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The television series ToddWorld is a cartoon series for children. The show follows a boy named Todd and his friends as they go on adventures around the world. The show is based on a children ToddWorld is a Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (65 episodes). The series first aired on November 8, 2004. It has moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 7.2.

ToddWorld is available for streaming on the TLC website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch ToddWorld on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, Vudu, Hoopla, iTunes online.

2 Seasons, 65 Episodes
November 8, 2004
Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family
Cast: Chantal Strand, Peter Kelamis
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ToddWorld Full Episode Guide

  • Show #1: Stella invites Julian to her costume-sleepover party, but Sophie is extremely uncomfortable with him being there. Sophie finally admits that she's afraid she might catch whatever it is that Julian has and end up in a wheelchair too. Show #2: Barry (the Bully) is looking for Todd. And everyone (except Todd) can only assume that he's up to no good.

  • Show #1: While the kids eat healthy lunches, Sophie sneaks off to eat snacks out of a machine and then discovers she has no fuel! Show #2: Todd is reluctant to learn to unicycle after falling. His friends encourage him to try and try again.

  • Show #1: Todd and the gang are upset when the picnic grounds are dirty and littered. They take it upon themselves to clean up the place so that they can enjoy their day there. Show #2: Benny is unhappy when Todd changes their usual Saturday morning play date. But he realizes that his inflexible attitude is getting him nowhere, so he finds a way to bring about a win-win solution.

  • Show #2: Todd has a dream of making a humongous drawing. He hopes his pals will help him pull it off. At first they think he's foolish to even try something so difficult. But when everyone works together they accomplish something they can all be proud of.

  • Show #1: Todd and his pals make a new friend, Tyler, who is very shy. They try just about everything to get him to be more outgoing, until they realize maybe he's just fine the way he is.

  • Show #1: When Benny meets doggie pal, Sam, who's covered in mud just like him, they have a blast playing until Benny learns that Sam is a girl... Show #2: When Pickle makes such a mess that he can't find his unicycle, his friends help him clean up so that he can find it.

  • Show #1: When Benny visits his Grandma, Todd misses him - a lot. His friends rally around him to help him pass the time until Benny returns. Show #2: When Mama Kangeroo's little niece comes to visit, the kids are surprised by her very big feet. They are reluctant to play with her because of them but soon learn how wonderful they are!

  • Show #1: Sophie gets a new baby sister and a strange new feeling starts making her act very weird. Hector helps Sophie identify the feeling - Sophie is jealous. Show #2: It's a rainy day and the kids are stuck in Todd's fort - so they decide to have an "Invent-a-thon" contest!

  • Show #1: Todd feels left out when he's the only one who doesn't enjoy the latest dance craze. Show #2: The kids decide to do a show together and draw their roles from a hat. When Sophie wins the role of Princess, Stella is so upset, that she refuses to be in the show. But she soon learns that having fun with her friends is more important than being the star.

  • Show #1: Pickle learns how to make a new noise that is very cool - and very loud. Now he just can't stop! Show #2: Stella's newly baked cookies disappear when she leaves them outside to cool. She accuses Benny, a known cookie lover, of eating them until she sees the error in her thinking and finds the true culprits.

  • Show #1: Stella and Sophie help a hippo to play and eat in what they believe are the right ways, but they discover that the hippo's different methods of doing things are okay and even fun. Show #2: Sophie's robot elephant goes haywire when Todd turns it on without asking.

  • Show #1: On a cold winter's day, Todd and his friends collect shoes for a centipede who can't afford enough shoes for all his feet. Show #2: When Todd and Benny come down with a bad case of The Itchy Itch, they discover fun new ways to work around their infirmity.

  • Show #1: Todd and Pickle learn a new way to communicate when they meet Will, a deaf boy. Show #2: When Sophie's fish Banana and his fish friend Ferdinand get sick after a playdate in the pond, Todd realizes that selfish polluters are dirtying Ferdinand's pond.

  • Show #1: When the kids and pets participate in a contest to create a new ice cream flavor, things become competitive very fast! Show #2: A mother dog, who is at first critical of Mitzi's meowing pups, comes to recognize the value of a multi-cultural home life.

  • Show #1: Sophie feels excluded when Ralph takes her to a porcupines only Festival. Show #2: When Todd's generosity leads to turmoil in Toddworld, he figures out a way to get everyone working together to restore peace.

