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Tom Goes to the Mayor began its life as a webcomic and was picked up by Cartoon Network's late-night programming block, Adult Swim. It is an animated show that photographs cast members with different positions and facial expressions. These photographs are then then transformed into "photocopied" cartoon characters using photo-editing software. This gives the show a very distinctive look somewhere in between cartoon and live-action.

The show centers around the adventures of Tom Peters, a new resident of the fictional town of Jefferton. The town of Jefferton is run down and beset by problems. Civic-minded Tom creates much of the show's action by coming up with wildly varying ideas and schemes to improve the town's productivity and image. He then takes his idea to the Mayor for approval.

The Mayor likes Tom's idea well enough in most episodes--but he's not willing use the idea in the way Tom recommends. The Mayor prefers to tweak the idea ever-so-slightly to make it "better." This usually has the opposite effect, creating a town-wide disaster that Tom, and not the Mayor, must answer for.

The show typically features bizarre humor and often toes the line between clever and silly with its jokes.

Tom Goes to the Mayor is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (31 episodes). The series first aired on November 14, 2004.

Where do I stream Tom Goes to the Mayor online? Tom Goes to the Mayor is available for streaming on Cartoon Network, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Tom Goes to the Mayor on demand at HBO Max, iTunes, Adult Swim online.

Cartoon Network
2 Seasons, 31 Episodes
November 14, 2004
Animation & Cartoon Adult Cartoon
Cast: Tim Heidecker, Eric Wareheim, Stephanie Courtney, Michael Q. Schmidt
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Tom Goes to the Mayor Full Episode Guide

  • Tom and The Mayor invent a sea serpent to attract tourism.

  • One of Joy's ex-husband's intereferes with Tom's life.

  • After Tom's son dies from a buffet overdose, he eats Puddin's pudding to help the grieving process.

  • Tom goes undercover at his son's school.

  • Tom seeks the Mayor's help to get the father-son barrel goat hunt back on.

  • The Mayor and Tom go on a couple's cruise, but they dont bring their wives.

  • Tom spends 11 minutes with his dad before his plane takes off.

  • The Mayor and Tom join together to renovate the Jefferton's zoo.

  • The Mayor gets Tom to sign up at a site called Friendship Alliance and he meets someone who messaged him on it and gets Gibbons and him kidnapped.

  • Tom has CNE (Chronic Nocturnal Emissions) and goes to the mayor's office but he faints while proposing for an idea for a restaurant. He wakes up at a children's hospital and the doctor tells him he has CNE and ISS but he wasn't able to be cured there so the mayor takes him to Dr. Ian Black and becomes the spokesperson for an anti-arousal pill.

  • Tom wants to goto Gibbon's surprise party at Gullivers but to get invited Tom has to steal from children to get the sword that Gibbon wants.

  • The Mayor solves a problem with the lawn mower man by replacing all the grass in the city with carpet using Tom's Spray A Carpet or Rug but ends up in jail after something goes horribly wrong.

  • The Mayor hires a guy to play sax at the grand opening of a Waterbed Galleria.

  • The Mayor makes Tom the coach the town's boys wrestling team after the other coach had some medical problems.

  • The mayor gets Tom to build a fake lake monster to get more tourists to come to Jefferton.

  • In an effort to make Joy's kids "his" instead of her ex-husband's, Tom gets his kids to go through a rebirth.

  • Tom's little annoying friend, Gibbons, comes to Jefferton to help Tom at the Friendship Expo.

  • Tom creates a calculator that is shaped like a Unicorn.

  • The mayor is caught in a sex scandal and to distract people from the scandal, he gets Tom to fly in a hot air balloon race with him.

  • One of the mayor's college buddies comes to town and Tom accidental hits him with a car.

  • The mayor gets Tom into a pyramid scheme that involves selling porcelain birds to raise money to help save Jefferton's bird sanctuary.

  • Around Christmas, Tom makes a shirt that says "Rat's Off to Ya", but when he is selling them at the mall, a novelty store owner takes his idea.

  • The mayor ask's Tom to marry every dog is Jefferton.

  • Tom and the mayor have an idea to rebuild an amusement park that was destroyed.

  • Tom has an idea for a resturant that has a World War II theme and this idea get's screwed up when the Mayor ask's Tom for his nephew to help with it.

  • Tom and The Mayor are worried about the safety of Jefferton's children, so they decide to buy thousands of Bear Traps to place all around the city to keep strangers away from the children.

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