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VH1's The Pickup Artist gives a new outlook for would-be ladies' men, hoping to acquire the females of their dreams. This reality series differs from many of the others on the television today, for the dating and relationship series often times are based off of compatible persons of the opposite sex. VH1 has outdone themselves by enlisting the help of a self-proclaimed ladies' man to host the series and provide guidance to the contestants. These contestants include a group of socially awkward males that at a glance have no game as they call it with the opposite sex.

Each week enlists a new type of lesson for the contestants to learn, which is put into practice by the way of hidden cameras in nightclubs and other social settings or environments. In keeping with the regular contestant format on many other reality shows, each week a fellow man is kicked off for a lack of ability to learn how to interact with females they placed around. These lessons being taught span the scope of introductions, to how to behave once a date has been acquired. Some of the episodes feature wing man instruction from the host as each of the men are placed into the dating environment, with a microphone feeding them lines into their ears. This series proves to be one that is not only entertaining for those who like to see men strike out with women out of their league, but as an educational piece for those who are looking for a bit of insight on how to handle the opposite sex during courtship.

As the lessons progress, and the students begin to gain perspective on the female species, the remaining contestants show their abilities in being able to crawl out of their shell and remove the elements of nervousness and insecurity. Will the last man standing become the ultimate ladies' man, or will he fall victim to the predatory ways of the woman who refuses their advances?

The Pick-Up Artist is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (17 episodes). The series first aired on July 31, 2007.

The Pick-Up Artist is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Pick-Up Artist on demand atAmazon, iTunes online.

2 Seasons, 17 Episodes
July 31, 2007
Cast: James Matador, Mystery, Alvaro Orlando, Tara Ferguson
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The Pick-Up Artist Full Episode Guide

  • The final two contestants are challenged for the final time to get a woman successfully into their bedroom.

  • The remaining 3 contestants now have the chance to show what they had learned as they are challenged to teach a friend from home how to pickup chicks in 24 hours.

  • Mystery sends the guys to a grocery store as a place to pick up women. Also, they learn what being a wingman is all about.

  • The guys stand up in front of an audience as they are auctioned off for a charity, and later they try their hand at picking up sexy bikini models.

  • Mystery gets personal when he asks each of the guys to talk about their physical experiences they have had with women, and then must show their skills with a professional sexologist. But Mystery finds himself disappointed when the guys all fail the kiss close field test.

  • Kosmo, winner from season one makes a return visit to give the contestants pointers. This week's challenge winner receives a racy reward asking each one to "keep their cool." Their field test has some contestants picking up some phone numbers, while others come up empty.

  • The contestants head to a bingo parlor to try and work their charm on elderly women.

  • It's off to Phoenix for season 2 as Mystery is joined by Matador and Tara. the contestants first challenge is to be observed as they approach women inside a nightclub.

  • The final two students put their 8 weeks of training to the test as they try to prove they are Master Pick Up Artists when they hit the town and approach women with Mystery and his wingmen. Mystery reveals a surprise twist for the final test. In the end only one contestant proves himself worthy to be crowned a Master Pick Up Artist and wins the $50,0000.

  • The final four students remain. A lingerie party challenges the guys' abilities to simply listen. A fight between two students threatens to tear relationships in the house apart. The students go out on the town and try to go on "instant dates" and later the guys square off in the toughest elimination yet.

  • Five students are left. Mystery throws a pool party to help thestudents tackle body issues in a REVEALING challenge. After receiving their first lesson on meeting women during the day, the guys ditch the night club to test their attraction skills at the local coffee house. In the end, Mystery eliminates one more student.

  • The six remaining students are treated to a lesson in howto kiss with the help of some attractive female coaches. The students then square off in a kiss challenge where a women decides who kisses best. Mystery becomes Cyrano Debergerac and rewards the kiss challenge winner with an ear bud, so they can get on the fly help in the club. An elimination field test where the students are asked to kiss close a woman determines the fate of one unsuccessful student.

  • The seven remaining students compete in a challenge where they must entertain pre-school girls with their own rendition of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The winner gets a private lesson with Mystery where they learn a top-secret attraction gambit. Mystery gives the students a lesson in how to build attraction with women by demonstrating higher value. The students learn that high value can be conveyed to women by telling interesting stories and by "negging" or playfully insulting the desired target. The guys go out to a bar to pick up girls in an elimination field test.

  • Eight lonely, socially inept men get their first lessons from Mystery, the world's greatest pick-up artist. The students get a complete make-over, then are taught tried-and-true cold approach pick-up lines, known as openers, to use on women. At a nightclub, the men put their new looks and lines to the test and later, the first student is eliminated from the competition.

  • Eight lonely, socially inept men travel to Austin, Texas, to receive guidance and training from the world's greatest pick-up artist, Mystery. They learn that the weakest student will be eliminated each week until only one remains to be crowned a Master Pick-up Artist. But before the education begins, the students are sent into a nightclub to show Mystery their pick-up skills, then Mystery and his wingmen show the awed students how it's really done.

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