  • Show #1: Todd learns to cope with disappointment and discovers you get what you get and you don't get upset. Show #2: Todd and friends plant a garden with their favorite flowers, and Pickle's favorite is a scraggly weed, proving beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • Show #1: Todd's pals and a family of crabs are frightened of each other until they discover that they all have a lot in common, despite their obvious differences. Show #2: Todd and his friends discover the joys of communicating with a new friend who speaks a different language.

  • Show #1: Pickle learns to assert himself when his friends keep trying to pull him away from what he really wants to do - practice jumping rope on his unicycle. Show #2: In order to find the festival where Assante the alligator is playing music, Todd and his friends must learn to view the world from other creatures' perspectives.

  • Show #1: Todd and his friends feel sorry for Vark who's missing their holiday Dirt Day, but soon discover Vark is celebrating a different and equally enjoyable holiday of his own. Show #2: The puppies look up to their supercool Uncle Benny, which makes it very hard for him to admit to them that he still loves his baby blanket, Mr. Cuddle Wuddle.

  • Show #1: Upset that he's too tall for limbo, Pickle discovers that he's just the right height for lots of other things! Show #2: Benny's new dance moves cause conflict at a traditional summer dance.

  • Show #1: Sophie has trouble admitting she needs help with her latest invention, an automatic dogwasher. Show #2: When Sophie invents a robot dog who is good at everything, Benny becomes jealous.

  • Show #1: Thanks to Todd and his friends' acceptance, Zach the zebra learns to appreciate his multicolored coat, even though it's different from the other zebras. Show #2: A hotshot skateboarder dares Todd and Pickle to try an especially dangerous stunt.

  • Show #1: A bully jeopardizes Todd and his friends' plan to ride a new playground slide. Show #2: Benny jumps to conclusions, falsely accusing his friends of stealing his favorite ball, Bouncing Boris.

  • Show #1: When Todd and the gang compete in the Monkey Madness games, they're so intent on winning that they forget to have fun. Show #2: Todd has a sleepover at Pickle's Circus tent and finds Pickle's lifestyle a little difficult to adjust to.

  • Show #1: Todd befriends Julian, a fellow artist who's in a wheelchair, and reinvents a game so Julian can join in. Show #2: Sophie wants to play pirate, but Stella insists that girls can't be pirates - they have to be princesses.

  • Show #1: While on a sleepover with his friends, Todd is afraid to admit he's afraid of the dark. Show #2: Todd doubts his drawing talent after entering an art contest.

  • Show #1: Stella wishes everyone could be just like her until she has a dream which helps her learn to appreciate differences. Show #2: When Mitzi wants to be a mother to three puppies, she first has to prove to Sophie and herself that a cat can raise puppies just as well as a dog.

  • Show #1: Todd finds himself with an impossible dilemma when his friends pressure him to choose just one as his best friend. Show #2: Pickle has trouble grasping the idea of Sophie having a pretend friend.

  • Show #1: Todd and his friends learn to appreciate a new friend who's from a different place. Show #2: Sophie invents a bathtub on wheels for Todd but becomes upset when no one listens to her ideas on how to build it.

  • Show #1: When Hector, the ice cream vendor, mistakenly believes that a new and unusual plant tried to bite him, Todd and his friends defend the misunderstood plant. Show #2: When Todd and his friends find a lost baby Platypus, Pedro, they help him find his mother who just happens to be a kangaroo.

  • Show #1: Stella's negative opinion of worms is challenged when she spends a day with one of the Worminis. Show #2: Pickle's mysterious behavior is finally explained when he reveals he's too ashamed to wear the glasses he needs.

  • Show #1: After Benny loses Todd's favorite mittens, he fears Todd won't love him anymore. Show #2: Stella's exclusive club turns out to be no fun at all when she imposes strict rules and refuses to include everyone.

  • Show #1: Sophie helps Ralph the Porcupine manage his quills so that he can square dance with her. Show #2: Todd's friends try roundabout ways to tell Pickle his socks are smelly but learn it's more effective to be direct

  • Show #1: Todd's desire to do things on his own is misinterpreted by his friends who think there's something wrong with him. Show #2: When Pickle forms a band that plays really loud and out-of-tune music, his friends don't like it but learn to respect Pickle's musical choices and support his efforts.

  • Show #1: Todd wants to build a fort with his friends but has to learn to be open to others' ideas. Show #2: Stella feels ashamed she's the only one with two different color ears, but she learns it's okay to be different.