The Unsellables

A group of people try to help homeowners sell their homes. These are homes that have been on the market for quite some time. Some of the homes are run down to the point that they need to be remodeled, and there are some that have owners who are asking too much money, limiting the possibility of the home selling.

Friday 10:30 PM et/pt on HGTV
2 Seasons, 25 Episodes
January 1, 2009
Reality, Home & Garden
Cast: Sofie Allsopp, Anthony Sayers
The Unsellables

The Unsellables Full Episode Guide

  • Toni and Gary own a beautiful yet boring four bedroom house which has seen more than 70 showings so far over a two month period. Expert Sofie Allsopp has ideas of how to upgrade the home from builder basic to sophisticated, and the results are phenomenal.

  • Kelly and Michael are in danger of having two mortgages if they don't sell their house soon. Expert Sofie Allsopp has plans of transforming the student dorm styled room into a sophisticated urban oasis, in hopes of finding them a buyer...and soon!

  • Dana and Mark need to sell their two-story suburban house inside of three weeks, or they risk losing their new home. Expert Sofie Allsopp steps in with a plan to update their home's dated decor, hopefully in the nick of time.

  • A couple have shown their home now over fifty times without finding a buyer. Expert Sofie Allsopp steps in with a plan to transform the property from dated to sophisticated

  • A woman's home is located in a great area so selling it should be easy. So why is it still on the market with no offers made? Sofie believes she can help out, as long as the owner buys into her plans for staging.

  • Pastor Andrea consults with expert Sofie Allsopp to figure out why her four-bedroom brick home isn't selling. She suggests simple makeover tips for nearly every room in the house.

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