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There are millions of people currently unemployed or under-employed. The crisis is ongoing. Even highly trained and educated professionals are having to take positions they are overqualified for, if they can land the interview at all. Interviewing is stressful enough one on one. But, now a new reality show is holding interviews live in front of dozens of people in the studio and millions of viewers at home.

The Job takes five candidates and puts them through their paces to prove they have what it takes to work for the top companies in the country. A panel of three executives from the company judges their competence. The first assignment is to work at the business for a day. Afterwards, they are evaluated and tested on various aspects of the job.

When a famous restaurant needed a new assistant manager, the candidates were asked to name the members of the staff they worked with and their positions, a very important skill when it comes to running a restaurant. On the show hiring for a fashion magazine, they were tested in their knowledge of fashion terms, publishing and former cover models. General knowledge necessary for a publishing assistant to do their job.

The twist, and there always is one, is that they have three bosses from other companies in the same industry that can poach candidates. Or, as happened in one episode give a candidate rejected by the panel a job offer. The panel can at this point choose to protect the one of three remaining hopefuls they favor for the position. It keeps viewers pulling for the potential hires.

This is a show that actually helps people on a very personal level. Even those that are not hired have been given exposure to what their industry is looking for and have demonstrated how they work under stress. It stands out as a rare positive experience in reality TV.

1 Season, 3 Episodes
February 8, 2013
Cast: Lisa Ling, Bruce Bozzi Jr., Alex Carabano, Wally Ganzi
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  • Five people compete for a spa-manager position with Viceroy Hotel Group.

  • Five candidates compete for the coveted position as editorial-assistant for Cosmopolitan magazine, the world's largest women's magazine.

  • In this reality series premiere, five candidates compete to become hired for assistant manager at the Palm Restaurant Group.

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