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  • 2015
  • 1 Season
  • 7.9  (55)

In 2014, NAT GEO WILD debuted an insightful and fascinating show titled The Truth About Cats, starring Liz Bonnin, John Beach, and John Bradshaw. The show takes viewers on a journey into the lives of domesticated cats, revealing what's true and what's just myth. The show is framed around one central question: what do we really know about our feline friends? Many people assume that cats are solitary creatures who prefer to live alone and hunt at night. Yet, as the show explores, this is just one small part of the picture.

Over the course of several episodes, The Truth About Cats delves into a variety of topics related to our furry friends. For example, one episode focuses on why cats are so drawn to boxes, while another explores the science behind the notorious "catnip high." Along the way, viewers are treated to a wealth of facts and insights about cats that they may never have considered before.

One of the real strengths of The Truth About Cats is its focus on science. The show avoids relying on anecdotal evidence or stereotypes about cats and instead looks at the latest research in feline behavior and cognition. This approach leads to some surprising revelations about our feline friends.

For example, the show explores the idea that cats may not be as solitary as we once thought. In fact, some studies suggest that cats can form social bonds with both humans and other cats, and may even be capable of empathizing with their owners.

Another fascinating topic covered by the show is the relationship between cats and humans throughout history. Viewers learn that cats were once revered by ancient cultures like the Egyptians, who believed that they had a special connection to the divine. Later, during the Middle Ages, cats became associated with witchcraft and were often killed as a result. Today, cats are beloved by millions of people around the world, yet their history is still shrouded in mystery and myth.

Throughout the show, viewers are treated to some stunning footage of cats in their natural habitats, as well as in homes around the world. Whether watching cats gambol through fields or simply relaxing on couches, viewers get a sense of the incredible range and diversity of these creatures.

Part of what makes The Truth About Cats so compelling is the expertise of the show's hosts. Liz Bonnin, a scientist and TV presenter, brings a wealth of knowledge to each episode. John Beach, a veterinary surgeon, provides valuable insights into the medical and behavioral aspects of cat care. John Bradshaw, an animal behaviorist, draws on years of research to explain why cats behave the way they do.

Together, the three hosts make a dynamic team, guiding viewers through some of the most fascinating and little-known aspects of feline behavior. Whether you're a cat lover or simply interested in learning more about these enigmatic creatures, The Truth About Cats is a must-watch show that's both informative and entertaining.

The Truth About Cats
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  • Premiere Date
    April 24, 2015
  • IMDB Rating
    7.9  (55)