The Secret Life of Dogs

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  • 2017
  • 2 Seasons
  • 8.5  (69)

The Secret Life of Dogs is an incredibly heart-warming and informative documentary series that aired on ITV1 between September and October of 2017. Hosted by Martin Clunes, the show takes us behind the scenes of the everyday lives of dogs and shares their incredible stories with viewers.

Throughout the series, we follow the lives of several different dogs as they grow up and navigate the world around them. From beloved family pets to working dogs who are trained to help others, this show gives us an insight into their fascinating and often surprising lives.

The episodes are divided into different themes, each of which explores a different aspect of canine behaviour. From exploring the amazing sense of smell that dogs possess to investigating why some breeds are better suited to certain jobs, the show provides a wealth of knowledge about our furry friends.

One of the most interesting aspects of the show is the way in which it explores the bond between dogs and humans. Through interviews with experts and owners alike, we get to see just how important dogs can be to our lives. Whether they are providing emotional support to someone with anxiety or helping to search for missing people, the show does a fantastic job of highlighting just how much we rely on our four-legged companions.

The Secret Life of Dogs is also incredibly visually stunning. The camera work is truly impressive and captures some truly stunning moments. Whether it's watching a working dog go about their business or simply seeing a group of pups play together, the show is just as beautiful as it is informative.

Perhaps the most touching part of the series comes from the individual stories of each dog that the show follows. We get to see how they grow and change over time and how they interact with the world around them. Some of the stories are incredibly heart-warming, while others are more poignant, but in all cases, the show manages to capture the essence of each dog's unique personality.

Ultimately, The Secret Life of Dogs is an absolute must-watch for any dog lovers out there. Martin Clunes is an engaging and informative host, and the show itself is both entertaining and informative. Whether you're a seasoned dog owner or simply someone who loves animals, this show has something for everyone.

Overall, I would highly recommend this show to anyone who hasn't yet had the pleasure of watching it. It truly manages to capture the magic and wonder of our four-legged companions, and it's a testament to just how much they mean to us as a species. With its stunning visuals and engaging stories, The Secret Life of Dogs is a treat for anyone who loves animals.

The Secret Life of Dogs
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