The Secret Life of Michael Fry

A drama-style television program, it follows Michael Fry, who is a high school biology teacher by day and a criminal by night. The episode begins in his classroom, where Mr. Fry is attempting to instruct some students in the proper technique for dissecting a stillborn baby pig. As he does so, he is greeted at his classroom door by Principal Tad, Who has a pair of police officers accompanying him. The officers explain that if Fry has any information pertaining to a series of break-ins in the principal's lounge, he should report any unusual activities. The show is rated TV-14.

Channel 4
1 Season, 2 Episodes
The Secret Life of Michael Fry

The Secret Life of Michael Fry Full Episode Guide

  • Michael Fry has to consider blackmail and revenge to save his hometown in the concluding part of Paul Abbott's contemporary drama.

  • Michael Fry is a single father with a baby son to look after. He is also a frustrated town-planner who laments the economic decline of the place he has known since childhood.

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