco, a funky hole in the wall with a circus theme serving up a sugary house-made Donut Breakfast sandwich and a Texas toast Croque Madame. Finally, the Grill Dads visit Denver, Colo., in search of a tender biscuit made from surprising ingredients and transformed into buttery French toast.

  • The road trip continues as the Grill Dads search the country for classic comfort dishes fried up into surprising and incredible meals. In San Francisco, they belly up to Capo's for the world's best fried deep-dish pizza. Then it's on to Seattle where Katsu Burger's Godzilla Attack is a katsu-style monster to devour. Finally, the Grill Dads visit Backstreet Grill in Albuquerque, N.M., for a fried duck burrito flavored with New Mexican chilies and served like a sushi roll.

  • The Grill Dads kick off their delicious road adventure by going on the hunt for over-the-top versions of food their kids absolutely love. In Portland, Oregon, they find The Grilled Cheese Grill where everyone's favorite sammie is the star player. The Dads have had a thousand grilled cheeses, but they've never had one stuffed with a decadent burger. At Boise Fry Company, the Dads discover crispy French fries, bison poutine and fried mashed potato balls. Finally, the Dads travel to San Francisco's Bacon Bacon, where the bacon so good they say it twice. On tap are fried bacon mac and cheese balls, and a juicy chicken sandwich breaded with salty bacon dust.

  • The Dads take on the best of home cooking-inspired restaurant fare. First, they try a doughnut sandwich stuffed with burnt ends brisket. Then they fry up a spicy beef and pork sopapilla and finish with deconstructed lasagna.

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