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Channel 4
3 Seasons, 12 Episodes
February 8, 2009
Documentary & Biography
Cast: Mark Dolan
The World's... and Me
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The World's... and Me Full Episode Guide

  • Mark travels to the US and Brazil to meet three people who have taken plastic surgery to new extremes.

  • From Thailand to Russia, and Ohio to Dubai, Mark Dolan embarks on a quest to find the world's richest teenager and to discover if the silver-spoon life is really such a wonderful thing…

  • Mark Dolan journeys to Tonga, Mexico and Texas in search of some of the worlds fattest families.

  • Mark travels across the USA and to Thailand and back to meet some of the world's most identical twins.

  • Mark sets off on a global quest to learn the truth about families with ten or more children. What dictates the choices of some people to have large families and how do they operate?

  • In 2000, eight-year-old Richard Sandrak shocked the world with his incredible bodybuilder physique. Trained up by his fitness fanatic dad from the age of three, he was unofficially…

  • Mark tries to find out why some women take breast implants to extraordinary extremes.

  • Immersing himself in the lives of child geniuses, Mark meets children with mind-boggling mental capacities. But are these young masterminds a force of nature or the product of intensive…

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