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The children of the wealthy go to Shinryou Private Academy. One day, the most beautiful and popular girl at school, Riku Rei, encounters the protagonist of this story, Suigin, who is a poor boy with no family. The Silver Guardian is a Action & Adventure, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Anime series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (18 episodes). The series first aired on April 1, 2017. It has moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 6.4.

The Silver Guardian is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Silver Guardian on demand at Amazon, iTunes online.

1 Season, 18 Episodes
April 1, 2017
Action & Adventure, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Anime
Cast: Kyle Phillips, Amber Lee Connors
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The Silver Guardian Full Episode Guide

  • Now that Suigin regained his lost memories, he tries to go to the Totems' base with Nishikaze. However, a new foe stands in their way.

  • Suigin wins the battle against Aslan and they all head to Stage 0's entrance. It's there that Suigin discovers the truth about his past as well as Riku Rei's.

  • Nishikaze shows up in front of Suigin and gives him a message from Temujin. The boss of Stage 0, Aslan, finally shows up and steals all of the players' blood, but it also appears that he's searching for someone.

  • After being forced to log out of the game, Sugin gets a phone call from Temujin. He tells Suigin that if he wants to save Riku Rei, he has to go to Stage 0 and find a player named Nishikaze. He tells Farin this and they both set out to save Riku Rei.

  • In order to gain more allies, Suigin tries out Grave Buster's beginner's course. There, he encounters his classmate Shaa and the world champion of the virtual fighting game tournament, Titan.

  • Suigin takes Takeshi's place and fights in the tournament. However, he faces a penalty and ends up having a difficult battle against his enemy. And then the Twin Star reveals their true form and powers!

  • Riku Rei undergoes a certain ritual and joins Temujin's group. Meanwhile, Suigin encounters a young boy named Takeshi, who ends up crashing a martial arts tournament and accidentally drags Suigin and Twin Star with him.

  • Temujin sees something special in Riku Rei, and gets her something special while he's holding her captive.

  • Suigin receives a message from Temujin, the man who kidnapped Riku Rei, who tells him to come to Grave Buster. Suigin must come up with a plan to save Riku Rei as soon as possible!

  • Riku Yuuki explains the game of Grave Buster to Suigin. In the game of tomb raiding and tomb guarding that has gone on for years, Riku Yuuki ended up being the one and final guardian to guard the Goddess's tomb.

  • Suigin is pulled into the world of Grave Buster by a woman named Twin Star. Surprisingly, Suigin ends up meeting his grandfather, Riku Yuuki, who should've been dead, and he can't hide his doubts about this whole situation.

  • Riku Rei is taken by some debt collectors, and Suigin follows them. However, Riku Rei's captors immediately get away by car. Suigin somehow manages to catch up on a bike, but she is then taken away by a mysterious man who magically disappears.

  • Riku Rei summons Suigin after her father, Riku Yuuki dies, and hands him something that Yuuki apparently left for him. Suigin hesitantly accepts the item: a specialized console to play the new game "Grave Buster."

  • On the last day of services for Dungeon Century, many of the players gathered to enjoy some last-minute festivities. Riku Rei waits for Suigin to arrive, but ends up going to find the flower herself because he's taking so long.

  • Suigin finds out that his only way of interacting with Riku Rei is about to end. Suigin ends up in utter shock. However, in the game, Suigin promises Riku Rei to do everything he can to find the flower she is looking for in the game before it ends.

  • The poor student, Suigin, spends most of his days working various part-time jobs, and his only skill is gaming. Suigin meets Riku Rei through an online game. However, since Suigin is playing the game for free, their correspondence is limited.

  • The children of the wealthy go to Shinryou Private Academy. One day, the most beautiful and popular girl at school, Riku Rei, encounters the protagonist of this story, Suigin, who is a poor boy with no family.