Tom Stone

A Canadian crime drama about an unconventional pair of investigators in Calgary. Tom Stone is a fast talking ex-con, ex-oil rig worker, ex-cop, and much more, whose checkered past and roguish charm make him the perfect consultant for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. He works these cases with Corporal Marina Di Luzio, a straight-laced crime specialist and amateur boxer with whom he frequently clashes due to his personality and methods. Yet the two are an effective undercover investigative team, and maybe even a little more.

2 Seasons, 23 Episodes
February 25, 2002
Action & Adventure, Drama
Cast: Chris William Martin, Janet Kidder, Stuart Margolin, Natascha Girgis
Tom Stone

Tom Stone Full Episode Guide

  • A young soldier's gun explodes in a terrible accident. Tom and Marina take on the military to expose a weapons cover-up... but they have no idea how political and how dangerous this investigation will become.

  • Marina needs Tom's help to get the goods on a crooked real estate developer, but he is too busy settling old scores.

  • Davidson takes a bullet when he and Tom surprise a would-be bank robber. Tom and Marina decide to investigate this little bank in the foothills - leading them into a snake-pit of money laundering and international crime.

  • Tom and Marina tumble into a messy case of corruption on a native reserve. To smoke out the criminals, they design the perfect sting - and convince Jack to pose as a dirty judge.

  • A master of illusion threatens an investment banker.

  • Tom and Marina dress up as doctors to expose a hospital scam.

  • Tom worms his way into the life of a corrupt business man.

  • Tom infiltrates a local politician's campaign as an undercover volunteer.

  • A family of environmental terrorists accused of attacking oil rigs angers the local townsfolk that Marina and Stone are investigating.

  • The explosion of a land surveyor's trailer triggers an RCMP investigation into a family of environmental terrorists attacking gas companies.

  • Tom helps recover a stolen horse and Marina tries to track the ownership of a fishing lodge.

  • Tom and Marina investigate an apparent suicide.

  • Marina and Tom work on an espionage case involving a ski lift firm.

  • Marina helps Tom find out who helped put him in jail and one of Tom's unsolved investigation reveals some...

  • Tom tricks Marina into thinking that he's working on her case but instead goes after the man that put him in...

  • Tom plays the role of a wealthy horse-buyer in order to get closer to a crooked oil man.

  • Tom plays the role of a wealthy horse-buyer in order to get closer to a crooked oil man.

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