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  • TV-PG
  • 2022
  • 2 Seasons
  • 3.1  (5,065)

The Proud Family is a beloved animated series from Disney that premiered in 2001 and ran for three seasons. It follows the lives of the Proud family, an African American family living in the fictional city of Wizville. The show became a cult classic for its groundbreaking representation of Black voices in the entertainment industry, tackling complex topics like racism, homophobia, and classism through its hilarious and relatable cast of characters.

Now, over a decade later, The Proud Family is back and louder and prouder than ever on Disney+. The new series features the same iconic cast of characters, including 14-year-old protagonist Penny (voiced by Kyla Pratt), her parents Trudy (Paula Jai Parker) and Oscar (Tommy Davidson), her twin siblings Bebe and Cece, and her grandmother Suga Mama.

The show picks up where the original left off, with Penny navigating the ups and downs of adolescence alongside her loyal friends, Dijonay, Zoey, and Sticky. As they navigate the challenges of growing up, they also confront new obstacles related to their race, gender, and sexuality, making for a poignant and timely series that speaks to viewers of all ages.

In addition to the show's core cast, The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder features an impressive roster of guest stars, including Lizzo, Tiffany Haddish, Lena Waithe, and Lil Nas X. Each episode is jam-packed with celebrity cameos, catchy musical numbers, and hilarious one-liners that will keep fans glued to their screens.

One of the standout elements of the show is its gorgeous animation style, which blends traditional hand-drawn animation with modern digital techniques. The vibrant colors, kinetic movements, and intricate designs combine to create a visual experience that is both nostalgic and exciting.

Unlike the original series, which aired exclusively on cable television, The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder is available to stream on Disney+, making it more accessible to a wider audience. This change reflects the evolving media landscape and the growing demand for diverse and inclusive content that reflects the experiences of underrepresented communities.

Overall, The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder is a joyful and empowering celebration of Black culture that honors the legacy of the original series while pushing the boundaries of what animated television can achieve. With its sharp writing, lovable characters, and stunning visuals, it's a must-watch for fans of the original as well as new viewers looking for a fresh and exciting take on the classic family sitcom.

The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (20 episodes). The series first aired on February 23, 2022.

The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder
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10. Juneteenth
February 1, 2023
When Maya discovers that Smithville's founder was a slaveowner, she protest against his legacy.
9. BeBe
February 1, 2023
The Proud family discover that BeBe is on the autism spectrum.
Us Again
8. Us Again
February 1, 2023
The Prouds wake up in a bizarro version of their world and must figure out what is going on.
The Soul Vibrations
7. The Soul Vibrations
February 1, 2023
Penny and crew discover that Oscar and Uncle Bobby were once part of a famous R&B group.
The End of Innocence
6. The End of Innocence
February 1, 2023
When a boy that everyone likes asks Zoey to the dance, the crew has a falling out.
Puff Daddy
5. Puff Daddy
February 1, 2023
Puff is accused of being the father of the Boulevardezes' dog's puppies.
A Perfect 10
4. A Perfect 10
February 1, 2023
LaCienega becomes an overnight gymnastics sensation.
3. Curved
February 1, 2023
Penny grows jealous when Dijonay starts dating for the first time.
Grandma's Hands
2. Grandma's Hands
February 1, 2023
Suga Mama disciplines Penny when she begins rebelling.
Old Towne Road Part 2
1. Old Towne Road Part 2
February 1, 2023
Suga Mama finally confronts her father.
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The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder is available for streaming on the Disney+ website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder on demand at and Disney+.
  • Premiere Date
    February 23, 2022
  • IMDB Rating
    3.1  (5,065)