The Joseon Gunman

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In this historical drama, a young man, the son of great swordsman, takes up a gun to get revenge on the people who killed his father and enslaved his sister. Without even trying, he finds himself the hero of a whole community of people who are living in a tumultuous time. The series aired on the Korean Broadcasting System in 2014.

1 Season, 22 Episodes
June 25, 2014
The Joseon Gunman

The Joseon Gunman Full Episode Guide

  • The stunning finale begins with the Qing forces coming in to support the Queen and undo all the changes that Yoon Kang and Soo In fought so hard to make.

  • Loyalties and friendships are questioned when Yoon Kang and the progressives are labeled as the 'rebels' and take over the palace by force.

  • Plans are underway to begin a coup to save the king from the corrupt officials that surround him. Soo In enters the palace as a court maid.

  • The Court of Justice and Won Shin's men go after Yoon Kang after the king orders for his arrest for murdering Japanese citizens.

  • With the king and queen under his thumb, Won Shin manages to gain control over all merchant and trade deals in Joseon at the expense of people's lives. And Yoon Kang does everything he can to stop him.

  • Kim Jwa Young is finally captured and arrested for his treason, but the King must rely on old enemies to maintain his power.

  • A rebellion shakes up the capital and puts the king and queen's lives at risk.

  • With Yoon Kang's archnemesis dead, he must now deal with the fallout from Hye Won. Lord Kim Jwa Young shakes up the capital by first going after every runaway slave found in the city.

  • A mysterious savior helps Yoon Kang escape death while an old friend from his past returns to Joseon to shake the world up.

  • Yoon Kang finally captures Won Shin but his troubles don't end as there are still corrupt members in the palace who can save Won Shin from death.

  • The truth comes out when too many people see Yoon Kang unmasked. Hye Won confronts her father about his shady dealings and threatens to leave him if he hurts Yoon Kang.

  • Ho Kyung is wounded when an attempt on Interpreter Jung's life is made. Yoon Kang is one step closer to fulfilling his revenge when he discovers which gunman killed his father.

  • Soo In and her father are brought in and tortured to fulfill Second Vice Premier Kim's own wicked needs, and it will require Yoon Kang's intervention to save them all from harm.

  • The Royal Court opens an investigation into who killed the Minister of Justice, which puts everyone in danger and jeopardizes Yoon Kang's safety.

  • When Yeon Ha is found, Yoon Kang will do anything to save her at the risk of exposing his identity. Soo In attempts at an explosion demonstration.

  • Yoon Kang reveals himself to a trusted ally to find Yeon Ha more quickly. Won Shin finds a more definitive way to determine if Hanjo is Yoon Kang.

  • Soo In believes that Hanjo is Yoon Kang, but he refuses to acknowledge her. Moo Duk and Won Shin get closer to identifying the mysterious gunman.

  • Yoon Kang returns to Korea as Hasego Hanjo, a mysterious businessman with a preference for women and alcohol, and harboring a dark secret from his past. Soo In tries to get her hands on a camera.

  • Yoon Kang finally realizes that he's misunderstood his father all these years, but soon after faces an even bigger challenge.

  • Yoon Kang develops deeper feelings for Soo In, but in the midst of his romantic endeavors his sister gets kidnapped.

  • Yoon Kang gets caught up with Soo In's affairs and the two of them find themselves chased by the master gunman for Hyeon Am's book.

  • A rebel gunman is out killing all scholars who are of the Enlightenment. Yoon Kang's father hunts down the killer but it's a dangerous political game.