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  • 2011
  • 1 Season

The Swell Life is an American reality television show that premiered on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) in 2011. The show follows the daily lives of the Paskowitz family, specifically Danielle and her husband Izzy Paskowitz, as they navigate and balance their family life with their love for surfing. The Paskowitz family is comprised of nine children, with the youngest three being triplets.

Danielle Paskowitz is the matriarch of the family and an aspiring writer. She struggles to find a balance between her responsibilities as a mother and wife, her career aspirations, and her passion for surfing. Izzy Paskowitz, on the other hand, is a former professional surfer who now runs the nonprofit organization Surfers Healing, which provides free surf therapy to children with autism.

The show focuses on the family’s daily routines, problems, and triumphs. We see Danielle and Izzy struggle with finances, keeping their relationship strong, and the many obstacles that come their way as parents of nine children. As they go through their daily lives, they also teach their children about the importance of staying active, pursuing their passions, and embracing their individuality.

Throughout the show, the family takes us on a journey through their favorite surf spots in Southern California, including Malibu and San Onofre. We also see glimpses of their travels to Hawaii and Florida as they attend surfing competitions and promote Surfers Healing. We see the Paskowitz family navigate the pressures of competition, but also the importance of having a good time and creating lasting memories.

One of the standout characters on the show is the family’s middle child, Isaiah “Izzy” Paskowitz. Izzy is autistic and requires extra attention and care from his parents. Throughout the show, we see how his disability affects the family, as well as how the family comes together to help Izzy thrive. We watch as Izzy learns to surf, participates in surf competitions, and even starts his own surf club. His story is one of the most emotional and inspiring parts of the show.

Despite the show’s focus on surfing, it is more than just a surfing show. The Swell Life is a heartwarming and inspiring story about a family who loves each other and loves to surf. We see the family face difficulty, but also triumph in the face of adversity. Ultimately, we see the Paskowitz family come together to support each other and pursue their passions.

In conclusion, The Swell Life is an uplifting and inspirational show that tells the story of the Paskowitz family as they navigate the challenges of family life while pursuing their passion for surfing. The show is a must-watch for anyone who loves surfing, family dynamics, or inspiring stories of perseverance and determination.

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Summers End
9. Summers End
August 6, 2011
Surf Camp is closed for the winter and there are big changes happening at the Paskowitz ranch. The family gathers for dinner at Elah and Chris' new home.
The Odyssey
8. The Odyssey
August 6, 2011
Izzy travels to the East Coast to host several Surfers Healing events. Despite bad weather and Izzy hurting himself, the events are a huge success. Back at home, Danielle worries about Isaiah's recent behavior problems affecting his first day at school.
7. Homebound
August 6, 2011
Isaiah has a major meltdown causing Izzy and Danielle to remove him from Surf Camp and his not joining the East Coast Surfers Healing trip. Khira, a young student who is very scared after witnessing Isaiah's tantrum, spends the week learning to surf.
No More Horsing Around
6. No More Horsing Around
August 6, 2011
Surf instructor Jade connects to a student with high functioning autism at Surf Camp and vows to reconnect with his own autistic son. Will the reality of the situation overwhelm him? Izzy tries to connect with Danielle by entering a horse competition.
Empty Nest
5. Empty Nest
August 6, 2011
Danielle and Izzy learn about Elah's plans to move in with her boyfriend. Danielle stays home to monitor Isaiah's behavior after his recent meltdown.
Head Sick
4. Head Sick
August 6, 2011
Isaiah has a breakdown and is rushed to the ER, unnerving Izzy and Danielle.
The Biggest Loser
3. The Biggest Loser
August 6, 2011
Isaiah's obsessive-compulsive disorder is investigated, and Izzy and Danielle brainstorm ways to help him lose weight before his next doctor's visit. Jade is a constant complainer at camp, much to the dismay of his fellow surf instructors.
Pitch Perfect
2. Pitch Perfect
August 6, 2011
Isaiah sings with Nick's band, but needs a little help. Danielle decides to give him some lessons, which improves his singing. Eli struggles living in his father's surfing shadow.
1. Summertime
August 6, 2011
The beginning of the summer is hectic for former pro-surfer Izzy Paskowitz and his wife Danielle: Elah plans to move in with her boyfriend, Isaiah wins an award, and they scramble to open their family's Surf Camp and Surfers Healing for kids with autism.
  • Premiere Date
    August 6, 2011