The Strip

The Strip is an Australia crime drama that debuted in 2008 and one survived one season with a total of 13 episodes. It was released on DVD in July of 2009. It stars Aaron Jeffery, Vanessa Gray, and Simone McAullay, was directed by Ken Cameron and Ian Barry, produced by Kris Wyld and had a budget totaling 7.8 million.

The show follows an Australian police station located in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia and is known as "The Strip" to the people of Gold Coast, Queensland. The show features a lot of the Australian beaches, with its golden sandy beach, deep blue oceans, cloudless skies, and the many buildings that inhibit the Gold Coast of Queensland. The main characters of the show are Detective Frances "Frankie" Tully (played by Vanessa Gray), Inspector Max Nelson (played by Frankie J. Holden), and plain clothes constables Jessica McCay and Tony Moretti (Bob Morley and Simone McAullay).

The show had many guests that appeared on the short-lived series, these stars included Gillian Alexy and Indiana Evans, Matthew Newton, and Tahyna Tozzi, to name a few. The team of police inspectors and constables solve grisly crimes inspired by drugs, jealousy, and status of the beautiful socialites that inhibit the Gold Coast. Each character also has to face their own problems they face while they work each one of the grueling cases.

The Strip debuted on the Nine Network in the 4th of September in 2008 at 8:30 PM was moved to 10:30 pm starting the 13th of November in 2008. It ran until November of 2008. FremantleMedia was the distributor of the series. It was an hour long show, with 45 minutes per episode and 15 minute commercial breaks. The show did not make a second season because of the disappointing ratings during each episode.

Thursday 8:30 PM et/pt on Nine Network
1 Season, 13 Episodes
September 4, 2008
Drama, Crime
Cast: Aaron Jeffery, Vanessa Gray, Simone McAullay, Bob Morley
The Strip

The Strip Full Episode Guide

  • A disturbing phone call sees Cross and Tully race to Amy's apartment, only to find her missing and an intruder turning the place upside down. They know only one man could have taken her, Ivan Lazar.

  • The police suspect a Yakuza assassination when a Japanese girl is found dead in a suitcase, however the detectives also investigate her fetish with plastic surgery. Meanwhile, Amy has information that can bring the Lazar empire tumbling down.

  • The murder investigation of a beautiful young council worker by day, rock chick by night, leads the detectives back to an unsolved arson and a conspiracy theory.

  • A bankrupt, cocaine-snorting property developer, with business links to crime boss Lazar, is found dead in the canal. A widow, a psychic, an ex husband, and a tradesman are all suspects in the murder.

  • Tully discovers a triple murder at a brothel owned by local crime boss Ivan Lazar. The police soon realise they are caught in the middle of an underworld power struggle.

  • Fiona Worth is the closest you get to Gold Coast royalty. She's a self-made woman, a millionaire with a string of successful weight loss centres. So how and why does her son's partner, Julie, turn up dead in a local hotel room?

  • When a football legend turns up dead in the hotel spa, the team is called to investigate. But how did Charlie, Tully's ex-partner, beat them to the crime scene?

  • When a surfer is shot in broad daylight, and a car dealer narrowly escapes a hand grenade blast, the cops have two people attacked with military hardware in two days. But is that the only connection they have? Or is there something else going on?

  • When a Maritime Services officer checking a yacht's bona fides winds up dead, the yacht's skipper is only too happy to help. But is he who he says he is? And just what did happen to his crew out there in the Pacific Ocean?

  • It's Schoolie's Week on The Strip - The biggest annual event on the Gold Coast and the biggest social event in a teenagers life, until a local girl is found murdered.

  • When a Russian entrepreneur is mysteriously killed on the edge of a waterfront mansion, the detectives have little to go on. Tully and Cross investigate the victim's profile and discover that Katz was a ruthless man, his hands dirty with many crimes.

  • As Cross and Tully investigate the murder of a glamorous air hostess, they discover that some people will do anything to keep their dream alive.

  • When a window cleaner falls to his death, the detectives at Main Beach CIB are called to investigate.

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